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DLC for 5/31
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DLC for 5/31

This week’s DLC probably isn’t going to be surprising anyone that visits the site, based upon the number of rumors we’ve already listed. What we were still waiting on was an official confirmation of the tracks, the pricing, and the pack exclusive features. See the full details below.

  • Bark at the Moon *
  • Diary of a Madman
  • Flying High Again
  • I Don’t Know
  • Mama, I’m Coming Home *
  • Mr. Crowley **
  • Over the Mountain
  • Steal Away (The Night)

The pack will include “Bark at the Moon” and “Mama, I’m Coming Home” with Pro-Guitar/Bass charting include, available for $13.49 (1,080 MSP).

* Indicates songs exclusive to the new Ozzy 8-pack. Songs will not be available individually.
** Indicates Pro-Guitar/Bass chart availability for an additional $.99.

[Official announcement]

118 Responses to “DLC for 5/31”

  • Rockox says:

    While I appreciate Harmonix discounting the Ozzy pack to entice cherry-pickers like me to buy the whole pack, it’s still not enough of a discount for me to do it. Coupling that with the inability to delete individual songs from a pack, and it looks like I won’t be buying anything. Or maybe I’ll just wait until “Bark at the Moon” and “Mama I’m Coming Home” become available to purchase on their own.

    • Chris says:

      There’s no real discount at all, unless you’ve laid down at least 150 bucks on a pro instrument. This costs the same as the Marley 8-pack.

      With Harmonix saying something to the effect that we’d “like the pricing when we see it,” I sure as hell don’t.

      • Rockox says:

        Yeah, I just realized the same thing. As a non-pro player, there is no discount here.

      • RockBandAide says:

        If you played Pro Guitar and liked Ozzy, then you would. If you don’t like Ozzy, or don’t play Pro-Guitar, then neither the pricing discount nor the Ozzy pack would interest you.

        • TSarcasm says:

          Exactly their point. Anything can be made interesting, if the price is right. Knock off a couple bucks and maybe the increase in sales makes up for the lower unit ‘profit’.

          Forcing the two [arguably] most popular songs as *album only* without offering a stellar price will cause some people to just pass, like me.

        • Toothball says:

          Suits me on all counts, as I just got my Squier a couple of weeks back and like Ozzy. Admittedly I’m not overly familiar with many of these tracks, but that’s also why I always buy packs. More often than not it turns out that I like the tracks I’ve not heard before.

          I am quite keen for Bark at the Moon though, as I love revisiting tracks from the first Guitar Hero with the whole band.

        • Chris says:

          If they’d charged what they usually do for a six pack, and threw in these two songs as bonuses the offer would be a lot more enticing. Hell, it’d be amazing. Instead, they posted something about how we would “like the pricing,” people speculated from the get-go that it would just be pro guitar thrown in, and that’s exactly what happened. So, hey, if you’re one of the 200 people who were going to download the pro upgrades then this is just great! If you’re the other several thousand people who download songs, you get nothing. “Enjoy the pricing!”

          I’m not bothered by the two songs being exclusive: I’m bothered by what boils down to an empty promise.

          • Jet Wolf says:

            I don’t feel it was an empty promise at all, more a “wait and see first”. Which was fair; we didn’t have all the facts yet. The reaction to the pricing may not be as positive as HMX was hoping, but they didn’t promise anything more than a better deal than it might’ve originally seemed.

            And technically that’s true, with the pro-tracks for free. That isn’t enough for me, and it’s clearly not enough for you either, but they didn’t promise us a tailor-made price point. There’s a lot to be disappointed about here, but HMX making an “empty promise” isn’t one of them in my opinion.

          • RockBandAide says:

            It’s only an “empty promise” in as much as you do not value what was included for free.

          • Rockox says:

            How much is a 6-pack usually, 800 MS points? Yeah, that would make it more tempting.

          • Chris says:

            “I think most folks upset about cherry picking those tracks will be a bit happier when they see the pricing for the 8 pack, especially with the Pro upgrades included.”

            Explain to me how “most people are a bit happier now.” Unless I’m completely wrong and more than 50 percent of Rock Band players own a pro guitar now.

