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Rock Band Reaches 3,000 Songs, Celebrates with DLC Giveaway!
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Rock Band Reaches 3,000 Songs, Celebrates with DLC Giveaway!

So we’ve reached yet again another milestone with the Rock Band DLC library. With the addition of this week’s Yes DLC, we have now surpassed 3,000 unique songs playable in Rock Band! Three THOUSAND. That really is a ridiculous amount. While Rock Band will assuredly never catch the quantity of music available via digital retailers like iTunes, 3,000 songs has to be enough to surely establish the franchise as a more than just a “video game,” and something more like an institution.

Similar to how we had performed in the past (and probably will do shortly again in the future), Harmonix pulled together a short list of facts about the current Rock Band library. There have been 193 weeks of consistent DLC, starting on November 20th, 2007. 1,264 of the 3,000 song library came to us courtesy of RBN since the doors opened on March, 4 2010. The 3,000 songs represent the works of more than 900 bands and span 27 different genres. And more than 100 million songs have been sold through the Rock Band Music Store!

And Rock Band is celebrating this milestone by giving away 3,000 Xbox 360 OR Playstation 3 tracks to 30 lucky fans who will each win 100 songs of their choice. For a chance to win, enter in one of three ways:

By entering any one of the three ways above (or all three!), you’re entered to win 100 codes for Rock Band songs on Xbox 360. Enter by 11:59 pm on Thursday, July 28th for your chance!

[Official rules]

53 Responses to “Rock Band Reaches 3,000 Songs, Celebrates with DLC Giveaway!”

  • Thales says:

    ok its always like that: never mind about the ps3 rock band players…

  • Game B says:

    😀 Woohoo, free songs to win !

    “Eligibility: This Sweepstakes is open only to natural persons who are residents of one of the 50 States of the United States of America or the District of Columbia. ”

    🙁 Damn…

    • Ben says:

      yep, yet again Harmonix screws with the Worldwide fans. Seriously I don’t know why they bother to release their games worldwide if they constantly cater to only Americans. It’s not websites such as this one or the actual fans of the game that need to go the extra mile to get some of these perks, it’s the company that releases and makes the games. Xbox and PS3 are both released worldwide as well, so it should be opened to everyone, not just Americans.

      I’m getting very fed up with this, either everyone has a shot or nobody does… As time goes on, i’m heading more and more towards never giving HMX another dime until they spread the love.

      • smacd says:

        First, Do you realize that its a lot more difficult for them to handle the legalities of other nations? Harmonix is an American company. Second, lots of people who enter, even in the US, won’t win either… so is everyone who doesn’t win a freebie “screwed”?

        Get over yourself and your sense of entitlement. If you don’t like that you aren’t eligible to win, you are fully capable of emigrating to where you can, if it means so much to you. Otherwise you’re just another whiner.

      • RockBandAide says:

        RELAX. It’s a giveaway. It amazing how quickly Harmonix owes you something when you are no longer eligible to win a prize due to the complicated laws, tax regulations, and bureaucratic red-tape imposed by the countries and nations of the world.


        • Ben says:

          so because we give them money with all the stuff we buy, and sometimes more for importing we are completely disregarded just because of legalities? HMX may be an American company but their game is Worldwide, the music in the game is worldwide. They Have had time to see 3000 coming, they could have prepped for MONTHS prior to this to make this eligible for everyone, if i have a shot and don’t win, then at east i had a shot, but as is, they disregard everyone that isn’t in the US or has a US console. I’m sick of people always shoving down my throat the legalities BS, HMX isn’t a startup anymore, they built their name on Guitar Hero, so they know that people outside of the US get the game and support their products. I’m not throwing a temper tantrum, but they definitely need to make it up to those who have supported the games from all over the world. I’m not suggesting they give everything, but in a case like that… hmm, how about 5 for the us, 5 for UK, 5 for Australia, something like that would work if they manage to get the legalities cleared up.

          and Smacd… seriously just go EFF yourself, i’ve spent TONS of money on anything/everything HMX related since Guitar Hero 1 (guitars, all 3 games they had a hand in making, all the Rock Band stuff and games) so I do have a little bit of sense of entitlement for everyone that is not living in the US, we helped make the company, we should be able to get a piece of the pie.

          • Ben says:

            and since i’m always vilified whenever i speak like this on this website, i’ll stop posting on here, and following this website… i’m going to get a “good riddance” from some people, whatever, i don’t need this. peace

          • RockBandAide says:

            No one is vilifying you. If that’s your perception of yourself, than you obviously know what you are saying is counter to the thoughts and feelings of everyone else.

