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Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
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Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s

“Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s” (released as “Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s” in Europe) was the third and final Harmonix-developed Guitar Hero game, released in July 2007. Despite the previous title, Guitar Hero II, being released on the Xbox 360, “Rocks the 80s” was solely released on the PS2.

As the name suggests, “Rocks the 80s” was an expansion as opposed to a full-fledged sequel, and as such saw no new gameplay changes from Guitar Hero II (the Xbox 360 version of which was released a mere three months prior), featured a much smaller number of songs and was released at a slightly lower price point. Harmonix had already been acquired by Viacom before the release of the game, and this third title fulfilled their contractual requirements with Red Octane and Activision, allowing them to move on and create the Rock Band franchise, while a new Activision-owned developer, Neversoft, took the reigns of the Guitar Hero series.

“Rocks the 80s'” setlist only included thirty songs, with no additional bonus songs – which makes the game only the third Harmonix-developed project not to include any music from Harmonix employees (alongside Karaoke Revolution Vol. 2 and 3). Again, as the game’s name suggests, the setlist comprised exclusively of 80’s songs, excluding one parody by fictional glam metal band Limozeen – created by internet cartoon Homestar Runner, the same group behind Strong Bad Guitar Hero II track Trogdor. Like the two previous games, the majority of the songs are covers created by WaveGroup, although five of them are the master recordings.

Interestingly, two of the songs – Krokus’ Ballroom Blitz and White Lion’s Radar Love – are actually covers of 70’s songs. While neither version has appeared in Rock Band, both of the original versions – by Sweet and Golden Earring, respectively – are available in the Rock Band library. Though to be precise, the Sweet version of Ballroom Blitz featured in the original Rock Band is in fact a cover version.

As noted in the previous Setlist Checklist post (and all future posts, as well), Rock Band 3’s setlist creation tool allows us to create, save, and share setlists, so we have included a Rock Band 3 setlist below that you can save to your profile if you would like to check out any or all of the songs! And as the holes are continually filled in by Rock Band’s weekly DLC releases, we will update this post, and keep it linked in the FAQ page above, for future reference.

Main Setlist

Spanning just one decade, the majority of the songs are either glam or metal, but also include punk, rock and new wave tracks. Of the game’s 30-song setlist, 16 are currently available in Rock Band, or 53%. If you were to to include the two original versions of the covers mentioned above, that percentage would be 60%. The songs included in the main setlist are included directly below.

ArtistSongDate inRock Band
.38 SpecialHold on Loosely *11/30/2010
AcceptBalls to the Wall *N/A
AnthraxCaught in a Mosh *10/26/2010
AsiaHeat of the Moment *N/A
Billy SquierLonely is the Night *N/A
Dead KennedysPolice Truck *11/18/2008
DioHoly Diver *09/14/2010
Eddie MoneyShakin' *N/A
ExtremePlay With Me *N/A
Faster PussycatBathroom Wall *N/A
A Flock of SeagullsI Ran (So Far Away)10/09/2012
The Go Go'sWe Got the Beat *09/14/2008
Iron MaidenWrathchild *N/A
Judas PriestElectric Eye04/22/2008
KrokusBallroom Blitz *N/A
LimozeenBecause, It's Midnite N/A
Oingo BoingoOnly a Lad *N/A
PoisonAin't Nothin' But a Good Time *06/28/2011
The PoliceSynchronicity II *11/20/2007
Quiet Riot(Bang Your Head) Metal Health *08/28/2012
RATTRound and Round *09/14/2008
The RomanticsWhat I Like About You *04/26/2016
ScandalThe Warrior10/06/2015
ScorpionsNo One Like You *10/06/2015 **
Skid Row18 and Life *N/A
Twisted SisterI Wanna RockN/A
The VaporsTurning Japanese *07/05/2011
White LionRadar Love *N/A
WingerSeventeen *N/A
XLos Angeles *03/23/2010

* Denotes a cover song in the original title.
** Denotes a re-recorded version of the track.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Main Setlist for Rock Band 3

40 Responses to “Setlist Checklist: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s”

  • JizzleWright says:

    We don’t really have Ballroom Blitz on Rock Band we have the original not the Krokus version :/

    • RockBandAide says:

      … which was included in the article above. 😉

    • James! says:

      And both original versions are better than the ones in this game.

      • Mavwick says:

        I couldn’t disagree more with Ballroom Blitz. I grew up hearing the 80s covers more until the later 90s. Pull together the Wayne’s World Soundtrack for me!
        Radar Love’s original is better, but I’d still love to have the 80s one. I think a lot of us would pay good money to get the entire GH:80s soundtrack in our Rock Band libraries.

