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Facebook Reactions to Nickelback DLC Announcement
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Facebook Reactions to Nickelback DLC Announcement

Not trying to re-open old wounds here, but many of you will remember that last summer, we received our first (of what now will become TWO) DLC packs of Nickelback tracks. In the past, we would occasionally highlight and comment on some of the more… “passionate” tweets from Twitter about Rock Band DLC announcements, and the recurring post got lost in the shuffle with some of the other content here on the site. For those that need a refresher, take a look at how Twitter responded to the first Nickelback pack.

Well, with the recent announcement of next week’s DLC, it is easy to reach the conclusion that these DLC packs are clearly some sort of social experiment from Harmonix. One of the great things about modern technology and social media is that everyone has been given a voice, but unfortunately after reading Facebook for about 15 seconds, this clearly may not have been such a great idea. In fact, I’m pretty sure that whole 2012 apocalypse rumor is probably not such a bad thing anymore.

So, without further ado, come with us as we take a look at some of the more “reasonable, rational, and level-headed” Facebook comment reactions to next week’s impending Nickelback DLC…

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I thought about hiding people’s names, but they are all aware of the risks of posting personal information on a public forum such as Facebook. But just because I’m the douchebag that makes fun of them on the site here, doesn’t mean you should be a bigger douchebag and “track down” any of these people based on the comments they have made. Enjoy!]

Last chance to bail out! You cannot unsee what you are about to see! OK… I warned you…

There would still be people complaining about how poorly it was charted.

Has anyone told you that you should be a comedian? Because you totally should.

I can only assume that the one “Like” on this came from the band Hautewerk.

I would rather have Nickelback than a one-hit wonder about an ode to Reebok Pumps. (True story, the song started as a commercial jingle.) Also, I liked them much more the first time they came out, when they were called MGMT.

This is why I don’t go to Facebook anymore.

You’re right. The quantity of childish comments in response to an OPTIONAL weekly DLC announcement suggests a much lower age.

Were you sick this week?

Here you go: Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx, Yes. You’re welcome.

Good idea. Just make sure that it’s not their last latest title… #AOGH

Nevermind the fact that they’re one of the world’s most popular acts in the last decade, are heavily requested by the community, and sell extremely well as DLC. Hopefully Harmonix will consult you personally before making DLC decisions in the future, because you obviously provide an insight that is lacking: the cliched Internet follower demographic.

After everything you’ve invested in Rock Band, including ION drums, you would throw it all out because of one week of DLC that you don’t like? If McDonald’s forgets your fries, do you burn the place down? Take it down a notch, sir… you’re not going anywhere.

The comment speaks volumes when you consider it was originally based on a character called “Comic Book Guy.”


You did read the rest of the DLC announcement, right? Specifically the part about the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Remember, kids, reading is fundamental. As for more Journey, don’t stop believing!

There’s nothing “so called” about it; he actually goes by Stevie Wonder. Even if he goes by his birth name, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s the fifth most successful artist of all time, behind The Beatles, Madonna, Elvis Presley, and Elton John. Sorry to burst your bubble, Duncan so called Wragg.

All the time? Uh oh. Sergio, have a seat. Mommy and Daddy have something bad to tell you about Guitar Hero…

Listen to him. He has conducted several first-hand experiments drinking gasoline to arrive at this conclusion.

Close, but not the worst ever.

YES! Maybe if they released packs of songs on a regular basis, say, each week?! That would be a novel idea!

Did you expect it to end any different?

164 Responses to “Facebook Reactions to Nickelback DLC Announcement”

  • HyeJinx1984 says:

    Just an observation, all the tweets seem to have been by men. Not that this is a surprise to anyone, but men do seem to have a biological or neurological need to nerd rage much more than females apparently. It’s not like there aren’t a ton of girls who play music games or know how to use the internets… but somehow, it’s always men doing this kind of complaining.

    • Robo3 says:

      To compensate for lack of online complaints, it seems women are responsible for more IRL complaints, or “nags”.

      Maybe it’s just nature’s way of evening everything out.

    • samjjones says:

      Further proves my point:

      Chicks dig Nickelback.

  • Kolma says:

    I personally like nickleback but I wont be buying the DLC partly because I dont have the funds to buy every DLC So i gotta be REALLY careful with ones i do get, and partly because they are the kind of band i rather listen to and relax with and not play along.

