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DLC for 11/8 [UPDATE]
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DLC for 11/8 [UPDATE]

This past week saw the release of three tracks from the 2 Million Facebook “Likes” promotion, and for those keeping track at home, we are still awaiting the release of Stevie Wonder and Dream Theater DLC. Could this week see either (or both) of those artists? Lets find out!

UPDATE: Harmonix has acknowledged that they originally announced earlier this year that the eventual DLC counterpart of the Country Track Pack 2 would only have Rock Band 2 features, and at the time had no plans to release the DLC with Rock Band 3 features. With the DLC coming out on 11/8, it is clear that this is not the case, and the DLC will now include Rock Band 3 features (mainly adding Keys and Pro-Keys charts to 19 out of 21 of the songs). Because many of the early adopters feel slighted, @HMXHenry is attempting to “make good” by attempting to provide DLC codes to those who purchased the track pack. From RockBand.com:

We’re waiting on approval from Microsoft for several hundred codes for the 21 song Country Mega Pack of DLC. I’m hoping we receive these codes before the end of day tomorrow. When we have them in hand I’ll be PMing them to people that have posted about being early adopters of the Country Track Pack 2.

There’s no elegant way for us to track ownership in game (or making the connection between hundreds of in game scores to gamertags to email addresses to forum profiles) and licensing would prevent us from gifting this DLC pack to everyone that bought CTP2 even if there was a technical solution. But I know a lot of people on the forums, in this thread in particular, feel like we could have handled this release better so we wanted to do something.

There is no guarantee that everyone will get a code. It’s all on the honor system and it’s all based off of forum feedback in posts over the last week. Keep an eye on your inboxes, but I’ll post an update when I have codes in hand so we can try to get them to people before DLC goes on sale tomorrow.

Going Country Pack 05 ($8.49 / 680 MSP)

  • Chely Wright – Single White Female
  • Laura Bell Bundy – Giddy On Up
  • Reba McEntire – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
  • Shania Twain – Party for Two (with Billy Currington)
  • Sugarland – Settlin’ 

Going Country Pack 06 ($9.99 / 800 MSP)

  • Billy Currington – That’s How Country Boys Roll
  • Darryl Worley – Awful, Beautiful Life
  • Gary Allan – Man of Me
  • George Straight – TWANG
  • Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
  • Justin Moore – Backwoods

Going Country Pack 07 ($10.99 / 880 MSP)

  • Darius Rucker – Alright
  • Dierks Bentley – Sideways
  • Keith Urban – Kiss a Girl
  • Lady Antebellum – Perfect Day
  • Luke Bryan – Rain Is a Good Thing
  • Merle Haggard – Mama Tried
  • Trace Adkins – Ride *

Going Country Pack 08 ($5.49 / 440 MSP)

  • Dwight Yoakam – International Heartache
  • Jason Aldean – Crazy Town
  • Rascal Flatts – Summer Nights

Country Mega Pack ($19.99 / 1600 MSP)


* Denotes Pro-Guitar/Bass chart availability for $.99.

[Official announcement]

105 Responses to “DLC for 11/8 [UPDATE]”

  • Rockox says:

    “Ring of Fire” is gonna sell like hotcakes.

  • Tim the Enchanter says:

    “Could this week see either (or both) of those artists?”




    • RockBandAide says:

      You know that commentary like that exists in almost ALL of the weekly DLC announcements, right? Most people don’t read it anyway (I’ve hidden a few things in previous ones and never saw any reaction).

      • Tim the Enchanter says:

        The commentary is about your intro. It just seemed out of place to me.

        • RockBandAide says:

          Again… it’s the same thing I typically put in each week. I write commentary before I hear the announcement, drop in the DLC ASAP, and publish.

          • Tim the Enchanter says:

            Oh my bad. I misunderstood you when you said “commentary like that exists almost every week”. I thought you meant my comment(ary) to your commentary. HA. I didn’t think most people had comments about your intros in the past so I was confused.

            Anywho… I read everything you write. Nothing escapes me! Unless of course its on twitter or facebook, then it easily escapes me.

