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More Rock Band Blitz themed avatar items available!
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More Rock Band Blitz themed avatar items available!

Were you not satisfied with the last round of Rock Band Blitz themed avatar items? Maybe these new items will be more to your liking!

Still not available, Blitz Mittz! Maybe with the next batch!

9 Responses to “More Rock Band Blitz themed avatar items available!”

  • Colin says:

    No Blitz Mittz, no deal. :o)

  • expertwinSH says:

    *sees more Blitz avatarwear*

    *hopes for Blitz Mittz*

    *no Blitz Mittz*


  • RickC32 says:

    I don’t get the remote control car. How is that Blitz-related? If it was the Rock Band 2 van veering around drunkenly with no goals in life, like lead designer Brian Chan, I would get it. But how does the remote control car fit in? Am I missing something obvious?

    • T says:

      It’s symbolic of both the Road Rage power-up and the player character driving down Rock Road while they’re playing the song.

      Also, if you go to Rock Band World, “Hard Goals” have this car on their badge.

      • RickC32 says:

        Ugh. Hard Goals. I’ve gold-starred “Raining Blood” in the latest Hard Goal. Not having much luck with gold starring “Ride the Lightning” and “Holy Wars … The Punishment Due”. 🙁

        At least grinding for Gold is not as coin-expensive as it once was.

        • T says:

          The bigger thing keeping me from Harder Goals is how specific they are. The Jack White Experience, the Metalgasm, etc.

          I was able to complete The Grohl Goal with the help of a friend (and my own collection of 25 some Foo songs) and I started the RB2 Throwback as well, but for the most part I don’t have many of those songs and I don’t plan on buying them.

          Same with the Scavenger Hunts. I tend to go look up the solution before starting since with the exception of Parenthetically Speaking I haven’t had the songs I need anyway.

          • RickC32 says:

            This is probabbly a bug, but playing a song in both Blitz and RB3 seems to count as separate progress toward the goal. For the “Come Fly With Me” 7-song goal, I had Flight Of Icarus, Learn To Fly, Flying High Again, and Fly By Night. I played all 4 in Blitz, then played the first 3 in RB3. That completed the goal. So … if you have at least half the required songs, and play them in both Blitz and RB3, that seems to be a loophole to complete the goal. I think a Miley Cyrus song was one of the songs with Fly in the title. I was not buying the Miley Cyrus pack to get a few extra coins! 🙂

          • T says:

            Unfortunately I only have “Flying High Again” and “Learn to Fly”. I was surprised they went so literal as I have “Airplanes” and was surprised it didn’t count.

  • xX666Xx says:

    *looks at prices*
    >160/240 MSP
    No thanks.