          • RockBandAide says:

            I have to admit that I did cringe a bit reading that statement, because I had a feeling it would be isolated like this.

          • I am not sure you think that a pro player is favoured.
            I have to shell out 1080 MSP for the pack plus the 3 pro g/b updates for 80 MSP each = 1320 MSP.
            What I get is 3 pro songs, the other stuff is only interesting for the occasional keys or vocals.
            This means I need to spend 440 MSP per Ozzy pro song, instead of the usual 240 MSP.
            I would call this an Ozzy tax of 200 MSP per song.

          • Correction: Two pro upgrades are in the pack already, that saves 160 MSP, so I only pay 387 MSP per pro song, Ozzy tax only 147 MSP per (pro) song.

        • Kirksplosion says:

          Heck yes! I love these Ozzy tracks AND I get the pro upgrades thrown in? This is awesome. Looking forward to checking out Bark at the Moon on my Squier.

      • NV_Mathemagician says:

        I only paid $80 for my PS3 Mustang at Amazon. Sorry for your bad luck.

  • Felder71 says:

    Here’s hoping we can eventually get those tracks as singles. I can’t justify $13.50 to Bark at the Moon and Mama, I’m Coming Home, and I’m not really interested in the rest.

    • Kirksplosion says:

      Man, that IS an unfortunate coincidence that those would be the only two you wanted.

      • blaze122 says:

        those were the only 2 i wanted too =( i hope they dont do this “pack exclusive” song crap agian

        • RockBandAide says:

          They have stated multiple times that they don’t anticipate this happening again, and nothing in the queue for the future has this arrangement.

  • Felder71 says:

    On a different note, am I the only one that finds it a little disconcerting that the more popular songs are the ones you can’t buy separately?

    • Rockox says:

      Nope, you’re not the only one. It sets a very scary precedent.

      • RockBandAide says:

        I have a VERY good feeling that the pack was offered this way due to a licensing agreement, and should NOT be seen as an indicator of future DLC.

        • Vyse says:

          What baffles me is the fact that this is coming from Harmonix. If Activision did this nobody would be surprised at all, but Harmonix has always been known as a company that was (relatively) close to the fans. You would expect their moving away from Viacom could only improve that situation, but mere weeks after the announcement that we would now see the “new kind of Harmonix-produced DLC”, they pull this stunt which can at best be described as customer-unfriendly.

          It’s still very likely that this was some kind of agreement, though, as this has been a pattern with big DLC (AC/DC comes to mind and I think there was another similar occasion, but I can’t remember what it was). Only time will tell.

          • RockBandAide says:

            What’s better? Not getting the songs at all, or getting them as pack exclusives due to a licensing agreement?

          • Dustinator says:

            Getting the songs like this, is better than NOTHING at all. HMX had to make a special deal in order to get Ozzy. …….So much griping lately. Just don’t buy it.

            I personally can’t wait to play all these songs. Another great week

          • Vyse says:

            Of course it is, I wasn’t going to say anything else. If this is the only way they could get Ozzy, it’s perfectly fine.

          • Choz says:

            We don’t know that this is really the result of a licensing agreement. It might be, or could just be an experiment. Or, those two cost so much more that the package offests the cost. We don’t know, so we shouldn’t judge too much.

            BUT- if you like either of those hit singles, I strongly recommend playing the whole playlist, and then vote w/ wallet. Flying High Again!!!!one!!

          • RockBandAide says:

            We can “assume” this is the result of a licensing requirement if we “read between the lines…” http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=219876&p=4404390&viewfull=1#post4404390

          • Whizzer says:

            HMXHenry posted a response on the forums and though he can’t openly discuss licensing details, it definitely sounds like it was this way or the highway.

            In that light, one could only be off worse than otherwise if one was only interested in the other six songs, which are not available in a pack.

    • T says:

      Not scared. Just like I wasn’t scared when HMX revealed the 240 MSP price point for RBN, and just like I wasn’t scared when they introduced the non-exportable Beatles game.

      • Choz says:

        The only scary part of Beatles isn’t importing into my library; it’s the pro-mode upgrades that will never come…..