      • Cravins says:

        I actually enjoy your little DLC announcement blurbs, and I actually try to read them before seeing who the artist actually is. Of course, it was kinda tough this week with the gigantic COUNTRY PACK picture at the top.

  • JoshCCR says:

    About time 🙂

  • Dick says:

    Fucking dumbass, you thought a Facebook band was coming this week? And that Stevie Wonder and Dream Theater would be in the same fucking week?

  • Jason R. says:

    Let me just say that the following opinion is by no means a demand for anything and I completely understand why Harmonix did this.

    But this situation kind of rankles me. I bought this track pack a few days after it came out and exported the songs. And now in order to get most of the RB3 versions, I would have to pay $20 more [though in practice, I wouldn’t do that because I wouldn’t purchase all these songs]. I guess that’s the problem with releasing RB3 versions of older tunes.

    I get why this is going on and I am NOT a person who demands free songs – Harmonix does not owe me anything. It just makes me wary of buying future track packs.

    • gladiatory2k says:

      i am in the same boat> if I had known we would get RB3 versions, I would have waited.

      HMXHenry did say “I think the end result will make a lot more people happy than if we just shipped RB2 era songs into the current store, but the feelings of the early adopters aren’t lost on us and we’re looking into what we can pull together to try to show our appreciation for the people that did pick up the CTP2 at launch.”

      But I doubt anything would be done …track pack for 5 bucks for anyone who redeemed a download code would be nice. (so I can get keys into this version)

    • FoxForever says:

      I don’t think these are RB3 versions of the songs.

      • FoxForever says:

        Argh, nevermind.

        • Valhalla says:


          • Jason R. says:

            I will agree [once again] with RBA that Harmonix sometimes goes out of their way to answer concerns of some of the more vocal members of that message board, which is definitely a unenviable task. I hope RockBandAide/Tommy hasn’t gone crazy dealing with the flood of comments on his side every Friday or whenever something controversial happens in the RB Universe.

          • RockBandAide says:

            Believe me, I understand people’s frustrations (I’ve got CTP2, as well). For those that picked it up, no doubt about it, it’s unfortunate.

            I try to see both “sides” of the situation, and hopefully am able to communicate information as to WHY these things happen. It’s better if we try to focus our frustration in a productive and constructive manner so that things like this don’t happen again, and the franchise will improve because of it.

  • JoshCCR says:

    “Rock Band Country Track Pack 2”

    we are still awaiting the release of Stevie Wonder and Dream Theater DLC. Could this week see either (or both) of those artists? Lets find out!……. NO

  • SNKALLEN says:

    I already have these songs but I will buy the tracks with pro keys again.

  • Eddy9524 says:

    Are these songs going to have keys?

  • The Beef says:

    21 songs for $19.99.

    I cannot get over that. Has Harmonix ever released a weekly update that cost more than $20? This just seems silly enough to break that rule they’ve got going on.

    I bet we’ll see it on sale at a later date, too.

    Anyway, anyone know yet whether or not the people who bought the track pack will get the RB3 features free of charge?

  • eyescovered says:

    Johnny & Merle for me. I only like older (real) country. Not this pop-country crap.

    Personally I think HMX chose a horrible way to test the waters for legacy upgrades. They should have chosen some bands from the best selling DLC list (Boston is the first to come to mind). Not sure how the Queen packs sold, but they definitely want to have several artists/genres in the upgrade mix — just not all country tracks.

    Fingers crossed for Stevie next week!

    • RockBandAide says:

      Test the waters? They released Bon Jovi and Queen “RB3 Versions” a year ago, and community reaction was extremely caustic, which is why it hasn’t happened since. This is a one-off situation that I can almost assuredly say will never happen again.

      • eyescovered says:

        You’re probably right. But, from what hmxhenry said in his follow-up post, they are looking at the reaction of this pack to help decide the future of legacy upgrades. I’m just saying they need to vary the genres/decades more. Maybe a handful of newer (ex: Killers) and older (ex: Rush) singles.

        • RockBandAide says:

          Let me just say this: While I’m not privy to most of the behind-the-scenes goings-on at Harmonix, I do probably know more about what’s coming than the average member of the community, as well as things that I can “infer” based on the conversations I do have with the people there.

