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DLC for 6/14
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DLC for 6/14

Well, E3 is officially over, and the Rock Band news to come out of it was essentially nil, outside of some summer DLC teases. Hopefully we can find some comfort in next week’s DLC announcement…

  • A-Ha – Take On Me *
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions *
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family
  • Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
  • Live – I Alone *
  • Live – Lightning Crashes

* Denotes Pro-Guitar/Bass chart availability for an additional $.99

[Official announcement]

140 Responses to “DLC for 6/14”

  • Rockox says:

    Man, looking at that picture, the dudes in a-ha look like hell.

  • xl AeroSmash lx says:


  • grace.pressure says:

    My fiancee is going to flip her crap over pretty much everything. I will too. GOOD WEEK

  • Natters says:

    I say every week they should add at least one legacy song with pro guitar/bass

    • EddiePerez says:

      haven’t you notice there’s been pro guitar add-on for two song every other week? Rooster and Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, two weeks later Kickstart my Heart and Even Flow, we’ll probably get more the week after this.

  • Jonny says:

    Slightly dissapointed with the A7X songs, both good songs but i personally would have gone with Second Heartbeat and A Little Piece of Heaven, well either that or God Hates Us if i needed a song off of the Nightmare album.

  • BILL says:

    getting everything except for A7X because i don’t like their music

  • Tisaric says:

    My god. This is pretty much my childhood nostalgia week. (born in 1993)

    Tubthumping was pretty much on repeat for me as a kid, I still remember the disc…

    Both the Live songs were extremely popular within my family, so those will be nice to play.

    And, of course, Take On Me is just a great choice.

  • Matt says:

    Interesting week…
    Tubthumping is a must-buy.
    I don’t really like Take On Me that much but I might end up buying it.
    The only A7X song I like is Bat Country so I’m not getting these tracks…
    I can’t tell the Live songs apart… they sound the same and I don’t like them. :\

  • burgervan says:

    Is that really what Avenged Sevenfold look like? They look like Good Charlotte’s older brothers.

  • Bionic92 says:

    Yay for Live!
    This was unexpected.

  • FoXR says:

    yes, when Harmonix first announced the keyboard for Rock Band 3, the first song that came into my mind was Take on Me, now after a long wait I’m going to be able to play it!!!
    and Thumbthumping it’s a nice surprise, I remember Fifa 98

  • Game!Ov3r says:

    pretty good week for me next week as I will be getting all of these. I recently saw A7X in concert and these guys blew me away! They opened the show with a (real)guy falling from the ceiling on a noose and hung there for the whole Nightmare song! It was just nuts! I will pick up the Tubthumping song because that seems like a get together party song along with the A-Ha tune….and then I just love Live so it is a great week!

  • samjjones says:

    For the dudes who are in the 30-40 age range here…”Take On Me” no-doubt-about-it greatest music video ever?

  • Ty says:

    I just had an “oh THAT song” moment with take on me

  • Zombie says:

    Nice batch of songs. Looking forward to A-Ha and A7X.
    Though am I the only one to remember Harmonix promised something big for E3 this year or was I just dreaming? I could’ve sworn they said to look out for them at E3 and with all those quizzes they had for “band central” games…

    • Bionic92 says:

      Could it have been Dance Central 2?

      • Zombie says:

        Possibly. Though I guess I was expecting something more RB focused but this is good. Prevents cluttering up the genre and focuses on getting more DLC for RB3.
        I still want a Pink Floyd RB though.

        • RockBandAide says:

          That “Pink Floyd” talk that came up was nothing but pointless speculation, which is why it was never featured here on the site even as a rumor.

  • Cian says:


    This is all I can think of when I hear “Lightning Crashes”.

    Moment I get MS Points I’m getting “Tubthumping” and “Take on Me”.

  • Welcome to the Family in Rock Band.
    I could die tomorrow and I’d be okay with it.
    Wait…no. DLC comes out tomorrow.
    …Meh. Wednesday.