    • ManfredvonKarma says:

      They’re also the only two songs not off of Diary of a Madman or Blizzard of Ozz, which are the albums being re-released and promoted. I’d imagine that Ozzy’s people wanted the focus to be on those tracks from those albums, and gave us the other two as a bonus only if you got the 6 from the target albums.

      • Whizzer says:

        It’s not a bonus if there’s a price tag on it. The only bonus are the two Pro upgrades. However, those who don’t play Pro don’t use them; those who play Pro exclusively don’t want to buy other songs to get access to those free Pro charts, effectively making those bonus songs very expensive.

        Had the discount been larger, and/or had there been more Pro upgrades for the remaining six songs, this would have been different. Right now, Harmonix did miss the mark somewhat.

    • Plutarch says:

      Is “Mama, I’m Coming Home” really more popular than “Mr. Crowley?” That’s kinda sad if it’s true.

      “Bark at the Moon” gets more attention for being a former Guitar Hero track, but for me the two best songs here are Crowley and Diary of a Madman. Getting the whole pack though, I like classic Ozzy.

    • JAM Renaissance says:

      CrossPosting from Rockband.com, particularly since I’m hearing the “two most popular songs” argument, which isn’t totally true…

      First off, I really hope people are stopping to think before reacting. It was “immediate reaction” that caused the whole stir with the Rock Band 3 versions. Now people actively want them (or are delaying purchasing DLC with the hopes of getting them) and HMX has pretty much said they have no plans to continue. Let’s think before we react.

      I’m not purchasing anything because I don’t like Ozzy Osbourne. I listened to the tracks and they did nothing for me. With that said, were this a group of Ozzy’s stature that I did like (kinda leaping genres a bit, but we’ll say “Public Enemy”) with similar quality songs I would buy them.

      Here’s an example: the two exclusives were NOT the two highest charting songs. MICH maxed out at #2 on Billboard Metal, but FHA did as well. BATM maxed out at #12 metal, but Mr. Crowley was higher at #8 and Over The Mountain was a respectable #13. So, basically, it was “one top tier single and one upper-middle tier single”. If you gave me a PE pack with “Can’t Truss It” and “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” as exclusives, I would undoubtedly still get it because I like Public Enemy.

      That’s what this seems to come down to – how much are you willing to pay for the songs. I’ve heard people say “I”ll pay $5 for that song”… well, here’s your chance. When the AC/DC pack came out, I didn’t get it because the only songs I wanted that I didn’t have were “Back In Black” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”. At $30, it was not worth it. When it dropped to $10, I decided I didn’t mind taking the chance on the other tracks because I deemed it worth it.

      It’s cool if you deem it worth it. It’s cool if you don’t. However, I don’t think that trying an alternative sales strategy is worthy of that much vitriol… particularly from a company that needs to see DLC profit to keep making that DLC we keep asking for.

  • SebastianSB says:

    I think you messed up with the exclusive tracks/pro notations. I’m assuming Crowley isn’t exclusive but has pro?

  • Plutarch says:

    Great song choices, but the pack exclusive thing is a bad precedent. I hope we don’t see that too often. Still, getting it all anyhow!

  • Kyatt says:

    When asked to elaborate about why some of the songs are pack exclusive, Harmonix replied “if you don’t like it, go ahead and download some of that new Guitar Hero DLC instea… ohhhhhh, wait…”

  • Pood LeFache says:

    As someone who would have ponied up for all the Pro upgrades anyway, the bundled upgrades make this pack a relative steal.

    I’m guessing they’ll eventually offer “Bark at the Moon” and “Mama I’m Coming Home” individually….this has to be a timed exclusive to juice sales of the pack (like the exclusive tracks in the Metal Track Pack that were later offered as individual downloads).

    In the meantime, I wouldn’t lose much sleep if you buy the pack just to get these songs. These are all fantastic!

    • JAM Renaissance says:

      I wouldn’t assume that. If you want “Back In Black”, you still HAVE to purchase the AC/DC Track Pack.

      • Pood LeFache says:

        Looks like you’re right, based on what HMX has said. With the AC/DC pack, one was able to wait it out (I saw it for $10 the other day), but DLC doesn’t drop in price, save for the occasional sale.

