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What If… Crush 40 – “Open Your Heart”
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What If… Crush 40 – “Open Your Heart”

I have to admit, that I had to actually Google who this band was, as I’m not as familiar as I apparently should be about who Crush 40 are. I was shocked at the sheer volume of requests I received to highlight this song as part of the “What If” feature on the site. So, for the uninitiated like me, Crush 40 is hard rock band most known for their contributions to video game soundtracks, most notably the Sonic franchise.

If you keep up with some of the more cursory Rock Band rumors-that-should-have-been, you may have heard that this band was initially lined up to be featured in Rock Band at one point. In fact, they even mentioned on their Facebook page that it was almost certainly happening (image via GoNintendo)…

Unfortunately, Crush 40 never made it to Rock Band. There were many parties involved with trying to make Crush 40 in Rock Band happen, but sometimes these things fall through. RBA contributor Brian Shea (also of TheHeroFeed.com and VideoGameWriters.com) had written up a pretty thorough piece for Examiner.com last year, which I highly recommend you check out if you are interested in some of the finer details in what actually happened.

There’s always hope that one day Crush 40 may be in Rock Band, and the video below is an example of what that may look like.

As always, drop us a line directly or in the comments if there is any custom songs you would like to see featured here (YouTube links help, also).

76 Responses to “What If… Crush 40 – “Open Your Heart””

  • Lowlander2 says:

    Would buy.

  • HeXcoda says:

    First I was like “Wut? Who? Why do I care about this?”

    Then I clicked play.


    Now I haz a sad because I won’t get to play this song in Rock Band.

  • MagicMurderBag7 says:

    Poor Ozone

  • Cian says:

    I would love to see some of the songs Crush40 did for the Sonic games in RB. It’s a pity things didn’t work out with Ozone Entertainment.

    Now for a what if I’d like to see.


    • VolTRH says:

      I’d like that as well, but I’d like “Fuwa Fuwa Time” more.

      • Cian says:

        I’d just like all the main songs from the show myself. But if I had to choose just one it would probably be “Cagayake! Girls” or “Fuwa Fuwa Time”.

        • VolTRH says:

          I want pretty much every song from that anime, but I would agree that those would be my top priority.

      • BravoGangUS says:

        Fuwa Fuwa Time would be an amazing addition 😀 Would be my first pick if I had to choose one from the anime, followed by No Thank You

        • Cian says:

          I sometimes dream I’m playing a Rock Band dedicated to Houkago Teatime. I call it: K-On! Rock Band. But yeah No Thank You would be awesome too.

  • VolTRH says:


    But “Live and Learn” is the obviously superior song.

  • Goldskarr says:

    It Doesn’t Matter or Knight Of The Wind or gtfo. e_e

  • Faint Puppet says:


  • iAmHammett says:


    ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻


    Oh well.

    I actually rebought Sonic Adventure DX on the XBLA recently and it’s still pretty good… I suppose. But, man, it was so awesome back in the day and the music STILL kicks so much arse.

    Supposedly Sega is the main dudes keeping this from happening. Screw ’em.

  • Cactaur says:

    I’ve got the perfect song for the next what if


  • William Suckin says:

    This song as DLC, and I could die as a happy man….

    … oh, no, waitwait, “Live And Learn” from Sonic Adventure 2 please!! 🙂

  • ROMaster2 says:

    “Live and Learn”
    “Open Your Heart”
    “Escape from the City”

    Crush 40 01

    Make it happen

  • Aptiva says:

    They still say they’re working on it with someone else though… o:

  • VolTRH says:

    Since I already said how I felt about this, I’ll leave you with what I’d like.


    /shameless plug

  • DVDSmith says:

    Great chart and incredibly fun to play – shame the author of that chart won’t make it available to the public.

    I’m currently working on a full-band custom of Live & Learn that is 95% done. Maybe down the line when I make a video you could feature it in a future What If segment.

  • RickC says:

    Guitar chart looks like a lot of fun. Song is rather generic, though. I just listened to it and yet I cannot remember a single thing about it.

  • MaximusDM says:

    Curious if Sega profits from Crush 40 or they Crush 40 fully owns their own songs. I’d imagine its the latter because Sonic has been in the shitter for a long while and if they could get some money off of this, I’m sure they would.

    • The Sound Defense says:

      Sega owns all the rights, I’ve already asked Crush 40 about it. Ozone would have gotten these songs done ages ago if Sega wasn’t involved.

  • FT says:

    Dear god I’d buy this immediatly… with Sonic Adventure being one of my all time favourites & this being one epic song that rounds off one of the best game soundtracks I’ve ever heard; I would love to play it on RB!

  • Epsilon says:

    Oh God…talk about memories. I didn’t know the name of the band off hand, but damned if I don’t still have virtually the entire Sonic Adventure soundtrack embedded in my brain even though I haven’t played . Just the words “Open Your Heart” sent the guitar riff through my brain.

