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Xbox Sale Next Week: “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” Album DLC
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Xbox Sale Next Week: “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” Album DLC

Over on Xbox Live guru Major Nelson’s blog yesterday, he let the gaming world know what Xbox Live content will be discounted from July 5th through July 11th. Among content from other games, it appears that the DLC album from Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” will be seeing a temporary 25% drop in price (from 1,600 MSP down to 1,200 MSP) starting next Tuesday.

It was one of my favorite albums growing up, so I was pretty excited when it was initially announced in late 2008. This DLC pack features arguably the most heavily censored song in the Rock Band library (“Sir Psycho Sexy“), but if you’ve heard the song uncensored, this probably wouldn’t surprise you. Also, since Rock Band 3 came out, there were some issues with the inclusion of legacy disc-based Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks, almost definitely related to licensing exclusivity subsequently arranged by the now dormant Guitar Hero franchise, so unfortunately you will not be able to play this album in its entirety in the game, as “Give It Away” is not exportable from Rock Band 2. Despite these issues, I still highly recommend fans of rock music and Rock Band take advantage of this deal next week!

The tracks included in the album DLC are:

  • The Power of Equality
  • If You Have to Ask
  • Breaking the Girl
  • Funky Monks
  • Suck My Kiss
  • I Could Have Lied
  • Mellowship Slinky in B Major
  • The Righteous & the Wicked
  • Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  • Under the Bridge
  • Naked in the Rain
  • Apache Rose Peacock
  • The Greeting Song
  • My Lovely Man
  • Sir Psycho Sexy
  • They’re Red Hot

Listen to the full album below.

[Thanks, @PikminGuts92]

49 Responses to “Xbox Sale Next Week: “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” Album DLC”

  • QuestionMark says:

    I’ve cherry-picked the album for Under the Bridge, Suck My Kiss and Breaking the Girl, which is just enough to cancel the discount. Oh well.

    Now, if by some miracle they manage to get Californication in, then I’m all in for that.

  • Dustinator says:

    I have also cherry picked as well. Got Under the Bridge & Suck my Kiss. Going to have to check out the charts to see if those 14 songs I don’t have are worth $15…..

    Didn’t this album go on sale before at some point in time?

    • QuestionMark says:

      Yeah, it did. Which is why I’ve been holding out on London Calling…

      • Dustinator says:

        Still holding out for the Tragic Kingdom and Jimi Hendrix albums to get discounted at some point in time.

        I’d be shocked if London Callin was ever discounted. It’s already a steal at 18 tracks for $20. Can’t imagine it’d be dropped even more for a sale in the future. Hence why I just got it instead of waiting for a sale.

        • QuestionMark says:

          Oh, it’s definitely worth the full price. My wife and I recently had a baby girl, though, so less of our income is discretionary. 🙂

          I figure it only has 2 tracks more than BSSM, so the chance of a sale isn’t THAT remote. Of course, I’ll probably break down and buy it at some point, if only to play Lost in the Supermarket sooner.

  • smacd says:

    I grabbed the album awhile ago. Loved it as a kid, although most of the non-singles I barely remember. Pretty good bass album, although some of the tracks are surprisingly disappointing on bass.

    And on a $-per-song basis, its like what, 18 tracks for 1200 msp? Pretty good deal there, although its no CCR pack.

    • Whizzer says:

      16 songs. Still quite a lot. And I doubt any sale will match or even come close to the Black Friday deal on CCR, last year. Was I glad I’m a pack buyer, that day, which often keeps me holding off on bands I’m not all that familiar with.

  • citric_bullets says:

    I got this on day one, but I have to recommend that anybody who didn’t get this pick this up on sale, especially drummers. Chad’s drums on BSSM were super funky and really fun to play. Just a little challenging but not overly so.

    • The Beef says:

      Except for They’re Red Hot, of course.

      • citric_bullets says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot about that. That’s the track I always consider to be the “free track” that you get buying the whole album instead of just cherry picking. But that thing is just a nightmare.

  • fcmlefty says:

    This just reminds me of just how terrible it was that Give it Away didn’t export. I’m a realist, and understand licensing issues, etc, but its really, really sad that this album is pretty much busted for now. Its the one instance where I’ll give Harmonix the “unforgivable” comment. Licensing for the full albums should have included the album staying complete for all future Rock Band games that were going to access the original Rock Band DLC file.

    • smacd says:

      Agreed. I’m somewhat against them pulling a track from an album license for on-disc because of that. if they license songs individually, thats fine. I’m just glad the other albums with on-disc songs (Alive) didn’t experience this issue.

      Although I put more blame on Activisions anti-competition attitude. Harmonix made a point to never sign artists to exclusivity contacts, at least so they said. But Activision did it regularly. GH can rot for all I care.