          The “outrage” from the community over the Bon Jovi and Queen DLC packs virtually halted any future “RB3 Versions” of existing DLC. This situation is a unique exception, and one that HMXHenry has explained openly, honestly, and extremely thoroughly here: http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225452&p=4538011#post4538011 and here: http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225452&p=4537872#post4537872

          To people that are still hoping for “RB3 Versions” of other songs: Stop. It’s not going to happen, because as much as you and many other rationally-minded community members there are, you are drowned out by the cacophony of those who feel like they were somehow “screwed” by buying a product with features as advertised only to find out a similar product came out three years later.

        • 291j291j says:

          I would LOVE to see more of The Killers in Rockband!!!!
          I would purchase ALL of their albums as DLC!!
          And I would happily re-purchase all of the current tracks.

          Unfortunately though I really loathe country music (no offense meant to those who like it) so for me to purchase this pack just isn’t going to happen.
          I hope Harmonix are restrained enough not to gauge all legacy DLC upgrades merely by the reaction to this pack alone.

      • Larraque says:

        I don’t think the community reaction to RB3 versions is the main factor on why RB3 versions stopped being made. Rather, it’s about how the RB3 versions sell? Rockbandscores.com has about 4,000 pro-keys scores registered for 360 for Under pressure. By way of comparison, the most scored DLC for pro keys is (probably) Piano Man at around 9,500.

        Other songs that should be huge but aren’t:

        Paradise by the dashboard light – 1,800
        Runaway – 3,200
        Personal Jesus – 1,800
        Obsession – 1,290

        Ultimately I don’t consider this a failure of RB3 versions. Rather, DLC for Pro Keys players has not been a big seller for harmonix. The coldplay pack has no song registering over 1,000 scores on pro keys; and considering that it’s the best pack for Pro Keys in months, it’s gotta be extremely disappointing for Harmonix. Viva la Vida has 541 pro keys scores, and 3,300 guitar scores. Without commenting on harmonies – if less than 20% of players want a pro keys version (on the best pack for pro keys no less), they make a lot more money by releasing new songs than by releasing RB3 versions.

        Of course, had they released this pack as-is (with RB2 versions) I think the backlash would be worse.

        • RockBandAide says:

          That’s a fair point. I think sales ultimately speak louder than community reaction. If you couple poor sales with negative community reaction, it only strengthens the view that RB3 Versions are not coming in the future.

          • Larraque says:

            I find it extremely unfortunate. Considering how fantastic pro keys are to play, I really wish that they were more popular and more smoothly implemented in the Rock Band franchise.

          • Walker says:

            I hold resentment in my heart for those who bitched about the RB3 versions of Queen and Bon Jovi DLC. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us.

      • RickC says:

        The odd thing is that, if you look at the leaderboards (not a perfect reflection of sales, I know, but as close as we are going to get), there are a *lot* of scores for the RB3 versions of the Bon Jovi and Queen songs. They seem to be some of the best-selling DLC since RB3 came out. In the Bon Jovi 12-pack, the 3 RB3 versions were among the 4 best selling songs in the pack.

        I am usually of the opinion that money talks, but it definitely seems like the unexpectedly bad reaction from the diehards trumped quite good sales. I guess HMX felt that damage to the Rock Band “brand” was happening, and that was not worth it.

        • Larraque says:

          There’s a stigma associated with the (RB3 version) label on a song. When people see that in my library, they often wonder if it’s a different recording. It definitely isn’t the cleanest implementation possible with the online issues.

          They also look at me strange when they see I still have the “As made famous by” version of Limelight and Tom Sawyer.

          But I agree with you fully. Whenever they do something that offends someone, they’re only alienating players. And at this point, customer retention for the Rock Band franchise should be more important than appeasing new players.

          • RockBandAide says:

            If people stop playing because they didn’t get the keys tracks for a bunch of country songs (Herp it’s “Rock Band,” not “Country Band!” derp.), than that’s their own problem. If you are DLC completionist, this would obviously be frustrating, but would be an extremely ridiculous reason to stop playing based on the massive investment you’ve already put in.

