A message for those who’s codes didn’t work


Hello everyone. It seems like there was an issue with the Poison and 2112 codes. A number of people have informed me that their codes didn’t work. To the winners of the Poison giveaway that didn’t get their code, this is why. Unfortunately, because the whole batch seems to be iffy, we can’t really give out another code for the same pack. Fortunately, however, we’ve got plenty of great DLC we CAN give as a replacement. If you were a winner who didn’t get a working code from one of those giveaways, please tell us what you’d like as a replacement.

The packs you can choose from are as follows…

For Xbox 360, we’ve got:

  • 21st Century Breakdown
  • Aerosmith’s Greatest Dimension
  • American Idiot
  • Avenged Sevenfold 01
  • Billy Joel: The Hits
  • Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits
  • Coldplay Collection 01
  • David Bowie 02
  • Dookie
  • Hall & Oates 01
  • Nickelback Then and Now
  • Ozzy Osbourne 02
  • Pat Benatar 01
  • Queen Extravaganza 02
  • Slipknot 02

And for PS3, we’ve got:

  • Aerosmith’s Greatest Dimension
  • Dave Matthews Band 01
  • Experience Hendrix
  • Fuelled by Ramen 01
  • Green Day: All albums in one code
  • Hall & Oates 01
  • Linkin Park 02
  • Men at Work & Santana
  • Nickelback Then and Now
  • Queen Extravaganza 02
  • Rage Against the Machine 01
  • Rush 01
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45 Responses to “A message for those who’s codes didn’t work”

  • louiedog says:

    I guess that explains why I never got a Poison code in my email. No worries.

    Can I get David Bowie 02 instead? Thanks!

  • DXK says:

    If we got 2112 for PS3, can we exchange for an Xbox 360 code?

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Unfortunately, everything listed is everything we’ve got.

    DXK Reply:

    I meant, have a pack of what’s listed FOR Xbox 360 rather than a pack of anything for PS3. Sorry for the mix-up.

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Oh, yeah. Definitely! You can choose from any pack listed!

    DXK Reply:

    Well, that’s so nice of you!…
    I’d love to have something I missed out on from the very first giveaway, the only pack I never got: Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits, for 360. :D

  • Alex says:

    I didn’t get an email for the Poison giveaway either, so if I can pick a replacement for that I would really love Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits for Xbox 360 instead. I’ve been waiting for one of those since the first giveaway, but I missed that one. If I have to pick something else, let me know, thanks!

    Alex Reply:

    Thank you very much, you guys are the best!

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    You got it! We’ve sent it off

  • H.S says:

    Yeah, that sucks, I really want the Poison pack :( but oh well.
    Can I have the Queen Extravaganza 02 instead?


    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Totally! Check your emails

    H.S Reply:

    Thanks, but it was also marked as used.
    The code started with FTJVG

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Ugh. Why can’t anything be easy today!

    H.S Reply:

    The codes don’t want to be redeemed man, they have feelings!
    I sent a reply, the code didn’t worked either.

  • Matt says:

    I won a Poison pack, and I will go with a Billy Joel: The Hits pack.

    Thanks a lot for doing this.

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    It’s my pleasure! We’re emailing it to you now!

    Matt Reply:

    Downloading now. Thanks so much!

  • Basay says:

    Areosmith for 360, please? 1787 songs on PS3, i would love some 360 codes…

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    I don’t seem to have you on my list of winners. Did you use a different name?

    Basay Reply:

    ohhh, i must be late. just caught the “mix up” tweet on twitter came here as say others asking, figured i’d throw my name out there too…

  • edd says:

    i was really hype to get the 2112 album until i see the error code like 20 times :( well do you still have the greenday code ? (ps3)

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Yep. We’ve still got it! We’ll send it to you now.

  • Mondo says:

    Also didn’t get Posion code…
    Can I ask for Linkin Park 02 for PS3?

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Totally! We’ll send it off now

  • J Smith says:

    Hi, I wasn’t able to get a working 2112 code and I posted on the original thread. May I have a Linkin Park 02 code for PS3 please?


    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Definitely! We’ll DM it to you now!

  • ButteredNoodles says:

    I won a non-working Poison code. Could I grab Bon Jovi for 360?

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Absolutely! We’ll DM it now!

  • Francis says:

    Emailed you back. Fueled by Ramen please! Thanks!

    Francis Reply:

    appreciate the quick reply, but the code is once again not working. emailed over the photo.

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    I saw. Sorry about that. We’ll send you another code.

  • Joseph says:

    Can I get the Queen Extravaganza 02 for PS3 instead of the Poison code i got for 360?

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Totally! We’ll send it off to you now!

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  • germax says:

    Can i have a Fueled by Ramen por PS3… please? :D

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Totally! Sorry about the delay, we’ll get it to you tonight.

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    It seems like you’re not on my list of winners for Poison/2112.

    GermaX Reply:

    Yes, sorry, i was kidding, Shame on me :(

  • Jonathan says:

    I would like Billy Joel: The Hits as a replacement for Poison. Thanks!

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Absolutely! We’ll send that off this evening.

  • Atom says:

    This is kind of unrelated to the topic,
    But I suggest the Admin take the Rhythm Replay thing off of the sidebar, since the domain expired and is just a GoDaddy ad now. lol

  • Nathan says:

    My 2112 code did not work.

    Is the Queen pack for PS3 still available?

    OsagaTheGreat Reply:

    Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I don’t have access to my computer with the codes on it until Monday. We will get it to you ASAP, however.

    Nathan Reply:

    That’s great.


  • Terrificy says:

    Hey! I won one of the Poison packs – requesting a replacement a tad late, but I hope you’ll see this!

    I would like Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits, if available. If not, David Bowie 02 or Billy Joel: The Hits. Thanks!