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DLC for 8/23
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DLC for 8/23

For reals, this time. While we can safely assume by process of elimination that next week we should be seeing the much talked about Incubus pack, we still haven’t been able to mark it as an official announcement. Hopefully we will be seeing more than just a three, so let’s find out…

  • Incubus – Adolescents
  • Incubus – Pardon Me *
  • Incubus – Wish You Were Here

* Denotes Pro-Guitar/Bass chart availability for $.99.

[Official announcement]

72 Responses to “DLC for 8/23”

  • Chris says:

    Hmm. Was hoping for some singles along with it.

    • Joe Cam says:

      Same here. Not too excited about the pack lineup either. I want some more old school Incubus before they turned into radio friendly soccer mom rock.
      Give me some New Skin or Certain Shade of Green.

  • Jason R. says:

    People certainly like this band, so congrats to them. I will probably skip this.

  • Doom878 says:

    Not a huge fan but wife is

  • Vulcanjedi42 says:

    Hmm. Thought for sure we’d at least get that EMF song. Oh well.

  • Mat says:

    Shame not to get a couple of singles to go with it, and still kinda sad not to have gotten the other tracks that were initially reported from the Twitter leak (Stellar especially), but I’ll enjoy Pardon Me for sure.

    • Toad3000 says:

      Agreed. Stellar was a definite insta-buy for me. I still enjoy Pardon Me, but probably won’t bother with the others.

  • Ziggy XNA MVP says:

    One more pro song yay 😛

  • Beckett says:


    A band that I don’t hate, don’t like. In fact I don’t think anything of them at all. Their music is so bland and boring that it provokes no emotional response whatsoever, flying right under the radar and crash landing in the Fields of Mediocrity.

    • timmm says:

      I’m with you. There are people who obsess about this band. I don’t get it at ALL.

    • doughoef says:

      I agree completely. Lame band, lame week. Seems like HMX is aiming right at that audience that likes radio-friendly, uninspired sound alike bands- Maroon 5, POD, Puddle of Mudd, now Incubus. What’s next? Creed? Heaven forbid we get something fresh and new post-2000 like Interpol or The National or Arcade Fire.

      • FoxForever says:

        Woah hey man, there’s nothing wrong with Maroon 5.

      • Croq says:

        We need MOAR Creed!!! And I’d love more Interpol too!

      • RBGHfam says:

        😀 I like all of the bands you mentioned except Maroon5, and POD, not much use for either of them. Arcade Fire would of course be awesome and very expensive to license (how about the whole funeral album).

        I used to have the same opinion of incubus as you all. I have listened to them lately, and the singer has a much better voice than I originally thought. A lot of the stuff they don’t play on the radio is very good. The new album is a little adult alternative, so if your into metal you probably won’t care for it. However singers should enjoy the new song Adolescents ALOT! and the other two songs.

      • Toad3000 says:

        Hey, I’ll go along with radio-friendly and uninspired, but there is nothing sound-alike about POD, Maroon 5, Puddle of Mudd, and Incubus (and you forgot 3 Doors Down!). But I think HMX has been doing a pretty good job of mixing up the bland with the great lately.

        • doughoef says:

          Oh yeah, 3 Doors Down. Pretty much the ultimate in bland and uninspired. There is WAY better music out there than all the bands you mentioned. It is really sad to me that Harmonix, being made up of many musicians themselves, isn’t more hip to what’s good and new out there.

          • RockBandAide says:

            So you assume Harmonix only puts “good” music in the game, rather than what’s popular and sells well?

            First, “good music” is a relative term. No two people are going to like the same thing. What you think is good, others may think is terrible, and vice versa. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just personal preference. Faulting people because they don’t like the same thing you like isn’t cool.

            And second, critical success is not synonymous with commercial success. With Harmonix being a business that puts out weekly digital content, we shouldn’t be surprised that they often release content that is popular over content that is “good and new.” Hopefully it can be both, but that’s probably going to be the exception.

