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DLC for 9/11: Matchbox 20 3-pack
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DLC for 9/11: Matchbox 20 3-pack

Aside from yesterday’s changes to the coin economy in Rock Band Blitz, it’s been a pretty quiet week, which is a good thing, and gives us time to tackle all the achievements and goals for the game. We’re still working on coming up with some features around these for the site, but until then, here’s what you can expect for next week (looks like Rob Thomas is finally getting into Rock Band):

  • Matchbox Twenty – Bent
  • Matchbox Twenty – How Far We’ve Come *
  • Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean

* Denotes Pro-Guitar/Bass chart availability

[Official announcement]

59 Responses to “DLC for 9/11: Matchbox 20 3-pack”

  • VolTRH says:

    A Matchbox Twenty pack without “Real World”, “3 AM”, or “Push”.


  • Rob Thomas already got in Rock Band in the form of Smooth.

    Also, I’m dissapointed at the lack of Real World and 3 AM, but I guess you have to promote the new stuff.

  • ButteredNoodles says:

    I’m surprised Unwell wasn’t in this pack. That’s the first song I think of when I think Matchbox 20. I’ll probably pick up the whole pack. I like Bent and How Far We’ve Come. Haven’t heard She’s So Mean yet.

  • Brady says:

    Dead serious: I had a dream earlier this week that the DLC would be Rob Thomas (solo stuff). So, that’s strange.

  • gladiatory2k says:

    about freakin’ time. hopefully another pack will come before the end of the year

  • Cassie says:

    Damn, I was hoping we’d finally get some Billy Talent since their new album was just released today >_< lol

  • GoldenEarring says:

    Yeahh. I”ll pick up How Far We’ve Come. The others i give a listen.

  • DVD Smith says:

    YES!! Another of my favourite bands arrives in RB! And they’ve picked BY FAR their best song for RB – How Far We’ve Come has an amazing drum part, great guitar part and is incredibly fun to sing. So happy it got Pro too 😀

    She’s So Mean was a given, so it’s a good thing that it’s a brillant song. Bent is a surprise, it’s not my favourite MB20 song but I’m so happy with How Far We’ve Come that I don’t care. Would have preferred Real World, Long Day, 3 A.M. or any other one of their hits, but oh well. (Real World is on GH anyway.)

    How Far We’ve Come. My god, I’m so fucking stoked. BUYING EVERYTHING.

  • PTownBrave22 says:

    Agree on the pack being pretty awesome and hope this will be the first of more than 1 pack for them and this will continue adding some more 90s Rock music….

    Hoping for pack 02 containing Push, 3 AM, and Unwell…

  • Jason R. says:

    Hell to the no.

    But congrats to the many Matchbook 20 fans that will get to play the band’s songs in RB.

  • Conriocht13 says:

    It’s great to see the band make their debut in RB. I have been holding out hope that we would someday see their entire Yourself or Someone Like You album, even though HMX is kind of drifting away from full albums. The absence of any songs of YoSLY is either a good sign (they’re holding off on those songs to see if they can get them all), or a bad sign (MBT or their label won’t license them).

    As for these songs, I’ll get the whole pack. I know I like Bent and How Far We’ve Come, and while I haven’t heard She’s So Mean I’m sure I’ll like it, and because I hate buying two out of three songs in a pack unless I REALLY don’t like the third song.

  • kal_el_0724 says:

    This just makes me want Matchbox 20 Pack 02 really bad!!!
    Push please and thanks in the meantime!

  • HM says:

    DLC for 9/11 is Matchbox 20 because 9+11 = 20.

  • Razputin217 says:

    I hate to be “that guy” who chimes in with “right band, wrong songs” but…


    • Ron J says:

      Yeah… indeed…
      While my browser was loading the page I saw the pic and was like MATCHBOX 20!!! AWESOME!!!
      Then the songs appeared and I just sat there and stared for a while. I might get Bent. Maybe. But I was anticipating buying all 3 when I saw who it was. ‘sigh’

  • The Dave says:

    facepalm on song selection! They do want to make money don’t they!? 3am, Real World and Unwell would have been insta buys! Only Bent for me.

    Off topic but if Dance Central 4 is out before Rock Band 4 there will be murders!

  • Toad3000 says:

    Huh. Glad to see MB20 finally in the game, but I really, really want songs off Yourself or Someone Like You. Real World and Long Day in particular, even tho we’re probably more likely to get 3 AM and Push.

    That said, I’ll probably buy the whole pack. More 90’s alt rock, please!

  • D1Matman says:

    Been thinking the last little while that Matchbox 20 had to come through sooner or later, especially with their new album out. Will likely pickup all these songs, but as per other peeps comments, really-really want those other hit songs ‘3AM’, ‘Push’ and ‘Real World’ for DLC purchase too! Let’s git er done!