      • RBand24Fan says:

        Well to be fair, HMX has plenty of exclusive artists, like the more recent Billy Joel, and plenty of others, although it really doesn’t matter now.

        • Pancho says:

          Actually, Billy Joel did that on his own after an episode from The Office, when someone commended on a Billy Joel: Rock Band.
          HMX took the opportunity and went with it.

          • RBand24Fan says:

            Yeah, I knew that, but im almost positive when HMX first announced Billy Joel back in like October 2010 that he was exclusive.

          • smacd says:


            I don’t think you’re using the term “exclusive” in the same way. Exclusive in the sense you bringing up means more that “Billy Joel is brand new to RB and isn’t on GH!”. That its new and RB is the one that got there first.

            What they said is they don’t sign contracts that say that an artist couldn’t put their music in another game/franchise. Sure some deals amount to exclusivity in that sense; but as far as Harmonix claims, they don’t sign contracts that lock an artist into their platform. Even Beatles and AC/DC probably aren’t contractually locked in (and anyways, with those bands they are more strict with their licensing than normal).

            Now, whether its true or not, who knows. I’ve never seen any of their contracts, so I’m just taking them at their words.

      • fcmlefty says:

        I hear ya there. I’d have been ready to kill had Peace Sells or Alive had been pulled and broken up those two albums.

        I guess all we can hope for at this point is some kind of RHCP “best of” pack that includes a RB3 version of Give it Away. I’m sure its a lot less likely to happen though due to Activision complications like you mentioned

    • Rockox says:

      Not having “Give it Away” certainly takes the balls outta this album.

    • RockBandAide says:

      When it comes to securing licensing for DLC, there’s a lot of “monday morning quarterbacking.” If Harmonix knew that Guitar Hero would have attempted to secure exclusive rights to the RHCP, then I’m sure they would have approached things differently. Easy to say how “wrong” it looks from over 2 years into the future.

      • fcmlefty says:

        I’m just simply not going to agree with you on this. GH or no GH, there’s no monday morning QB’ing the fact getting an album busted up is both irresponsible in an artistic sense and a gameplay sense. If there wasn’t an explicit guarantee to keep the whole album together into the future, the whole thing should have been pulled from appearing in RB3, or the whole thing should have never seen the light of day in the RB2 era.

        • RockBandAide says:

          So they were supposed to prepare for a situation they hadn’t experienced yet? That’s an exceedingly high expectation, don’t you think?

          • Toad3000 says:

            High expectation? No…it’s called thinking ahead. It absolutely should have been a factor in the negotiations to secure the rights for the “entire album” of BSSM. Particularly since that album was made available almost right alongside the release of RB2 (couple weeks after the 360 release and a few weeks before the PS3/Wii release)

          • RockBandAide says:

            Securing licensing rights is one thing. Securing EXCLUSIVE licensing rights is another (much more expensive) thing. They had no reason to believe that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be swept out from underneath them after the fact. You can’t prepare for all unexpected contingencies. It’s unreasonable and expensive. Let’s just hope that Harmonix learned from this exercise.

          • fcmlefty says:

            My stance would be this: if they did not have the rights to continue the whole album into the future, this pack of songs should not be advertized as an album. It should not be in the album section of the store. It should be in the packs section of the store as BSSM pack 01. Doolittle, Peace Sells and Ten should probably be classified as such also, as you cant get the entire album in one purchase.

          • Toad3000 says:

            I disagree. It was absolutely foreseeable, especially given that some artists were obviously giving them some issues with exportability from RB1 around the same time (presumably due to exclusivity arrangements with GH, a la Metallica and maybe Sabbath)

          • RockBandAide says:

            OK, let’s assume Harmonix had the foresight to assume that Guitar Hero would RETROACTIVELY claim exclusive licensing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (I still think that’s a longshot, but for the sake of the argument, we’ll assume it is true).

            There is a price that comes with that exclusivity that you, me, and anyone else outside of Harmonix or MTV Games are not privy to. And with each resource cost comes a distinct cost/benefit analysis: What does Harmonix gain for having the right to keep the album together? But more importantly, what does Harmonix LOSE for NOT keeping the album together? Is that LOSS more than the cost of locking in exclusive album integrity up front?

            I’m not defending them on this, as we don’t have all the facts, but I’m showing you that there are factors we don’t know and we can’t pass judgement without knowing the full story.

  • Pankrazzo says:

    Pretty lame sale in my opinion, some severely butchered songs by censorship, you can’t play the full album in RB3, no harmonies, no optional pro upgrades yet, and 25% off isn’t that attractive either.