  • ComplicitOwl says:

    A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away) N/A

    A tear for the fallen. ;__;

  • Jake says:

    Just loved 18 and Life.. Skid Row <3

    • TSarcasm says:

      18 and Life, Youth Gone Wild, and I Remember You would be the pack that would make me cry man tears.

  • Edu says:

    Scorpions “No one like you”… amazing track!!!!

  • theKingsy says:

    No “The Warrior,” No “Seventeen,” NO DICE! hahaha

  • Rick says:

    RB3 needs to add all of these! Especially Asia, Eddie Money, Scorpions, Winger, White Lion, Quiet Riot, The Romantics and Skid Row.

  • QuestionMark says:

    When I first saw the setlist for this game, I blanched. I’m not a big metal fan (though have since come to appreciate it in the context of RB), so this game held VERY little appeal to me. It’s the only HMX made Guitar Hero that I never played, so it doesn’t really hold any nostalgia value for me.

    The only holdout tracks that I must have on RB are A Flock of Seagulls and the Romantics. Wouldn’t mind Oingo Boingo either.

  • I keep hoping we’ll get some Oingo Boingo into Rock Band.

  • toymachine says:

    Seventeen is one of the best charts Harmonix has ever authored

  • Gouki says:

    I beg for “Play With Me”….my favorite song off the GH 80’s.

  • Dustinator says:

    I never realized how many of these 80’s songs I actually have. And if HMX released all these songs, I’d get ALL of em except for one or two tracks. C’mon HMX…..make it happen

  • Schlagwerk says:

    Definitely need I Wanna Rock and I Ran (So Far Away). Off to the request page…

  • RickC says:

    Way before my time as I only started with Rock Band 2 in early 2010. They could bring this entire disc to RB3 and I would buy the whole thing. Harmonies would work great for the “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh” part in “Balls To The Walls”. I have loved that song ever since I saw it on Headbangers Ball back in the Adam Curry days. One of the great songs of the 1980’s. And the so-totally-painfully-obviously-fake Udo Dirkschneider on the wrecking ball at the end of the video – that is hard to top!

  • Matt says:

    This was the best setlist in any of the music games. I REALLY wish harmonix would step up their game in releasing this whole setlist in Rock Band. Some choices are particularly baffling that they arent included in RB yet, esspecailly now that we have keys and harmonies, two HUGE factors in many of these 80s songs.

    Heat of the Moment, I Ran, Seventeen, Play With Me, and just about damn near every song needs to be made its way to RB.

  • Dogmatic says:

    Bought this day one and got tired of it after two weeks.

  • Brian says:

    I wish Rock band would get some Oingo Boingo.

  • Obsoleteshock says:

    Masters from this era seem especially sketchy. Combine that with the (somewhat easing) distaste for hair metal, and I wouldn’t count on much more than 50% of this list to ever make it into RB.

  • Numskull says:

    Asia is one of the most conspicuous absences from the Rock Band platform, especially now that we have keyboards. Their debut album seems like a really obvious choice for a DLC release.

  • eddy9524 says:

    Harmonix Should release the rest of these song as a “Rock the 80’s Track Pack” that’d be sweet

  • Paul Rogers says:

    I want them all!!!

  • Deca says:

    Huh, I didn’t realize Los Angeles was dlc.

    Seventeen needs to return 🙁

  • Toothball says:

    Oh right, I thought this version was outsourced rather than being developed by Harmonix. I guess I should keep an eye out for a copy for posterity.

  • doughoef says:

    I would take a pass on the rest if they were offered as DLC.

  • Toad3000 says:

    I think I’ve said it before in other threads on this site, but I would buy virtually all songs from Rocks the 80s if they were made available as DLC in RB. Only ones I don’t really care for are Bathroom Wall, Balls to the Wall, and Because, It’s Midnite (I’d much rather have Trogdor, thanks, this song didn’t do much for me gameplay-wise). But for completionists’ sake, I might buy those anyway…

  • Limozeen – “Because, It’s Midnite” isn’t an 80’s song either. It’s a pseudo 80’s song, made for the pack.

    • Edd says:

      “Again, as the game’s name suggests, the setlist comprised exclusively of 80′s songs, excluding one parody by fictional glam metal band Limozeen”

  • mazegeek999 says:

    It would be awesome to have “Seventeen” on Rock Band. Such a great song!

  • PADDYO says:

    Billy Squire is an artist I completely forgot about. Having a good ol’ time straight up rock and roll along the lines of Mellencamp and Bob Seger… Those three guys would be good for at LEAST a six pack of DLC, I’d say. Call it The Heartland Midwest Cockrock Block… Or not. 🙂

  • Beckett says:

    The only two on that list that I really still want that we don’t have are Wrathchild and Play With Me.