Harmonix Addresses Fender Squier Status

After some suggested that initial reports from earlier this month about the Rock Band 3 Fender Squier being discontinued were premature, the latest news out of Harmonix and Fender does in fact appear to confirm that Fender will no longer be manufacturing new Squiers for the game.

Granted that we hear a lot of people wanted to get their hands on one and never had the opportunity, particularly those abroad, communication from Fender through Harmonix suggests that there is enough inventory in retail channels to fulfill residual demand. Not sure what to think about that one, but I’m assuming they are making the decision based on better information than we have here. Harmonix is looking to get more information out for international folks who still wish to procure an instrument.

Oh, and as the Squier (at least for the time being) and Mustang Pro Guitars are still available at retail outlets, Harmonix reiterates that they are still fully committed to Pro Guitar/Bass and Pro DLC, so that should help calm a few nerves.

Anyway, you can read the full update from @HMXHenry below, which was originally posted on the RockBand.com forums.

Here’s the situation as I understand it: due to significant manufacturing lead times and the quantity currently available in the retail channel, Fender has decided not to place any more back orders for direct fulfillment. That would explain why, as some posters in this thread have pointed out, some music stores are unable to take back orders, but Squiers generally appear to be readily available at Best Buys.

What this means for you, the people still looking to pick up a Squier, is that Best Buy (specifically Best Buys with Music Centers) is currently your best bet. There should be a sufficient quantity in the pipeline to meet the current demand, and when we get back into the office on Monday we’ll begin next steps with Best Buy and Fender to help you track availability and assist in getting stock where it needs to be.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the crew at Harmonix is still fully committed to supporting Rock Band 3, Pro Mode, Pro Guitar and Pro DLC. Between the Squiers and Mustangs currently available at retail, as well as the upcoming Pro Guitar DLC upgrades, there are still plenty of options for people looking to get into Pro Guitar and we’ve got some awesome stuff coming up that we think people will be really excited for.

I’ll continue to collect feedback from this thread and from PMs, and thanks again to everyone that contacted me with specifics. I’ll follow up here once we have contact info for Best Buy or more information on international solutions.


27 Responses to “Harmonix Addresses Fender Squier Status”

  • VicorLizcano77 says:

    “we’ve got some awesome stuff coming up that we think people will be really excited for.” I’m curious for what that could be?

    • RickC says:

      I think he is probably referring to legacy DLC upgrades, some of which have already been leaked: Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Been waiting for those since I got the Squier on release date!

  • T says:

    What’s unfortunate is that now that it’s discountinued, you can expect scavengers to start swarming around store that have Squires and start gobbling them up to sell for profit on the secondary market.

    • Dustinator says:

      Exactly. So many chumps that do that crap during Black Friday. Hence, why I primarily use Amazon for all my Black Friday shopping

  • Peter says:

    So how can I get my hands on one in the Toronto area?

    • AnonymousBroccoli says:

      There’s a place here in London called Belle Air Music that… well, they used to be able to order in a Squier. Don’t know if that’s still the case now. They seem to only be here and in Windsor, though.

      Maybe have a look on this page, and call up some local shops:


    • Simon says:

      I got mine in Steve’s music in Ottawa. You could call Steve’s in Toronto, maybe they can have it too.

    • Ty says:

      LA Music in Mississauga and Cosmo in Richmond Hill are two places near TO that have been stocking them

  • J-Dawg says:

    It’s impossible to find in the UK. Just as I decide I want one… Might have to just wait for Rocksmith I suppose, and use my current guitar.

    • Toothball says:

      A couple of my friends realised they wanted one just as I got mine. Then this news broke, which was a bit unfortunate. Pity there aren’t any secret Best Buy bunkers this side of the Atlantic.

  • Ted says:

    Well I’ll never get my hands on one here in the UK then. I feel quite cheated really. One of the features I was most excited for took ages to be released and is now discontinued. Are there any actual stores in the UK which sell them?

  • Andre says:

    That’s pretty reassuring. Whew. Nice to have a clearer view of the picture.