    I “bought” the album on its initial release date with a bunch of free msp, it definitely offers some fun songs, but I wouln’t get it again because they have blocked Dani California & Give it Away.

    If the management is full of themselves, and thinks they should take away songs from us to make us buy a possible GH:RHCP in the future, then they can go fuck themselves and I’ll never buy a RHCP album/product ever again.

  • Whizzer says:

    I can only suggest that you don’t pick this up if you don’t like the songs. Some charts are indeed fun, but it’s far better to cherry pick, if that’s the only incentive.

    To put things into perspective, I got it for 800 MSP last year, 50% off, which is equal to cherry picking the best 5 songs. That’s probably the amount of songs with good charts if you don’t care about the music itself.

    My song recommendations would be: ‘Breaking the Girl’, ‘Suck My Kiss’, ‘My Lovely Man’, ‘The Greeting Song’ and ‘Under the Bridge’ (partially because that one was leaked to get a Pro upgrade, a few months ago). If memory serves, they offer a good share of good charts on bass, drums and guitar. Vocals often come down to taste, so make up your own opinion on those.

    • 291j says:

      I found singing ‘My lovely man’ to be quite good. And I’m not much of a singer.

  • xX666Xx says:

    Wow, what a poor excuse of a sale. So, the album would usually cost £13.71 and during the sale it’ll be £10.28. That’s it? A lousy £3.43 saving?!

  • Dogmatic says:

    Foreshadowing of new RHCP DLC?

    • Croq says:

      That would be nice…

    • Pankrazzo says:

      Doubt it.

    • Dustinator says:

      And the sale we had a few weeks ago for Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash? Do you think we should get more music from those artists too?

      Ugh, I just remembered that we had a sale on A7X songs like a month ago and two new A7X songs came out a week later……I seriously doubt we’ll get new RHCP songs. GH kinda ruined that possibility. We’ll get a pro upgrade for Under the Bridge sometime in the future(if the rumor is true)

      • Dogmatic says:

        Ozzy’s first pack also went on sale before his 2nd pack came out. Just sayin’

    • Whizzer says:

      Any correlations you may be imagining/dreaming is likelier to lead to disappoint than happiness.

      I suggest you be grateful for what we do get and don’t dread what we wish we had, but have no reason to believe we will have.

      Or the hard way: Prepare for the worst, so it can only get better.

    • IndienStrummer says:

      Probably a foreshadowing of a couple of pro-guitar upgrades within the next month or so. Under the Bridge has already been leaked as a future upgrade. This is how it went with the CCR album: it went on sale and then not long after two pro upgrades were offered. I’m going to predict the same happens with this, only maybe three or four upgrades. At least that’s what I hope, since there hasn’t been any pro upgrades that I’ve been interested in lately.

  • David says:

    While I got it last time it was on sale (for $10), $15 is a steal just for the bass charts.

  • Imdaboss says:

    They’re Red Hot is like the most insane one minute in history…

  • Joe Shredder says:

    Seems like a poor choice for a sale, given the missing tracks, lack of any new features, and the fact that most people probably got it last time when it was 50% off. If they reduced the single track prices, I might be tempted to pick up a few, but not the whole pack.

  • SamFo says:

    Jeez I think I’d have to be the only person in the world to have cherry picked Sir Psycho Sexy. Amazing Song.
    Also, Rockbandaide – dont try and defend every single thing harmonix does. You will never change the trolls minds and to me it just comes off as sucking up to hmx.

    • RockBandAide says:

      It’s a Rock Band fan site. You expect me to trash them at every turn? If I feel Harmonix makes a misstep, I’ll definitely call them out on it. (See my criticisms of the way they handled the Ozzy pack announcement or the 2011 E3 teasers.)

      As someone who makes important financial decisions at work, I totally understand how and why they did it this way. They made the best decision they could have based on the experiences and resources they had at the time. Does it suck now? Of course, but you can’t get pissed at them 2 years after the fact for not having the foresight to expect Guitar Hero to “steal” Red Hot Chili Peppers out from under them. That’s completely unrealistic.

  • joescorpion says:

    Enough with BSSM I would just love some dlc from Uplift Mofo Party Plan and Mothers Milk… there is no denying the masters exist it was recorded by EMI.Those two albums would bring in some insane bass, guitar and drum challenges.

    • Ghenry Perez says:

      It’s bound to happen . . . although, I would rather have a By the Way album release.

  • Ghenry Perez says:

    I’ve been waiting for them to finally do this! I’m glad my holding out on the album purchase is finally going to pay off.

    • smacd says:

      How long have you been waiting? They had it 50% off awhile back already, I think thats when I pulled the trigger. Not to say that 25% off isn’t too shabby either. I’d get it now if I didn’t before.