            It’s a website. That fact that you will stop “following” a website based on refusal to understand the facts further underscores your immaturity.

          • smacd says:

            All I see is *whine whine whine*.

            Harmonix doesn’t owe you a damn thing. And its disgusting that every time any American company offers some FREE STUFF to the country they are based in, all the Europeans come out and whine about it, like they owe you something. No wonder Europe is collapsing under the weight of socialism.

            I, for one, am happy they are offering anything at all. They didn’t have to.

          • RockBandAide says:

            Short answer: Yes.

            Long answer: There are over 200 countries on the planet. You expect Harmonix to become familiar with the legal and tax implications of every country for a giveaway? And it’s no mystery that Harmonix had many logistical issues with international fulfillment, so it’s no leap of faith to proclaim that the majority of players reside in the US. Do you really expect them to exert a herculean amount of effort (and SIGNIFICANT amount of cost) just to make a GIVEAWAY eligible to an additional tiny percentage of the fan base?

            If they took your advice an equal number of codes for US, UK, and Australia, you’re going to piss off the Germans, the Canadians, and the Americans who believe that since the install base outweighs the other regions they are getting screwed. There’s no “perfect” solution, so they’re keeping it nice and easy, since it’s a GIVEAWAY.

            No one is “shoving anything down your throat.” People are stating facts, and you are acting like an entitled brat, who insists on complaining until they get their way. Is it unfortunate that you are not eligible? Absolutely. But your rage over the fact that you can’t enter a contest for songs in a video game is completely unreasonable and childish.

        • Toothball says:

          This is all true, but it doesn’t really provide much solace to those of us on the outside.

    • Whizzer says:

      Why not try entering anyway? At worst, you might win Xbox360 points you can’t use, but you could still gift them or sell them.

      Depends whether Microsoft will simply add points to the winner’s Gamertags or Harmonix gives 16000 Microsoft Points’ worth of codes. Or perhaps something different yet.

      • RockBandAide says:

        I echo Whizzer’s comments. When Harmonix does code giveaways, they are typically region free, despite that they can only subject the giveaway rules to US residents, for legal reasons. In theory, if you are out of the country and win, there’s nothing stopping you from redeeming said codes when they send them to you.

  • AnonymousBroccoli says:

    “This Sweepstakes is open only to natural persons who are residents of one of the 50 States of the United States of America or the District of Columbia.”


  • silentbob987 says:

    U.S only. Sigh…

  • NobleJon says:

    Congratulations, Harmonix! I’ll be telling all my friends about this milestone through every social media outlet I have. Thanks for all the work you do. (And you too RockBandAide!)

  • inealy says:


    PS3 is included

    “30 lucky fans will each win 100 Rock Band songs of their choice for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3”

    • RockBandAide says:

      Updated. Their linked blog post still only says Xbox 360: http://www.rockband.com/blog/3000-song-giveaway

      • inealy says:

        dang why are the contradicting themselves???? Forums says PS3 but the blog says 360 only and i entered on all three sites. Ff i win and get a 360 code, i’ll let it default.

    • Senotfed says:

      Not uk though. The word dicks is floating about, So i decided to be one too, Rock band is more for the 360, that’s why I sold my ps3, bought a hacked 360 downloaded rb3 and have downloaded everything including today’s yes pack from download sites. Awesome giveaway 100% free!! 😀 hmmm am I telling the truth… 😉

      • RockBandAide says:

        Congratulations on being honest. A thief, but an honest thief.

        • Senotfed says:

          I paid out about £1400 on ps3 dlc which is useless now so I’m just switching, I liked being called a theif though I’ve got a purpose 🙂 in this otherwise pointless universe where death is inevitable and life has no meaning

          • RockBandAide says:

            For such a “deep” statement, stealing DLC is a pretty shallow thing to do. I have DLC on both consoles too, but I don’t steal it.

            Also, since Harmonix does read the comments over here pretty frequently, you’re pretty brave to admit that.

          • Senotfed says:

            what are they gonna do get pissy coz someone somewhere might be downloading :/ along with thouands of others, who may or may not download random types of things, i wish hmx would do something about this, my life is pointless anyway, i mean c’mon i play a plastic guitar, i mean thats a sign to kill yourself anyway…

  • Maxim says:

    Everything like this is always US only. Pisses me off.

  • OldDirtyBanker says:

    Harmonix is an American company with American lawyers. They can’t do giveaways to every country in the world because:

    A. Lots of countrys’ laws are much more restrictive about this sort of thing and have insane requirements that the company must meet to give something away.