            As much as you think “customer retention” is the key to the future of Rock Band, take a spin on Twitter or Facebook. Every week, I see many more “Oh cool, (insert DLC artist here) is available for Rock Band! I’ll have to dust off my instruments and play again” than “I’m quitting the franchise for good.”

          • Larraque says:

            “As much as you think “customer retention” is the key to the future of Rock Band, take a spin on Twitter or Facebook. Every week, I see many more “Oh cool, (insert DLC artist here) is available for Rock Band! I’ll have to dust off my instruments and play again” than “I’m quitting the franchise for good.””

            That’s the definition of customer retention 🙂

  • RickC says:

    Not a country fan, but 21 songs for $20 is a great deal. Of course, the physical track pack will probably be selling for $3 soon. Without the RB3 features, the physical track pack is obsolete. But if you do not play keys, the actual disc might be a worthwhile purchase if it drops in price enough.

  • esporadoito says:

    Worse week of dlc ever if you bought the pack. Especially since u cannot play your songs with people online.

  • Dustinator says:

    Bought the Track Pack about 2 months as a birthday present to me for $20. This sucks. I want the pro keys too, but there is no way in hell I’m paying another $20 just for keys.

    And I remember playing throught the songs thinking, “man, half of these songs shoulda got key support. Shame. Oh well, least we got harmonies.” Now, I feel like I got royally screwed for buying the Track Pack.

    I understand HMX did a lot and got the dlc peeps 21 songs with RB3 features for $20(BIG discount), but dammit….what about those who bought the retail disc? *sigh* /end rant

  • A Talking Fish says:

    I really wish I could hear these songs in some sort of playlist. What happened to that?

  • Steve says:

    Damn! These redneck packs must sell like hotcakes to be at 8 total packs. Not my bag.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Of the close to 1,900 official DLC tracks, there are 71 total Country songs, or roughly 2%. They’re a fairly small amount in relation with most of the other genres in the catalog.

  • folkeye says:

    Bought the track pack when it came out. Not interested in the least in keys, so no buy. If I hadn’t decided to buy the track pack I would have cherry picked a few.

    BTW anybody played the track pack disk? The vocal’s don’t work… big time on the OD problems. I was hoping to get a few trophies for my collection but was promptly haulted by the broken-ness of it all. Not only does it have our friend the shaky arrow, OD is impossible to use. That was a bummer.

    • Dustinator says:

      I had no problem playing through on the disc. However, I have it on 360 so completely different beast. Can’t hep you there

      • folkeye says:

        Yeah, I’ve the PS3 version. It’s pretty bad. Nothing you can do will launch OD, resulting in a litlf 95%+ songs with 4 stars. So that’s no good.

  • Beckett says:

    Wow 21 songs for $20 is a great deal. Too bad I absolutely despise modern country music. Will pick up the Johnny Cash song as a single and ignore the rest.

  • Chris says:

    Just a thought, a very logical one.

    If you like at least Eleven of these tracks, then you may as well buy the pack for the other ten tracks FREE.

    Rock Band has actually spoiled us who can’t buy Country Track Packs (I live in the UK so it’s not high demand).

    This matches CCR for 400 MSP or London Calling for all the free tracks.


    • samjjones says:

      CCR for 400 points will never be beat.

      Of course, I bought it on Day 1, so it didn’t matter for me, anyways.

      Still waiting for “Liveapalooza 2.0” to happen to pick up some albums…but I stopped holding my breath a long time ago.

  • MaximusDM says:

    Well I guess this proves that not all RB3 versions get Pro Guitar upgrades. Because all past RB3 Versions received Pro Guitar upgrades except these.

  • Grant says:

    Hmmm. We don’t really have anybody yet who said they completely hate all of country music. I’ll be the first.

  • Mikey says:

    RBA – if there is ANY way to try and show our support for MORE RB3 versions, just tell me where to (most effecively) post. I refuse to give up hope… For the right songs, I’ll happily pay again.

  • samjjones says:

    Even though I’m not a country or keys fan, I support MOAR COUNTRY and MOAR RB3 UPDATES in general.

    I will re-buy this DLC pack.

