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The Who: Rock Band in Development?
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The Who: Rock Band in Development?

The Who

According to The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey, this is in the works:

Q:The Beatles are the latest band to be featured in a video game, “The Beatles: Rock Band.”

A:The game, yeah, yeah, they’re going to be doing a Who one next year. There is one planned. (The idea) is fabulous. Anything that gets non-musical people interested in music is wonderful. In my opinion, music is our last true great freedom. They can burn our books, they can burn our paintings, but they can’t stop us singing and making music.

I think The Beatles: Rock Band was a great idea. I believe they were one of the only bands with both an engaging, storied, and near legendary background, as well as have a robust enough catalog to fill an entire game with memorable, quality songs.  There have been rumors of Queen, U2, and Green Day-specific Rock Band games, and I don’t want to see Rock Band echo what has happened with the Guitar Hero franchise (see IGN’s brutal review of GH:Van Halen here).



18 Responses to “The Who: Rock Band in Development?”

  • Max says:

    Are there really that many Who songs left that people want to play that aren’t already in Rock Band?

  • toymachinesh says:

    inb4 whofan explodes

  • Francesco Poli says:

    Similarly to Pink Floyd, if we got to play huge sprawling rock operas in the game, they’d have something. Playing the full Quadrophenia or Tommy might be interesting, though for how long is a good question. Exportability might fix that (play the opera once or twice, then drop the songs into RB2’s rotation).

    And hey, they could always resurrect Lifehouse or something.

  • I can see this as a Track pack, not a full game. We want the Stones~!

  • Julian G. says:

    I’d definitly buy it.

  • SebastianSB says:

    This sounds true, but I figure it’s more like the AC/DC ‘game’ than the Beatles game. Either way, I’d buy it. The Who songs are always fun to play. Every. Single. One. I’m not even particularly a fan of the band.

  • modem says:

    the who? who cares!
    I demand ROCKBAND: PINK-FLOYD!!!

  • moose39 says:

    I really hope the Rock Band franchise doesn’t turn into the Guitar Hero franchise, in terms of oversaturating the market. I was hoping for Rock Band 3, but I guess this is cool, considering The Who is in my top 20. I’m still waiting on that news for U2 appearing in Rock Band, and the rumor about Pink Floyd wanting to be in a rhythm game.

  • Gemini Ace says:

    Don’t forget Rock Band Pearl Jam. And when do we see Led Zeppelin? Pink Floyd would be great!

  • ramza89 says:

    Other than the fact I love The Who, I agree with Sebastian. It’s probably going to be a track pack that can be exported. If they were to make another band-specific game, I would think the only other truly legendary band to make it about would be the Rolling Stones. Possibly U2, and if the masters are still around, Elvis Presley. Out of those 3, I’d only want to play the Stones game, though.

  • RockBandAide says:

    I’m hoping to see Rock Band 3 come out next year sometime, but after The Beatles: Rock Band, I really wouldn’t want to see any additional band-specific games (with a few exceptions… Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones). I would be more than happy with artist-specific ‘Best Of’ or ‘Live’ track packs (like AC/DC) that can be exported, however.

  • conner_junior says:

    I am a huge, HUGE Who fan. With that said I can not really see myself buying a The Who: Rock Band game simply because what is in Rock Band for them already. They would really have to wow me to buy it.

    I personally think they should focus on names that will open doors to even bigger games in the future. I would love to see Clapton have his own game, and with the fact that Harrison (or his family in this case) would do it I wouldn’t be surprised that with the proper persuasion that Clapton would be up for it. That could possibly open the eyes of other greats, (Page anyone… I know a VERY long shot).

    Then again I think they have alot of room to perfect the actual Rock Bank game itself, so that very well should be the focus.

    The future looks amazing regardless for RB

  • Max says:

    I don’t want to see any other bands get their own game. While there are some that I would understand if they did, I’d rather continue to get these bands in the normal Rock Band releases as opposed to them going the Guitar Hero route & giving a game to any band that’s willing to sign over their music.