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DLC Playthrough for 11/29 (Roadrunner Pack, Starship)
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DLC Playthrough for 11/29 (Roadrunner Pack, Starship)

Guess which band isn’t in the Roadrunner Pack

Arriving in the Rock Band library this week are three singles from Roadrunner Records, and another track that has been called the worst song of all time. Below are playthrough videos of the DLC from the always awesome thenewnoelisoncruz. Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Links to purchase DLC songs online at Xbox.com are included below for each track. All individual tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99). The Roadrunner Records Pack 02 is available for 440 MSP ($5.49). Pro Guitar/Bass charts are noted below where applicable, and can be purchased for an additional $.99. Playthrough charts for Pro Guitar/Bass will be posted tomorrow.

Directly below is a playlist of all the DLC videos, followed by individual videos of each DLC track after the jump.

Playlist of all new DLC:

Dream Theater – On the Backs of Angels (Pro)

Opeth – Ghost of Perdition

Trivium – In Waves

Starship – We Built This City

38 Responses to “DLC Playthrough for 11/29 (Roadrunner Pack, Starship)”

  • Abe Bloom says:

    So psyched to go sing the Opeth… It has to be one of the longest. I think Green Grass, Justice for all, few others.

    • KEWB says:

      There are quite a few that pass it, but it’s definitely nothing to sneeze at in terms of length. I’m pretty sure the two you mentioned are actually pretty considerably shorter. Do You Feel Like We Do, The Who Superbowl medley, and The Camera Eye I’m pretty sure all have it beat though.. Veil of Illumination too if you count both parts.

  • dlauthor says:

    Good God, We Built This City on guitar at the end. Bloody ’80s squiddle-de-doo-style playing …

  • Psy says:

    Opeth that is all we needed … freaking fucking epic week

  • Chad Kroeger's Mom says:

    What, no Nickelback this week? Lame!

  • RickC says:

    I only had time to play the Dream Theater before leaving for work today. I played it on Hard Guitar because “Constant Motion” and “Panic Attack” absolutely destroy me on Expert. Heck, even after 1.5 years of playing this game, I still struggle to 5 star those songs on Hard. But I 5*’ed this easily on Hard Guitar. I figured HMX undercharted it on Hard. Looking at the Expert chart here, though, it is not much different than the Hard chart. Only the solos are radically different on Expert versus Hard, and the solos are a rather small part of an 8+ minute song. Just kick in some OD before the sweepy wall-of-HOPO parts and I should be fine. In other words, it is not undercharted on Hard, it is simply overtiered. Which is fine with me. We may finally have a Dream Theater song I do not fail out of Expert! 🙂

    • MattyT says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely the easiest of the DT songs on guitar, and probably bass (Haven’t played “Constant Motion” on Bass, though).

      Should’ve been 5 dots like the Opeth track.

  • Craig says:

    *Buys “We built this city”*
    *Loads into library and notices the guitar rating*

    Err…. what. How is this difficult, oh hey, a sol-HOLY S$^&! Came out of nowhere…..

    Still freaking awesome!

    • J-Dawg says:

      That was my reaction too. 30 seconds from the end: “Satanface on guitar? lolsrsly?”

      10 seconds from the end: “Oh.”

      • Craig says:

        I had my flatmates watching while I played it, because who doesn’t love cheesey rock music! Anyway, they all said the exact same thing while I sat there shaking my fist at the tv….

      • James says:

        This is exactly what happened to me.

        I only picked this up today, might pick up DT later on in future.

      • LCS says:

        The song simply suffers from what I call “Seize The Day” syndrome.

        And uh…anyone figure out how the DT song is a devil on drums? A 5 dot I can see. But HMX did a really weird job of tiering the drums on this game. There’s probably somewhere at least 20 songs I have that should be devils (they were in RB2) that mysteriously dropped to a 5 here.

        • KEWB says:

          For some reason the devil-tiered parts on the older RBN songs got bumped down to 5, I’m not sure why. It definitely screwed up the tiering on Chaotrope songs lol.

          • LCS says:

            Funny thing is that it seems like RBN is the only place I still see devil-tiered drums. Most of the ones I could name are regular DLC. Another Way To Die and the All That Remains DLC comes to mind.