    • Wii Drummer says:

      I agree with you! I am not a Country music fan either, but I am in support of the RB3 Updates! Since I play RB3 on the Wii I can’t enjoy some of my favorite songs from RB1 or LRB unless they release them on DLC with RB3 updates!

      • Walker says:

        Here’s another Wii user who feels the same way. Those are the two best setlists Harmonix every released on disc, don’t you think?

  • citric_bullets says:

    At first I was all “Country. HARRUMPH!” But then I saw that you could get 21 songs for $20, which is absolutely ridiculous.

  • AzureAngel17 says:

    Once I replace my broken RB3 disc, this will certainly be on my buy list, despite having the export download.

    It’s a pity they can’t do something with the “Redeem Code” section within Rock Band 3 to unlock a discounted version of the pack, but the mega pack is a good enough deal for me. It comes out to just over $1.05 per song for the upgrades, which I think is less than what I paid for the RB3 versions of Queen and Bon Jovi.

  • Sans says:

    So, as one that has bought the track pack, the only thing that has changed is that some now have pro-keys. No other changes?

  • Toad3000 says:

    The handling of this whole situation is a bit mystifying – I’ve been wondering for months when these songs were going to come out as DLC (it’s been what, 8-9 months since the track pack released?), and as far as I know there weren’t any official updates in all that time.
    It seems like a lot of people out there have bought the track pack fairly recently (yay for reduced prices), and while moving inventory is important, I think some of the community outcry could have been averted if HMX had announced a status update every once in a while – or more importantly, announced earlier that the decision was made to upgrade the DLC versions to include Pro Keys.
    But I digress – I’m interested in three songs this week (Ring of Fire, Mama Tried, Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia) and will pick those up.

  • Ospero says:

    I didn’t get the track pack (I believe it wasn’t even released in the PAL regions), so yay for getting 21 songs (all of which sound reasonable to good in the preview) for 1600 MSP. It’s bad for the early adopters, but things like that do happen – though HMX’s information policy was too tight-lipped.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Since the divestiture from Viacom, Harmonix has been MUCH more open and honest with the community. Not sure if “tight-lipped” is the right word, because if they didn’t volunteer info that “they had no plans for RB3 Versions,” than they wouldn’t have had such a strong reaction now.

      • Ospero says:

        I didn’t mean that info when I said “tight-lipped”; I meant the eventual reversal of that position. This must have been known at HMX for at least a few days before release – somebody had to do the keys charts, after all. But between that megapack release and the code thing for early adopters, I think this went as well as was possible. 😉

  • Ross (Islander1975) says:

    A silver lining for those of us that bought TPC2 is the fact that we have another disk that people can unlock trophies/achievements for. For those who are trophy/achievement chasers. I, like most who bought it, just wanted the early import. :/

  • Imdaboss says:

    Meh….not worth putting down Modern Warfare 3.

  • Paul Rogers says:

    I was really angry when I heard HMX were going to release this as rb3 after I already purchased the pack. I was not going to pay to update. But it is nice to know they are going to try and please some of us who bought it early. Here’s to hoping I’m one of those lucky ones!

  • Mysario says:

    That’s so nice of them to help out the early buyers and transferrers of the original CTP2! Well, at least the people who are big on the forums. People like me will be forgotten </3 but hey, as long as others are happy!

    • Ospero says:

      What is stopping you from signing up and claiming the codes? Why go on about it in this passive-aggressive manner?

  • Gam30ver! says:

    I am a guy that has it for both the 360 and the Wii (i won the Wii one from here! \m/ )… I still wish the Wii would be able to export now, even a $5 charge for the export would be nice.

  • Amie says:

    Its nice to know you guys are trying I know for one I was so disappointed in finding out that if I wanted the songs I already have to have rb3 parts that I would have to buy all of them all over again..I know I was one of the first to rant about it..sorry. but I was livid

  • Craig H. says:

    As someone who purchased the pack the day it was released, I have been enjoying the songs for quite sometime. However, I was disappointed that the songs were going to be released with RB 3 upgrades and would have to repurchase the songs to get key support. As usual, Harmonix has addressed this and making good to those of us who already purchased. Thank you for continuing to focus on making this game I love the best it can be!

  • Paul says:

    Is there someplace to go to try and get one of these codes?