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DLC Playthrough for 1/17 (The Edgar Winter Group & KoRn)
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DLC Playthrough for 1/17 (The Edgar Winter Group & KoRn)

Arriving in the Rock Band library today are two singles from both 70s rock mainstays The Edgar Winter Group and nu-metal godfathers KoRn. Included below are playthrough videos of the DLC from the always awesome thenewnoelisoncruz. Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Links to purchase DLC songs online at Xbox.com are included below for each track. All tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99). Pro Guitar/Bass charts are noted below where applicable, and can be purchased for an additional $.99. Playthrough charts for Pro Guitar/Bass will be posted tomorrow.

Directly below is a playlist of all the DLC videos, followed by individual videos of each DLC track after the jump.

Playlist of all new DLC:

The Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein (Pro)

The Edgar Winter Group – Free Ride

KoRn – Falling Away from Me

KoRn – Freak on a Leash

13 Responses to “DLC Playthrough for 1/17 (The Edgar Winter Group & KoRn)”

  • decyphersmc says:

    So much guitar nostalgia for Frankenstein, too bad the old solos are (probably correctly) on the keys.

    Drums look great for it though, so will have to pick it up for that.

  • jfh2112 says:

    Whoawhoawhoa. What happened to the snare drags in Freak on a Leash in the verses?

    • jfh2112 says:

      And and and the 808’s arent charted. 🙁 Never thought I’d say it, but I think I like GH’s drum chart better.

      Still getting this, though. FANBOI 4 LYFE (throws gang sign)

  • Nick says:

    Lets see here…

    Keys – Looks like a pretty decent week here. Big standout looks like Frankenstein, with 2 solos.

    Drums – Also looks like a pretty decent week. Also had two solos in Frankenstein. And none of the songs look particularly boring.

    Bass – The Edgar Winters Group songs are pretty entertaining on bass, with a lot of movement. Even the KoRn song’s bass seemed more interesting than the Guitar (what little I watched).

    Guitar – Didn’t watch much.

    Vocals – Probably the weakest this week. No part in Frankenstein, and the KoRn songs didn’t look too varied. The standout is probably Free Ride, if any.

    Winners this week: Keys. Drums in a close second, followed by the Bass.

  • Croq360 says:

    Excited to play the Edgar Winters Group songs. Our singer’s actually looking forward to this too as Frankenstein will give her a chance to rest her voice…

  • Craig says:

    The chart for frankenstein won’t play, due to liscensing issues?
    That’s a shame, I was looking into buying that one based on what the chart looked like 🙂

    • Nick says:

      Looks like it works for me. Perhaps its limited by device/country?

      • Craig says:

        It’s definitely the country, but I’ve never had this Problem before…. Not sure why it’s being blocked…

        • David says:

          It’s probably EMI being dicks. They did the same for the Coldplay DLC. I knew I’d be getting the Coldplay stuff, but on this occasion a sale has been lost. Ironic that it’s blackout day today.

          • xX666Xx says:

            “This video contains content from SME and EMI, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

            I fucking HATE YouTube!

          • Craig says:

            The really stupid thing is “Free ride” still plays… It’s on the same sodding album….


  • Joe Shredder says:

    Looking forward to getting my ass kicked on keys by the Edgar Winter Group. Great stuff on drums & bass, too!

    • xX666Xx says:

      I played the keys part on guitar just like GH1 and it’s still hard as hell. Don’t know how I will do this on the keyboard controller. Pro Keys is out of the question!