    I actually played this and a few of their other songs a couple years ago when I was tinkering around with Frets on Fire. My favorite song from that scene, though, was an OC Remix based on Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (called “Little Mac’s Confession” or something like that.) Epic beyond words.

    Yeah, any of this stuff would be insta-buy for me.

    • Goldskarr says:

      Little Mac’s Confession? Hmm. In case you’re curious, the guys who did it, Game Over, have more songs to listen to… and they’re pretty damn good. I think their website is either NESmetal.com or NintendoMetal.com.

      • Joe Cam says:

        Wire, the singer, is sexy as hell too.
        She got drunk with my wife and I a few years back. I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about anything else that night though.

        Wish they did more music. Love Game Over.

  • xX666Xx says:

    Crush 40!! I’d buy every fucking song by them!

    One of their songs I really like is “What I’m Made Of.” The Metal Sonic boss battle theme from Sonic Heroes.

  • Omancer says:

    It’s about time someone mentioned Crush 40, they’re looooooooong overdue for at least one song in RB. Hope this happens.

  • FoxForever says:

    Ever since I replayed Sonic Adventure Battle 2 I wanted Crush40 in RB.

  • Xanadu says:

    Crush 40/Sonic 3 pack would be amazing.

    “Open Your Heart”
    “Live and Learn”
    “What I’m Made of”

    Or just Live and Learn would be fine.

  • Srt4john says:

    So, I am a little confused. I pay the $100/year fee for xna creators club, link it with my xbox live gold subscription and that will give me access to peer review these customs locally(can’t be played online, etc)? Anything else I am missing, cause I would love to get in on this, don’t mind paying the $100/year fee, but really am not musically inclined enough to make my own music. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • The Sound Defense says:

      That’s all you need. You can actually get a one-year free trial to the XNA if you’re in school, through the MSDN. Contact your IT department.

      • Srt4john says:

        Thanks so much for the info. Unfortunately, I don’t go to college, or have access to a dotedu email address to score a one year freebie.

  • TalkinDirty says:

    Crush 40 has great instrumentals, but I don’t know if I could stomach singing this entire song. Don’t get me wrong, Johnny has great vocals, but the lyrics are so terrible…watching the vapid words fly by as I belt them out might be a little too painful to bear. If they have an American singer in their band, then why can’t they come up with more riveting lyrics? In some places, it’s even worse than Yngwie’s lyrics…

    • DVD Smith says:

      The lyrics on their first album were written by Jun Senoue and translated directly from Japanese, that’s why they’re so odd. Later songs like What I’m Made of and Live & Learn have far better lyrics.

  • deathmonkey2k5 says:

    holy shitballs that was epic

  • Hines says:

    Is there a precedent for charting whammys on a real guitar as trills in RB? Just wondering.

  • Name2Come says:

    NOT impressed with the browser-jacking pop-up ads, rockbandaide.com. If that was intentional and not some sort of spam hack you’ve lost yourself a reader. I understand the need for ad revenue, but when you make it off being hostile to your readers, that’s not going to end well.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Considering you’ve never visited the site before site, doesn’t sound like I’ve had a reader, anyway. This site doesn’t use “browser-jacking pop-up ads.” If you have a pop-up, sounds like you have yourself some nice malware, as no one has ever and will ever received a pop-up on this site.

      • Cian says:

        I actually know what he is talking about. I visited earlier yesterday and had this giant ad pop up blocking the contents of the site. I figured something was just up on my end or maybe there was a hack, so I ignored it and exited the site. Came back later and everything was fine though.

        • RockBandAide says:

          There should NEVER be anything like that on the site. There’s only one ad on the site (on the right sidebar) which generates so little revenue, it’s practically useless. If there IS a pop-up occuring, then I will have to revisit the company that provides the service. If this happens again, please let me know ASAP, as I’m not putting up with that crap.

      • VolTRH says:

        Yeah, I experienced the same thing a couple days ago. It said something like “you were chosen to participate in our poll”. I’m not entirely sure, but it did prevent me from seeing anything on this site.

        • RockBandAide says:

          If this happens again, try to take a screenshot so I can report back to the service provider. I’ve gone in and blocked the ads that appeared over the last few days, but if I go back with evidence, then it would be that more helpful.

  • Grant says:


    Do this for your next “What If…”?

  • tommy123 says:

    What if… You give us some real news. Im suprised anyone cares.

  • QuestionMark says:

    Okay… I think this is a great feature and I love that RBA has been responsive about featuring this heavily requested song for it.

    That said, holy cow, Sonic fans are weird. This is (IMO) highly mediocre generic-rock. In fact, the whole universe of Sonic fandom puzzles me. The vast majority of the games are sub-par (since the last decade, at least), the comics were bland, the animated show dull…none of it is that bad, just extremely mediocre. And yet the Sonic fans clamor for this stuff!

    Sorry, I’m really not trying to troll Sonic lovers. It just puzzles me that the following the universe has seems to be out of whack with its popularity.

  • Oddbrother says:

    I may be a little optimistic about this. But it would be quite a miracle if SEGA invented their own rhythm game that combined all the others… And if it succeeded.