            While people like you and I may look at DLC like this and say “Ugh… pass,” we’re probably in the minority. There’s a reason why Lady Gaga outsold Pantera and Foo Fighters, and it has nothing to do with which has “better” music.

          • doughoef says:

            It is possible to put out something that is both critically acclaimed and sells well, like Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” album for example. Harmonix really needs to mix it up more in my opinion.

          • RockBandAide says:

            I’m not saying it’s not. But that’s not going to happen every week. Like I said, that’s going to be the exception versus releasing content that is popular across current and potential customers.

            Also, bands like this sometimes have a “too cool for school” attitude, and getting licensing rights may be more difficult versus a band like the Foo Fighters, who don’t take themselves as serious.

            Again, I’m all for Arcade Fire! My iPhone’s full of ’em! I’m just not expecting every week of DLC to blow me away (like this week).

      • Riley says:

        Funny enough, all the bands you labeled as generic are really fun and upbeat to me, and the bands you want like interpol and arcade fire are slow, boring, and extremely chordy to me. Arcade fire is one of two bands I can’t stand, and I already ripped my hair out over death cab for cutie

        • RickC says:

          I don’t like Maroon 5, POD, Puddle of Mudd, (post-SCIENCE) Incubus, 3 Doors Down, Fall Out Boy, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, or Arcade Fire. And I do not like Muse, either. Do I win this week’s bitching contest? 🙂

          • J-Dawg says:

            No, you do not. “Don’t like” is not strong enough – you need to stick to wild absolutes, like “Your music taste is WRONG and here’s why!” and “Band X sucks and you’re an idiot if you like them! Rabblerabblerabble” You have to let the reader know that you know what’s right about music and, good golly, everyone else is as clueless as a day-old babe, especially those people who like older music and are not as “hip” as you.

            I give you a B+ – raised for saying you dislike Muse, which goes against every RB fan’s innate need for moar myooz.

            (I’m not a fan of any of Maroon 5, POD, Puddle of Mudd, 3 Doors Down, Fall Out Boy, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, or Arcade Fire either (note the subtle removal of Incubus from the list (I still doubt I’ll get this pack – not a fan of any of these songs)))

        • King Arthur says:

          It’s all a matter of taste. What’s fun and upbeat to one person is vapid and shallow to another.

      • Hines says:

        I haven’t listened to everything Incubus has put out, but I never thought I would hear someone describe them as bland (not sure if ‘bland’ qualifies as a relative term or not). I can even hear some prog influences in there at times. I know the song was super popular, but Pardon Me has a pretty cool bass line, especially during the verse. The drums are also enjoyable to me as well. It’ll probably be the first song that I pick up in months.

  • Dan says:

    Can’t believe we get an Incubus pack and nothing off SCIENCE.

    • Shadrach says:

      I can. The band themselves doesn’t play much off that album lately. And way more of their current fanbase didn’t hear of them until the Make Yourself era.

      I’m not saying I wouldn’t love tracks off SCIENCE, I’m just not surprised at the lack of them.

    • unsub823 says:

      If this pack was New Skin, Vitamin, and a Certain Shade of Green I would have instantly bought it. I enjoy Incubus (I own all their albums), but I would rather play their songs that have a little more oomph. Maybe from more current songs they could have picked Megalomaniac and/or Anna Molly.

  • Plutarch says:

    Not a huge fan, but “Pardon Me” is a cool song that I will get.

  • FoxForever says:

    Oh well, a week where my wallet can rest before it gets torn to shreds by RHCP.

  • RickC says:

    I can no longer get too upset about DLC weeks I do not like. After RB3 came out in late October 2010, I think it was a good 7 months before anything really excited me. I was starting to get seriously frustrated. But between Ozzy, Avenged Sevenfold, System Of a Down, Soundgarden, Yes, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, RHCP in a couple weeks, and (maybe!) 25+ tracks of Pearl Jam on the way, it has really turned around. I guess this stuff ebbs and flows. And one person’s ebbs are another person’s flow.