  • Davyinatoga says:

    “[D]ue to significant manufacturing lead times and the quantity currently available in the retail channel, Fender has decided not to place any more back orders for direct fulfillment. That would explain why, as some posters in this thread have pointed out, some music stores are unable to take back orders, but Squiers generally appear to be readily available at Best Buys.”

    In other words:

    “It takes a long time to make, and Fender doesn’t want to make more than necessary. They’re not making any more until the ones in stores are sold. Then we’ll see what happens.”

    Not an entirely poor move on Fender’s part. If it doesn’t sell well enough, there won’t be a huge stockpile to get rid of. This kind of lean production is regularly practiced in many factories (heck, fast food joints demand that kind of inventory management), though most places have the luxury of knowing their products will eventually sell no matter what, so there’s a larger buffer zone between too much and not enough.

    Unfortunate for internat’l buyers, since that now demands importing from whatever Best Buys carry them (which implies a lot of hunting and digging through outlet inventories).

  • Michael Prachar says:

    I’d be willing to help somebody in the UK get ahold of one; I’m not sure if the shipping would make it prohibitively expensive…

  • I actually saw my local Best Buy has 2 Squiers, and has had them for about 3 weeks…..anybody want one lol

  • Norokai says:

    Well if anyone still looking for one lives in or near enough to Tinley Park, Illinois… I work at the Best Buy there and we have one squier left…

  • Hutty says:

    They are still available at the best buy website (US), I just ordered one. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Squier%26%23174%3B+-+Rock+Band+3+Game+Guitar+-+Black/1601028.p?id=1218272665437&skuId=1601028 I really hope this is an issue of Fender deciding to manufacture on demand and not a complete discontinuation, but I wasnt taking any chances.

  • Bob says:

    I wanted this back in October but they were unavailable.
    I couldn’t afford it for the past two months due to unforeseen financial circumstances.
    I then heard about Rocksmith and decided to wait.

    If rocksmith is an utter bomb, I will want to get one of these around christmas time.

  • Max says:

    Well, imagine myself in Brazil then… what, is there Rock Band in Brazil?… I don’t think Fender has any concern for us down here. Well I’m lucky enough to have a Mustang from when it was released and I was on a trip to US. But I really gve up trying to get a Squier for a reasonable price. Rocksmith here I go…

  • benet says:

    So I’m guessing I won’t be able to get one in Sweden then?

  • Game B says:

    That’s when HMX answers with american-only solutions that I feel the most excluded. Often talking about “best buy” while most of the world never had seen one. It makes no sense for us europeans for exemple.

    Why HMX won’t open a first class website, selling all the necessary stuff for the game with internationnal shipping and a solid customer service ?
    They would handle it far better than Madcatz or Fender IMO…

  • 291j says:

    It would be nice but Harmonix have publicly stated they found hardware promotion, sales and support was taking their time and limited resources away from software development.
    Like you, I would like to see a reliable international distributor but I don’t think we are going to see that kind of change in the near future … 🙁

  • Epsilon says:

    It’s disappointing, but not all that surprising. This news did compel me to pull the trigger on a Mustang, though, and I’ve been having plenty of fun with it. Having played with the Squier for about as long before I returned it, I can say it’s similar enough of an experience for a total noob. Considering I spent roughly 1/4 as much money on the Mustang as I would on a Squier, it seems more commensurate with the level of commitment I feel I’m prepared to make to it.

    I figure if I ever get over the hump and want to try a real guitar, I can get a real guitar pretty cheap just to mess around with. I have no problems having a dedicated Pro Guitar controller. It’s also nice to not have to worry about the lowest string not registering half the time (even after messing with the bridge and all that stuff.)

    For a total beginner and purely as a tool for the game, the Mustang actually seems superior in some ways, as long as you’re not expecting to literally be able to translate your skills directly to real playing.

  • Joey says:

    If you have not checked out the You Rock Guitar, then it would be worth stopping by their website to check it out. It does the same as the Squier plus way more…www.yourockguitar.com

  • Jimmyinnernets says:

    Just saw this today, thanks for the heads up. Just picked up the last Squier in the area today (I think).