    That said i can’t believe how many people complain when a song from an artist they don’t like comes on.

    I mean GOD DAMN there are over 3000 songs, with such a mass amount of DLC they CAN NOT please everyone.

    Do you get pissed when iTunes decides to Coldplay albums?
    How about when Walmart decides to sell a certain cereal that just makes you feel sick.

    Grow the fuck up and realize that this is optional and they are doing it to please everyone, not you specifically.
    Stop being a 7 year old princess, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

    *for the record i like coldplay

  • sduk72 says:

    the people complaining are probably the same people who say guns n roses isnt guns n roses without slash blah blah blah…they really need to grow up and get over themselves , get a life and get out in the real world and find out whats popular these days , what sells etc… Harmonix are doing a great job of keeping the DLC rolling and thats all that matters. I couldnt care a less if they release Fu**ing Adele next week as DLC , i have over 300 DLC songs from all kinds of bands and i like the variety. Plus guess what….if you dont like it…YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY IT!!!!!
    seriously…grow up people, its not the songs that kill genre’s , its people like you guys moaning coz you didnt get your own way every week…and news flash…NOT EVERYONE LIKES MUSE either!

    • Robo3 says:

      How does going out into the “real world” and getting a job… translate to knowing which DLC will sell on a music game? ?_?

      • sduk72 says:

        Robo3 Reply:
        November 21st, 2011 at 5:00 am

        How does going out into the “real world” and getting a job… translate to knowing which DLC will sell on a music game? ?_?

        who the fuck said get a job??????….read the post before you comment ….real world means there are more bands out there than MUSE,METALLICA,GN’R ETC, JUSTIN BEIBER is popular but i wouldnt buy it because i have freedom of choice… dont diss me for stating the fucking obvious!

    • samjjones says:

      I know what doesn’t sell…

      Guns ‘N Roses without Slash.


    • samjjones says:

      Adele would actually be great DLC. Good suggestion!

  • Chad Kroeger's Mom says:

    Nickelback is the greatest thing since my homemade apple pie.

  • Toothball says:

    I’m not what you’d call a fan of Nickelback. That song about being a rock star I found especially grating, as it was just a list of nice things that one might be able to acquire as a successful musician. It was on the radio a lot when it was new, which didn’t help. So what did I do? I switched off the radio when it came on and switched it back on a few minutes later. Then went about my day as if nothing had happened.

    I think Harmonix are more aware than most that people like different music. One of the best features of Rock Band is that its DLC catalogue leaves very few genres and decades out, although there will always be room for more. It should be evident from the past three years of DLC that some weeks might be better than others regardless of an individual’s tastes. It happens all the time, but every time there are swathes of people go off on a rant as if it’s the first time. I think it’s ultimately just a problem of the internet. Suddenly everyone has something to say. Usually in allcaps.

    • Seth says:

      I totally agree with you “Toothball” you will NEVER make everyone happy its just not possible. The variety in rock band can not be beat. No matter what genera of music you like there will be plenty of songs to choose from. Lets not forget the fact that people still complain about not having enough challenging songs on pro guitar/bass. I have yet to see ONE person beat Through the Fire and Flames on Expert 100%. I know I will never do it my self but people still complain anyway.

    • BC says:

      I agree about that Rock Star song. My brother and nephew love it, but I hated it. Mindless pandering. But I do really like Burn It Down, the WWE Raw theme song.

      Too many people always need to be “right”, and you can only love or hate stuff, no middle ground. I think Nickelback is okay, kinda dull, more popular than they should be, but I can just pass on the DLC without flying into a frothy rage, much as I have done many times before. Better luck next week is all I can say.

  • Chris says:

    Remember the days before the internet would people would only cry in private?

    • Chris says:


    • Toothball says:

      I remember that time. Sometimes people would write letters expressing their displeasure to the editor of their favourite publication. Most were too lazy to go to the post box though. They were probably happier for it.

  • MaUrEnG says:

    Dead on and hilarious post. 😛
    Thanks for sharing @RockBandAide!

  • Ricky says:

    Your commentary is more annoying than all of those facebook posts combined.

  • David says:

    Less Miranda Cosgrove and SpongeBob SquarePants; more Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard, and Yes. All of whom have had DLC packs after the last time we’ve seen Cosgrove or SquarePants. Which were likely commissioned by Viacom. Who used to own Harmonix. But sold them. Almost a year ago.