  • T says:


    *adds “How Far We’ve Come” to RBW shopping list*

  • paul says:

    wow no unwell 3am or push?? this went from an instant buy to a maybe……

  • MrMet2087 says:

    Well, much like everyone else’s comments, I saw the matchbox 20 3 pack and opened the link and was shocked to see no Push or 3AM. Now, I know the HMX doesn’t always have a say in what songs go into packs, but someone fucked up the song selection on their end. Easily the 2 biggest songs not included is kinda a joke. But they are promoting a new album so whatever. And How Far We’ve Come is a good songs.

  • Sidd says:

    so stoked for matchbox twenty. Hope we’re getting more. Getting the whole pack.

  • Joe says:

    Excited for these songs and the possibility of more! Am I the only one who wants Mad Season???

  • Grant says:

    The only song that would make any MB20 worth buying is “Disease”.

  • KEWB says:

    Welp, my money’s safe this week.

  • Diego says:

    i am STOKED for this week. I feel the same about the random song selection but this Matchbox 20 is better than no Matchbox 20 at all. I’m so happy

    and this is not the first time the song selection was random. Remember how “This Love” didn’t come up until Maroon 5 02? THAT was random

  • samjjones says:

    No “Who Can It Be Now”?

    No “Beds Are Burning”?

    HMX is a bunch of clowny clowns, y’all! They don’t know hows to pick the music. ;P

    Of course HMX doesn’t pick songs at “random”. HMX usually asks for songs that they think will 1) sell well, and 2) be fun to play. They very likely asked for MB20’s big hits. License holders have their own agendas too, guys!

    • Ospero says:

      This “wrong song” thing (and especially the people bitching about it) didn’t exactly start this year, either; it goes all the way back to the RB1 disc. Even ignoring the relative unknowns in the main setlist (The New Pornographers and Coheed and Cambria aren’t exactly what you’d call mainstream), some of the songs by established artists led to raised eyebrows. “Next to You” wasn’t even on The Police’s best-of album, unlike every other song we’ve gotten by them except “Truth Hits Everybody”. “Orange Crush” is nowhere near as famous as the songs from REM’s early 90s albums. “Highway Star” isn’t on the same level as “Smoke on the Water”. Not to mention the uproar when we found out the long-awaited Pantera album wasn’t “Cowboys from Hell”, “Vulgar Display of Power” or “Far Beyond Driven”.

      Harmonix do have their reasons, folks, even if NDAs keep them from telling us why they pick certain songs and not others. Besides, I for one can live with this pack, “How Far We’ve Come” in particular. (Doctor Who fans, try searching for “How Far We’ve Come Doctor Who” on Youtube sometime. There are a few videos out there that are just fantastic.)

  • dalton d says:

    is harmonix done making those little videos that previews the songs being released? i enjoyed them.

  • sharkstar says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Matchbox 20, but it should of been a six pack.

  • Joe Cam says:

    The dude in the back reminds me of comedian Anthony Jeselnik

  • Xanadu says:

    It amuses me how some artists who have been in demand for some time on RB finally cave and say “Fine, but you can only/mostly take from our new stuff because we get money for advertising”.

    • Crontupisto says:

      Not sure if that’s the situation here. I couldn’t tell you what the situation was afterwards, but Rob Thomas has said in the past that he *wants* to be in Rock Band. I just want to know why HMX didn’t jump on the opportunity right then and there.

      • Xanadu says:

        Axl Rose also wanted to be in Rock Band.

        • Crontupisto says:

          And he got in Rock Band.

          • Crontupisto says:

            I see what you’re saying, but I just don’t think it’s the same situation. Axl and *the rest of the band* hated each other, so they couldn’t settle on any of the old stuff.

            I don’t know the rest of Matchbox Twenty’s opinion on Rock Band, but I guess it might have had a part to play in why it took them so long to make it to the game.

            Besides, they got a single from Mad Season, so it’s not like we’re only getting the new stuff.

      • RockBandAide says:

        Probably because the decision to put Matchbox 20’s music in Rock Band isn’t made by Harmonix or Matchbox 20.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Music is a business, and I don’t think the bands decide what songs get selected, rather it’s the record labels/copyright holders. It’s not uncommon for artists to be like “We have a song in Rock Band? Cool!”

  • Crontupisto says:

    It really is about time. I expected with the long wait between “I want to be in Rock Band” and actually doing it they were planning something big, but I guess not.

    Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of MB20 on Rock Band. I’d personally love to see More Than You Think You Are as an album release.

    • Vampire-Jekyll says:

      Speaking of which, It’d be nice to see more album releases in general. Last one we had was London Calling, correct?

  • Chris says:

    What happened to the play through previews?

  • ninjasweetheart says:

    Um. Who?

  • Bob says:

    WHAT?!? I was expecting 23 songs from the band matchbox…. so lame.