        I’m not too bent out of shape about this, but then again, I was planning on buying the whole pack anyway.

  • The Witticus says:

    I was already getting the entire pack, so a little discount with some pro upgrades sweetens the deal on an incredible Ozzy pack!

  • Rockox says:

    After doing a bit of searching, I realized the discount on this pack isn’t even all that significant. Other 8-packs were priced at $13.49 (1080 Microsoft points), so the only discount here is for the pro upgrades, which I have no interest in.

  • FoxForever says:

    SOB, the only two songs I wanted are exclusive to the pack…

    Guess I’ll wait a while…

  • Chief says:

    Okay, so this includes two pro upgrades with one more available? So to have it all would be 14.50 or does this include all?

    • Whizzer says:

      The Pro upgrade for ‘Mr. Crowley’ is indeed not included in the pack. $14,50 or 1160 MS points is all.

  • DVD Smith says:

    Eight awesome songs with two free pro upgrades? I’m sold.

    Still unhappy about the lack of Shot in the Dark though. ๐Ÿ™

  • sanyo says:

    If HMX gives away codes for this like they did for Lady Gaga and Foo Fighters I might have to hold off just to see if I can get a code. If they’re not I’m buying it as soon as I can! Great selection of songs and since I like them all I will be buying the pack.

    I do however think this is a ploy uncharacteristic of HMX and I hope anyone not interested in buying the full pack just for the exclusive songs holds off. Show them that pack-exclusives will make them less money overall and that it unfairly digs into consumer pockets, taking money you could have spent on other songs. HMX is a company I respect a lot and I love giving them my business, and I’d hate for that to change.

  • MTS says:

    So stoked for this pack. want all of these songs. I am not worried about the pacjk exclusive tracks as I either buy a pack or get none of the songs. I dont cherry pick as I like adding the big chunks to my library for parties.

  • greencouch1888 says:

    These are great songs from great albums, still people whine. For all those who don’t appreciate them you are truly missing out, the songs from Diary and Blizzard are incredible. Bark and Mama are good songs, but not near the caliber of Randy Rhoades guitar work and the pure excellence that came from the first 2 solo records. All of Ozzy’s solo stuff is good (to date) and the songs we are getting are the cream of the crop. If a year ago someone would have said to me, “We are going to get songs from Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Ozz, but I only want ballads and songs that Randy Rhoades wasn’t on!” I would have thought the person was definitely in the minority. Now I’ve seen complaints all over the place, please listen to these songs. In fact listen to those albums if you don’t like them I truly am sad for you, for they were artistically, probably Ozzy’s best work.

  • Tim says:

    This is the FIRST time, I’m happy I have a WII…I don’t have to get all of the songs in the pack…just to get the exclusive ones

    • Imdaboss says:

      They’ll probably be pack exclusives on all systems. Rock Band 3 on Wii supports buying packs now.

  • Croq says:

    While I could see pack exclusives as being a problem for some, I personally am fine with it. I was buying the whole pack anyway, so now I get 8 songs at the normal 8-pack price plus pro guitar/bass upgrades for two of the songs thrown in for free.

    Perhaps that would have been the better way to market it, assuming that HMX actually had some say in this. Make the songs available individually, but only offer the pro guitar/bass upgrades if you buy the pack.

    I don’t know. I like that HMX is trying to do different things, and it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Your statement assumes that Harmonix had input on the licensing arrangement, when in actuality it was probably more of “You do it this way or you don’t get the songs.” I think they chose the better of those two options.

      • BID0 says:

        Your statement assumes

      • Rockox says:

        Even though I won’t be getting the exclusive songs (unless they’re released individually in the future – fingers crossed), I agree that it’s better to have the songs in some form than not at all, if in fact it was an “all or nothing” type situation. At least people can enjoy the tunes, even if it ain’t me.

      • Croq says:

        No, actually my statement doesn’t assume that they had any say, or at least that’s not the way I intended it.

        “Perhaps that would have been the better way to market it, assuming that HMX actually had some say in this.”

        Maybe I should have added, “(they may not have had any input)” or something.

