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DLC Playthrough for 7/12 (P.O.D., Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Erasure)
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DLC Playthrough for 7/12 (P.O.D., Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Erasure)

This week sees four singles from three different bands coming in to the Rock Band DLC library. Below are playthrough videos of the DLC from the always awesome thenewnoelisoncruz. Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Links to purchase DLC songs online at Xbox.com are included below for each track. All individual tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99). Pro Guitar/Bass charts are listed below where applicable, and can be purchased for an additional $.99.

Directly below is a playlist of all the DLC videos, followed by individual videos of each DLC track after the jump.

Erasure – A Little Respect

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax

P.O.D. – Boom (Pro)

P.O.D. – Youth of the Nation

12 Responses to “DLC Playthrough for 7/12 (P.O.D., Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Erasure)”

  • T says:

    After watching the “Relax” playthrough I’m feeling an unexplained urge to buy piano-patterned neck ties.

    …Oh, and kill foreign prime ministers.

  • ATalkingFish says:

    Their tier choice for Relax intrigues me. I would have tiered it higher for HMX DLC, so maybe that means they’re upping their future ante for keys?

  • Conriocht13 says:

    All good songs, but none of them have very compelling charts (for guitar), so this may be a pass week for me. Gotta cut back and save money.

  • QuestionMark says:

    I have had “A Little Respect” stuck in my head since it was leaked THURSDAY NIGHT.

  • Dustinator says:

    Surprised that “Youth of the Nation” has keys, that’s a bonus for me. Charts aren’t too tough this week, but that’s a good thing. These are songs I love to sing along while I play. Hence, it’s gonna be a fun week 🙂

  • xX666Xx says:

    EMI SUCKS! Why the hell do they block FGtH, who are from the UK, when I LIVE in the UK?!

  • smacd says:

    Definitely a vox week. Bass and Drums look pretty disappointing all around, other than a few short sections of Relax.

    After watching the vids, I’m having a hard time finding a reason to buy any of these.

  • samjjones says:

    The dude to the far right in the Frankie Goes To Hollywood picture looks like Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s confident-in-his-sexuality half-brother.

  • HugoM says:

    🙁 I was first on keys for “Youth of the Nation” on Wii for a while. Really competitive people…

  • Whizzer says:

    Looks like a really boring week for those not into the music. Still, some nice surprises in the drums on the 80’s tracks, especially ‘Relax (Come Fighting)’.