  • Conriocht13 says:

    Ever since this got “downgraded” to a 3-pack (I know, the 5-pack was never officially announced), I was hoping this would be joined by singles or another pack. I know only 3 songs shouldn’t be that disappointing following a week of only 4, and we do have a pretty significant 8 pack next week. But even though I like the band and while likely get this, I’m a bit let down by this week. 🙁 And no Stellar just sucks (I have this dream of eventually having the entire GH1 track list in RB).

  • samjjones says:

    Weak week

  • Dustinator says:

    Might get the 3 pack. Love older Incubus so the earlier tracks are cool.

    This week is like when Stone Sour was released. Just a three pack. Nothing wrong with that, we’re just spoiled is all 🙂

  • QuestionMark says:

    I’ll cop to feeling spoiled that it’s only a 3-pack. I’d love more Incubus, especially since I don’t exactly love the new song. Still, it’s probably very likely that they’ll get at least another pack eventually.

    And yeah, the fact that a rhcp EIGHT pack is impending does soften the blow a bit.

  • smacd says:


    no other singles? Guess I’ll save some money for the RHCP the following week.

  • firedoom666 says:

    final the Incubus pack is released I wanted more for a long time. Only if it was a bigger pack…

  • xX666Xx says:

    Lame week. 3 tracks is fucking pathetic!

    Oh well, at least I can look forward to RHCP the following week.

    • ComplicitOwl says:

      Yeah, 3 tracks sucks! I’m gonna go check out what Guitar Hero is putting out this week.

      Nothing. Let me check on the other games that push out weekly official DLC on top of user-made content.

      No one.

  • the Dave says:

    Way too many elitist attitudes regarding DLC lately. Music is subjective. I hate it when someone says that “random band” sucks. We all like different things. Harmonix is a company who’s goal is to make money. The fact that they have been releasing more radio friendly stuff is a no brainer. I’m sure alot of these so called “bad bands” would out sell other bands like Arcade Fire. There has been alot of stuff lately that I’ve liked and some I haven’t. In general I think Harmonix has been doing really good lately and hope they continue to do so. After all we can’t all be haters.

    • Paul says:

      I think Arcade Fire would probably sell horribly. I just can’t see anyone but the Rock Band diehards buying their stuff.

      I mean, I like the band, but let’s face it: the radio friendly stuff translates to the game better most of the time.

    • FoxForever says:

      Yeah I agree with music being subjective. I hate hearing some days that certain bands I like suck and aren’t as good as “X”. It’s all about perception. There is a popular opinion but that doesn’t make it right or wrong. I’m personally on the fence with Incubus but there has been at least one song every week since RB3 launch that I’ve wanted save a few times.

  • RBGHfam says:

    No need to bitch about DLC. I’m sure in September after RHCP they will be releasing Pink Floyd’s the Wall, Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti, Radiohead’s OK Computer followed up by a greatest hits pack from Eminem since they are making so much $$ off of….Dance Central?…oh wait 😀

    • ComplicitOwl says:

      They ARE making money off of Dance Central, AND Rock Band DLC(not to mention the free money they get from RBN).

      • RBGHfam says:

        My point being, they are making more on Dance Central than Rockband from what I’ve read and heard. So they need to spend responsibly/set up the packs well to justify the licensing cost. When you go to a concert does the band play nothing but their old hit songs?…no, they want you to like and buy the new stuff too.

        I just can’t believe the amount of people complaining that incubus didn’t include stellar in the pack or the fact they are charging full price for the 3rd song adolescents (which I personally think is the best of the 3 anyway). Not to mention, they aren’t forcing a whole pack purchase.