        I actually “assumed” that this was likely a licensing thing, that it was more of a concession by HMX, agreeing to it to get these amazing songs. To be honest though, why it came about doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t have a problem with it and was going to purchase the full set anyway.

      • Rockox says:

        The more I think about it, it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out this was Ozzy’s decision based on past DLC history. When the last pack was released, it was touted as “SIX SONGS INCLUDING OMG THREE NEW SONGS FROM THE NEW ALBUM SCREAM!”

        Now, considering that DLC was released to support Ozzy’s new album, what if those three new songs sold the least out of the whole pack? We might have Ozzy’s camp saying to HMX “y’know, that didn’t really work out too well for us, now did it? The next time we want to promote a new release, we want to ensure what we’re promoting is the focus.” And then they came up with what we have here.

        I still don’t like pack exclusives, and won’t be buying anything, but I think I’m going to run with this hypothesis for awhile.

    • Whizzer says:

      That would not have gone over at all with Pro players. Pro players might not want any songs without Pro upgrades, so they would still end up paying more.

      At least now there’s a discount for Pro players who also enjoy non-Pro Guitar/Bass instruments.

  • Elitro says:

    If settlements like these it’s what will help bring Metallica and other bands like that then i have absolutely no problem whatsoever.

    I guess most people are worried if this is an indication of the future or not, all you have to do is look behind and see if HMX has ever crossed the leg on us like that.

    As for me, i have both a pro guitar and a big love for Ozzy so yeah… as soon as PSN is up i’m picking this up instantly.

  • QuestionMark says:

    I’ll have to hold off on these to see how much fun all 8 songs look like they’ll be. Otherwise, if I cherry-pick I’d miss the opportunity to get the pack exclusives without paying twice.

    I’ll probably only end up getting Mr. Crowley eventually. Though I’d like Bark at the Moon, I’m just not that big of an Ozzy fan.

    Here’s hoping the other tracks are timed exclusives.

  • Adam says:

    Wow, the two songs I wanted to get are stuck in the pack? FAIL. I’ll pass. Oh well!

  • CCDaDon says:

    I think some should look at the bright side. This opens up possibilities for some huge bands to sign on, like Pink Floyd, who for as far as I know, the only problem with these games they have is that you were able to download songs individually, and since they just signed a deal with their label that you can now only officially buy Floyd albums are full album or none at all, this is good news. It may be a stretch but it’s got to be impossible that there are zero artists that weren’t irked by the individual song cherry picking that was possible…

    Though… this seems to be the only possible positive this gives lol

  • Jet Wolf says:

    A paraphrase of my comments on the RB forums, but as a pro-guitarist and Ozzy fan, I’ll be skipping this week. The traditional 8-pack price with a couple of pro-charts tossed in isn’t, for me, a significant enough trade-off for choice.

    I trust HMX when they say that this isn’t going to become the norm, but I want this bundling situation to become as removed an option for them as is possible. The more sales, the more viable this seems. For me then, while I might have normally purchased the pack and gone back for pro-charts, I’ll simply hold on to my money.

    • Epsilon says:

      I think we’re rapidly approaching a point here where Harmonix doesn’t really have the luxury of demanding that kind of control over how the licensed music is packaged. If they draw a line in the sand and demand that everything be available individually no matter what, the likelihood is that the artists will simply tell them to shove off (and it sounds like that’s what would have happened here) and they would simply have less good music to provide in the game. The rhythm genre simply isn’t what it used to be, and the only chance for Harmonix to stabilize their profits is to get more great, popular stuff. They just don’t have the same bargaining position they may have had two or three years ago.

      • RockBandAide says:

        One could argue the opposite position, as well. Artists who want to license their music for video games have diminishing markets in which to do so. You either go with Rock Band or… well, that’s it.

  • folkeye says:

    For somebody like me (a non-pro guitar player) what incentive do I have to buy the pack at full price for two ‘bonus’ songs with features I will never use? Pro guitar is the only one getting a minor discount on this pack. Even then, they too are forced to buy the whole pack for the upgrades. I don’t see the high selling point here.