    B. Harmonix doesn’t have the time and money to study the laws of every country and protect themselves from lawsuits, fines, etc.

    Just curious, as I have no way of knowing, when a company in another country does a giveaway, are U.S. residents eligible?

    • smacd says:

      I’ve seen several posted over at x360a.org that have been european only. Its actually really interesting to see all the responses- you almost NEVER see Americans complain when Europeans get exclusives, but the chat is nothing but complaints from Europeans when the Americans get something.

      • FoxForever says:

        Well the thing is that we end up getting most things. The U.S. is almost never excluded and is only late when it comes to release dates outside of the U.S. (and even sometimes we still get it earlier than the countries making it). So for Europe to get something exclusive we just end up shrugging it off.

  • xX666Xx says:

    Why is there never any giveaways for Wii?

  • Kirksplosion says:

    Nice. I can easily pick out 100 songs.

  • FoxForever says:

    Oh Sweet Christ that is awesome! I don’t have $200 to buy DLC all the time. But I know I could easily spend those 100 songs in a day!

  • Matt says:

    This makes me hate being both a Wii player and Canadian.

  • TSarcasm says:

    OMG, srsly?!? Glad I have a chatpad for my 360 controller. Entering 100 codes is going to be a pain in my THUMBS! :p

  • Edu says:

    This is totally unfair. If I’m good to buy your DLC, I’m good as well to have the chance to win the prize.

    • smacd says:

      So if I pay taxes, I should be entitled to welfare too, right?

      • Edu says:

        Are we talking about a company that sells products worlwide? C’mon… let’s be serious.

        • smacd says:

          Actually, if anything its the government entity that would owe me. Businesses are in business to make a profit, they don’t owe you a damn thing unless you and them have a signed contract. The fact that they are offering something for free doesn’t mean you are entitled to a chance of winning it. I can’t think of any freebie give-away or other contest that doesn’t have SOME restrictions on who may win them.

          So let’s be serious here, just because you give money to a business, doesn’t mean they owe you jack sh** other than what you’ve paid for. Being a customer isn’t an entitlement.

          • Edu says:

            I never said they owe me nothing. I just said that as a equal client as all american people, I feel (as a lot of non american rock band users, I guess) despised. That`s all. I know for sure they don’t owe me nothing.

            But it’s not so easy to understand, I think. I don’t want nothing different or special. And if they have legal or wathever troubles offering this oportunity to the non american people, I would LOVE just a word from HMX. We all love Rock Band, and we can understand a reason. But just forget the rest of the world… I hope Smacd you can understand my point.

          • smacd says:

            Edu, I understand the point that you want your “fair shot” just like the people who this is available to. However that term “fair” is loaded. Life isn’t fair, and complaining that it should be is irrelevant.

            Look at it this way, Harmonix didn’t need to do a giveaway at all. Yes, it’s not available to anyone and everyone, but not without good reason. Yeah, it sucks for the people who can’t win it, but its not like there is a very good chance of winning either even if you were able to win. Complaining about it will do nothing to change the facts, so why do it? As an American, I know I’m sick and tired of every announcement about a give-away is followed by Canadians and Europeans getting all butthurt over it. We get it. Get over it. America is the place where the vast majority of entertainment media is produced, so its not really a big jump to think that they would give back here. Sure, the rest of the world consumes it too, but not nearly to the quantity that we do.

  • samjjones says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but man…there is always a lot of bitching and moaning whenever HMX does these giveaways. I understand that non-US residents and non-Xbox consumers have a gripe, but its just tiring hearing it all of the time. It sucks. We know.

    Anyways, congrats to HMX, and I think anybody who is still playing RB should take a few seconds to think about what kind of an achievement it has been to produce as much in-game content as HMX has done over the past 3+ years (with no apparent signs of slowing down). Its pretty amazing.

    • Dustinator says:

      Agreed. This bitching and moaning is prolly why HMX doesn’t do another promo thing like they did with Pepsi in 2009. Too many people whining it was US only and the after a month into the promo, Americans were crying to have the song list updated so they could get more songs.

      Try to do something nice for the community and it backfires. Oh well. Congrats HMX on this awesome milestone and thanks for all the awesome DLC!!

      • Jason R. says:

        I wish they would bring the Pepsi contest back. That was amazing.

        • RockBandAide says:

          This 1000 times! I won my Xbox 360, and nearly fully stocked it with all available DLC that summer. It nearly gave me diabetes from that much soda, but that was the best promotion EVER!