        The two 3 packs is a good way to get people to buy all 6 (2nd pack I assume at some point) songs, instead of cherry picking the 3 or 4 they like.

  • dlauthor says:

    Enough of an Incubus agnostic not to have realized that both Pardon Me and Wish You Were Here were in fact by the same band, but like the songs so there’s a decent chance I’ll get them. Not sure about the other one; have to give it another listen or two. It’s not like the Def Leppard pack where the current-album track was essentially free, and I need a few points to put toward getting Soy Bomb.

  • Mavwick says:

    Nobody’s talking about that new track? ‘Adolescents’ is the best song I’ve ever heard from them. It’s got some great production behind it, even if the refrain sounds a little bland. When I first heard it on the radio, I almost mistook it for indie favorite Jack Conte. Could be really fun on keys.

  • Metamario says:

    This is awesome! I’m getting Pardon Me and WYWH for sure, don’t know about the new track…

  • Jason2087 says:

    God remember when this is all we used to get? 3 songs a week, and if you didn’t get what you wanted you had to wait another week for only 3 more songs. That sucked and I’m glad they got away from that, but weeks like these reminds me of how lame HMX used to be with their DLC output. Every once and a while they throw a 3 song week at us, but next is 8 so that’s good.

    • Epsilon says:

      Yeah, I definitely remember that, and that was how I justified DLC whoring to myself. “Eh…six bucks a week, that’s no big deal.” Then six bucks turned into 20 some weeks, and I still bought everything. Finally started picking and choosing when the Toby Keith pack came out (that was the last straw.) I don’t regret all the money I sunk into the game (I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth), but every once in a while it’s a relief not to be tempted to drop 10-15 bucks in a given week.

  • WAWA says:

    I really wish they could have put some deeper cuts in, but we all know that the radio dongs will sell the most…
    I’m still happy they finally got some DLC!

  • citric_bullets says:

    I didn’t like the new Incubus album at all, but luckily Adolescents is much better than the rest of the album. And obviously Pardon Me and WYWH are both awesome.

  • Lord Mhoram says:

    This is the longest gap for me in RB for a very long time. Didn’t like the Fall Out Boy and the Deep Purple single isn’t a favorite, meh on Incubus, and can’t stand the RHCP.

    Three weeks with no HMX DLC – it’s been years.

    Thank heaven for the RBN. 🙂

  • Star Man says:

    Cool, I think a lot of people will be happy but I will pass this week.

  • eyescovered says:

    getting the pack for sure. can’t believe all the Incubus hate. i’m not the biggest fan or anything, but they do write some catchy songs! Pardon Me is a great song!

  • blaze122 says:

    Awwww no Obstacle 1!?!? That is one of my all time favorite songs!

  • Sgt. Stutter says:

    lol guy with dreadlocks has a derp face ^_^

  • SubPrime says:

    I’m not a fan of the way they tend to bundle these songs. They’ll put a few classics that I want and then they’ll throw in a new song to promote that I don’t really want.

    Up until now, I’ve been saying, I’ll get the 3-pack. I’ll say $0.50 on the other song, so it isn’t too bad, and that way I only have one file to download. (Yes, I’m that lazy.)

    However, now I’m getting to the point that I have so many songs, I don’t play them very often. It seems that I should start cherry picking the songs that I want instead of getting the whole pack. So for this, I’d get 2/3. For next week, I’ll get 5/8 RHCP and I’ll feel a little dissatisfied with the situation.

    I understand that bands and labels may want to push the new stuff out. I think in the case of Incubus I would have been much happier with a 3-pack which didn’t include Adolescents, but included Stellar. I think Adolescents as a single for a (promotional) price $1 would be awesome. This way people could get their classics and try new stuff without having the feeling that it’s being forced upon them.

    • samjjones says:

      You already pointed out why they go with the “packaging” strategy. Lots of us just buy the pack to get the discount. I have no problem with this strategy.