      • Razputin says:

        I failed right out at the end. I felt so embarrassed. It’s like that song is getting back at us for mocking it all these years.

        • Craig says:

          That’s why I had No Fail switched on. I can hold my own on the devil tiered tracks, but I like having that fall back just in case….

          This is one of those times I’m glad I had it switched on!

      • zero.echelon says:

        then why Afterlife isn’t devil tiered??

        (I won’t buy We buy this city anyways xD)

  • Oscarvarium says:

    Ghost of Perdition’s drums are obscenely good.

  • samjjones says:

    Ye have been humbled by the mighty STARSHIP!!!

  • Julian G. says:

    ‘We Built This City’ should have been in Lego: Rock Band.

    • LCS says:

      Then we wouldn’t have gotten the awesome harmonies/keyboards.

      • Julian G. says:

        Yeah, maybe Lego: Rock Band 2 would have been better to say, if such a thing were ever to exist — although I doubt it ever will.

        • Joe Cam says:

          Man, I would LOVE a LEGO Rock Band 2.
          Despite the super small setlist and more family friendly songs, I loved that the career mode had some actual depth to it.
          After playing RB3’s “tour” section I really missed how long LRB’s was…

  • QuestionMark says:

    Wow, I’m glad I finally listened past the first stupid minute of the Opeth song. Yeah, I know, those vocals are an acquired taste and take skill blah blah blah. They just aren’t my cup of tea. But then when the glottal fry stops those vocals get so SMOOTH. Downright pretty.

    I’ll concede though, for growly vocals, they’re not TOO growly.

    Drums look pretty choice, too. Looks like I’ll grab the whole pack (the Trivium song is another I wouldn’t have expected I’d like).

    • Numskull says:

      As an Opeth “pusher,” I was dismayed to hear that the Ghost of Perdition preview did not include any of the clean vocal sections. The song is over 10 minutes long, so giving an accurate impression of its overall sound in a typical Rock Band preview clip is not possible. BUT, they still could picked a better segment in the interest of not scaring off people who dislike the death metal growls.

      • Toad3000 says:

        Or maybe it’s better this way, since omitting the death metal growls might NOT have scared off the people who dislike that? 😉

        • Numskull says:

          “The people” would not react as one. Anyway, we’ll never know now.

          • Toad3000 says:

            True. It’s just one of those things that’s so polarizing, it’s probably best if the previews include it. Not necessarily to the exclusion of the clean vocals portions, though.

    • Shmoo says:

      If you are interested in Opeth in general (one of my 5 fave metal bands), you’ll find they have this dynamic always. They had some fun with the growl vs. clean situation when they released two albums together: Deliverance and Damnation.

      To be cute, Deliverance leans on the growlies and full on heavy stuff. Damnation is the sweet, gentle side of the band, relatively. At the time, on tour, they spoke of the schism this caused in the fan base over the years and how this is what they do, so don’t ask them to pick one.

      I’m babbling, but any chance to push Opeth…

  • Chris says:

    God bless Opeth for making this one of the best weeks for DLC in a long time – an absolute blast on every instrument. Now, if only it had Pro upgrades… *shakes fist at mediocre DT song*

  • OsagaTheGreat says:

    It’s always a shock when Dream Theatre is only the second longest in a pack!

  • xX666Xx says:

    Having never heard of Opeth and Trivium, I still decided to buy the entire pack. Now I’m so glad I did because GoP was fun as hell on guitar as was “In Waves.” OtBoA was fun too and WBTC was OVERTIERED as the 7 seconds of insane hammer-ons at the end shouldn’t really make that worthy of Devil horns. Should’ve been Tier 4.

    OtBoA was fucking INSANE on Keys. When I got to the Piano Break on my sightread I was like “WHAT THE FUCK?!” I couldn’t see what I was supposed to do there and only managed 41%. I can’t see this ever being FC’d on a Keyboard controller and Pro Keys is so out of the fucking question!

    Also, after playing Trivium and Opeth for the first time, I will certainly consider buying more DLC from those bands.

  • Brian says:

    It should also be mentioned how much of a pleasure Ghost of Perdition is to sing. Love the vocal chart.