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DLC Review 9/11 (Matchbox Twenty)
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DLC Review 9/11 (Matchbox Twenty)

Here’s this weeks review and playthrough for the Matchbox Twenty DLC. Included below are playthrough videos of the DLC from the always awesome thenewnoelisoncruz. Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

All tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99). Pro Guitar/Bass charts are noted below where applicable, and can be purchased for an additional 80 MSP ($0.99).

Review is after the jump.

Matchbox Twenty – Bent

Guitar isn’t that hard to play, just watch out for some regular notes mixed in with HOPOs. There’s a small solo at the end of the song, but if nothing in the song gave you trouble, then this sure won’t either.

Bass is the highlight of the song. Filled with lots of alt-strumming, but without becoming alt-strummy, and lots of pace changes within the actual notes, this is a bass line that will keep you on your toes and keep you coming back!

Drums start out very difficult. The main part of this song, however, isn’t too hard to get down, but it’s not that easy, either. If you’re looking for a good drum challenge, but don’t want to feel overwhelmed by most of the song, pick this song up.

There isn’t too much of a keys part in this song, so because of this there’s a lot of empty space and waiting when you play this. It’s really boring, even when you do get to play, and I recommend staying away from this.

I don’t know why, but I had a lot of trouble hitting the notes on this song. It’s not for lack of being familiar with it either, in fact, I’d played it 4 consecutive times before singing it, so I most certainly knew how it should sound.

In Blitz, this song is OK to play. I recommend using Super Bass for this because there is a good, steady bass line throughout the whole thing, and because of that, it’s probably got the most amount of notes on it. One thing to watch out for is keys. There aren’t many in the song, so therefore, you’re going to have a tough time leveling up the part to it’s fullest, and while you’re doing it, you might miss quite a few notes on other tracks.

Matchbox Twenty – How Far We’ve Come (Pro)

Guitar was really fun to play. It’s not Bullet for My Valentine hard, but it could present a challenge to a less experienced player. During the chorus there’s a lot of quick changing between the Green and Orange frets, and the main part of the song has some moderately paced chords that, while aren’t hard to hit, are still pretty fun to play.

Bass maintains a steady pace throughout. It changes between frets regularly, and that steady pace is just quick enough to keep you interested. I recommend this to bassists who might not necessarily be looking for a challenge, but who just want a song that’s not so easy they’ll bawl their eyes out.

This is easily the hardest drum part of the whole pack, and even one of the hardest drums parts of the last few packs (although some of the Blitz songs were harder). The chorus is one long disco beat, and the rest of the song is an interesting, but hard, pattern. If you’re a skilled drummer, you’ll love this!

On keys, there are only 39 notes, and about 37 of them are sustained chords. The other two are sustained single notes. It’s really boring to play, and there’s no possible way I can recommend this to anyone but beginners.

Vocals, at least for me, were right in my range. I was able to do the best on this song by a long shot. There isn’t much in the sense of harmonies, however, as most of them are just singing the same note as the lead.

This song plays really well in Rock Band Blitz. Like with Bent, keys are going to be a real pain to level up, meaning that at a couple checkpoints, you might not increase your level cap by 3. If you’re intent on staying in Blitz mode, then Super Guitar is your best bet, but if you want a track where you may mess up, but there’s a lot of notes, then Super Drums is the way to go!

Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean

Guitar was another case of “not hard, but still fun”. The main riff is some moderately paced notes that alternate between a Red note and a Red/Blue chord. Then it goes to a quick little section of Yellow/Orange chords. I liked playing this quite a lot.

Bass is very similar to How Far We’ve Come. It maintains a steady pace that isn’t too hard to hit, but won’t bore you to tears. Because of how similar they are, I’m going to say the same thing about them, good if you want a song that might not be a challenge, but not ridiculously easy.

The drums here are the easiest of the pack, but (and maybe even because of this) they’re also the most fun. It’s a pattern that’s not too hard to get down, although there is a tricky little cymbal roll in the main beat. The nice thing about this song is that it’s manageable to players who aren’t crazy good, like How Far We’ve Come. If you’re a drummer, you should take a look at this one.

If I had to say whether or not I’d recommend this keys part, that would be difficult to decide. On the one hand, it’s got a super fun part at the beginning of the chorus, but on the other, everything else is super boring. Because of the latter, my gut tells me that you should stay away, but the super fun part is indeed super fun.

I had some difficulty hitting the verses of this song, when it get’s low. I was able to hit the chorus, and that was pretty fun to sing. The harmonies are constantly present throughout, as well. This is probably the best vocal song of the week.

Of all three songs released this week, this one plays the best in Blitz. Save for the end, where the keys get a bit empty. If you want to maximize your points, you should go with Super Guitar.

Pick of the week: She’s So Mean
What should you buy: Get the whole pack, it’s pretty good!

3 Responses to “DLC Review 9/11 (Matchbox Twenty)”

  • RedIon1992 says:

    Played it through on Blitz myself – it’s very annoying when the keys parts are like those in How Far We’ve Come and Bent (this is more a complaint about the game, not the songs) because the keys track makes it an order of magnitude more difficult to keep the multipliers rising, especially with so few notes.

    Anyway, I hope this pack sells well – there’s a lot more old tracks to plunder that IMO would be even more fun to play through, especially on vocals. Wouldn’t mind a split pack in the future, ala Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks – Rob Thomas’s solo song This is How a Heart Breaks would be great to see in RB.

  • James says:

    Is it just me, or do I hear uncharted keys in all the choruses of How Far We’ve Come?

    • T says:

      No there is SOMETHING that sounds like keys… maybe it’s a different kind of string instrument being plucked?