      In fact, I’m thinking that’s why the Incubus pack got split, since they can package two songs and the single in Pack 01, and then sell the two other songs that people preferred to the new single as single tracks. A 5 track pack would be a bigger discount than a 3 song pack and two singles. That’s more $$$ in HMX and their partners’ pocket. I can’t quibble with that strategy.

      • SubPrime says:

        I’m new to commenting on sites. FYI, I wrote a reply to you, but I didn’t click in the right spot. It’s posted as the next comment instead of being nested as a proper reply.

  • SubPrime says:

    I understand that a lot of people just buy the pack. Until now, I have been one of them. However, this strategy results in some resentment from me. I think they’d be better off with more promotional singles to advertise new stuff. The only example that I can think of is Saints of Los Angles by Mötley Crüe. I’m not a huge Mötley Crüe fan, but I figured for $1, I’ll give it a shot and it seems like a lot of other people felt that way too because it was easy to find other people who had this DLC when playing online.

    I’m not sure what you mean by:
    “A 5 track pack would be a bigger discount than a 3 song pack and two singles. That’s more $$$ in HMX and their partners’ pocket. I can’t quibble with that strategy.”

    The 3-pack save (not say) me about $0.50 over three songs for a discount of 8.3%. What would the discount be on the 5-track pack? Three-packs aren’t that expensive. It’s easier for me to say I’ll get the 3-pack and deal with the one song that I don’t like than it is to get an 8-pack and deak with the 2.5 songs that I don’t like. (For RHCP, I like 5, and kinda like one song. Two I don’t care for, so I consider it 5.5/8, which is a very similar ratio to 2/3.) If the pack becomes larger, people may want a larger percentage discount. RHCP is discounted 15.6%, so if people were going to buy it as a 3-pack and a 5-pack or two 4 packs, or whatever, they’ve getting less money. If people were on the fence and they got the pack, they pack helped. If they only wanted a few and they made the pack too large, then people only get singles and spend much less.

    I imagine that there are many of factors for the RB DLC buying population that affect their decisions. I just wanted to state that the inclusion of a few new songs with older songs bothers me a little. I’m left with an aftertaste that something has been forced onto me. This has been bothering me for a long time but I’ve never bothered to complain about it. The more I think about it, I think I’m only getting Pardon Me tomorrow. (This may partially be because it’s the only one with Pro-Guitar, but that’s a completely different rant that I will not get into today.)

    In summary, to me it seems a little silly to bundle things these way. I understand that bundling and discounts play a huge factor in sales, but I don’t like the way they are doing it. It seems like for something with an infinitesimal unit cost, they could come up with a better way to market it.

    • RockBandAide says:

      The bundling of old(er) favorites with new releases for DLC is nothing new, and goes back to the beginning of the franchise. Typically, licensing arrangements for DLC are only granted because of the promotion of newer material via Rock Band.

      With one exception (Ozzy), you are always free to cherry pick the songs you like. As we always say, you’re not forced to buy DLC.

      • SubPrime says:

        I understand that it is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it is right. If I keep on buying these 3-packs then I’m just giving in to them, and I think I’m going to have to speak with my wallet and change my buying habits.

        BTW, RBA, I love the site.

        • RockBandAide says:


          I’m a big advocate of speaking with one’s wallet. There’s a lot of “noise” within the community, and I think the best way a message gets through is the one that impacts their bottom line, rather than (for example) “Johnny YouTube” calling Bruno Mars a bad name.

  • Grant says:

    They need more indie rock. But not the slow shit like Fleet Foxes and Death Cab for Cutie. The stuff with an edge. Post-punk revival indie rock. Arctic Monkeys, The Pigeon Detectives, (more) The Strokes, The Rapture, The Cribs, Late of the Pier, Two Door Cinema Club, Klaxons, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The Airborne Toxic Event, Funeral Party, MGMT, Milburn, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Vaccines, The Wombats, 1990s.