  • Chris says:

    I will literally be paying $13 for “Mama, I’m Comin’ Home” on Tuesday. And I’m not mad about it! #whipped

    It’s an interesting experiment, but I’m sure it was Ozzy’s camp behind the structure of it. I doubt it’d become a regular thing, though I can definitely see the pro upgrades included with the pack as a real possibility for future packs, which makes sense.

  • Tim the Enchanter says:

    I don’t get why everyone is so annoyed at the price of the pack saying its not a deal that benefits non-pro players. Even without the bonus pro stuff, getting the full pack is always a deal. Last time I checked, $2 x 8 = $16. You’re saving $2.50 by getting the pack, just like any other 8 pack. It’s still a deal.

    I can understand the frustration with the exclusive tracks but thats just the way the cookie crumbles this time around. I’m glad I don’t like Ozzy much and don’t have to wrestle with the debate of getting it just for the exclusive tracks. Lucky for me, I like horrible music that probably wont have exclusive tracks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Croq says:

      Well said.

    • Whizzer says:

      HMX hinted at a discount that could sway cherry pickers. This does nothing to sway cherry pickers since there is no discount beyond the normal pack discount. $13,50 for 2 exclusive songs is not a good discount at all.

      Note that I am merely a spectator.

  • RickC says:

    Those first two albums were Ozzy’s best work. Give those songs a shot. They may not be instantly recognizable like “Crazy Train” and “Bark At The Moon”, but they are great, great songs. Randy Rhodes and Bob Daisley (the bassist) were a fantastic songwriting team.

    BTW, what is the deal with 7 packs always being 880 MSP, but 8 packs are always 1080 MSP? You save 240 MSP on a 7 pack, but only 200 MSP on an 8 pack. This is not an Ozzy issue, just a general note on the strange pricing difference between 7 packs and 8 packs.

  • Toad3000 says:

    I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again – I’m not a huge fan of the pack-exclusive idea, but in this case…I would ordinarily buy 6 of these 8 songs (I don’t know Steal Away or Diary of a Madman), and add the pro guitar option for the three available. So if the pack-exclusive deal didn’t exist, I’d be spending…$15. With the pack-exclusive, I can get all of that, plus the two songs I don’t know, and still save $0.50? Not too shabby.
    (I might be singing a different tune if I didn’t have a pro guitar, or if I liked fewer of the songs. Altho now that I’m listening to it, Diary of a Madman is pretty badass, too…)

  • samjjones says:

    I’m guessing that the people who are complaining about this packaging/exclusivity arrangement, and the people who don’t care, fall into two specific groups: people who grew up with iTunes, and people who didn’t.

    I remember buying albums (yes, the vinyl things) just to get a song or two that I wanted.

    If some artist wants to live in that old-school business model, then so be it. HMX is just a partner. If it wants to distribute somebody’s music, both parties have to be comfortable with the arrangement.

    • Rockox says:

      In my case, your guess would be wrong. I grew up buying record albums and cassettes, but I have grown to appreciate Rock Band’s “ร  la carte” way of offering DLC. I don’t like that those two songs are exclusive to the pack, so I won’t be buying anything.

    • Jet Wolf says:

      I’m with Rockox here. I too grew up with full albums. Heck, I still keenly remember the thrill when tape singles first came out. (Old gamer is old.) I don’t think that has anything to do with this though. HMX has been releasing DLC one particular way since 2007. Now they’re trying something else. Whatever the impetus for doing it (Ozzy’s idea or HMX’s), it’s undeniably different from the four-year track record.

      • samjjones says:

        “Different” isn’t necessarily always “bad”, though.

        If the artist is the impetus for this decision, are you guys fine with that, or are you p.o.’ed that the artist is making demands vis-a-vis how their stuff is distributed by HMX, and/or that HMX is willing to modify their model in order to get said stuff into the platform?

        We’re all obviously speculating here, but I don’t see any possible instance where this decision was initiated by HMX. HMX values Ozzy as a partner, and it makes business sense to bend to his requirements in lieu of not having any more content from him.

        I also think the “well, screw those guys, and I’m not giving them any of my money because they changed the model” principle is kinda lame…the only valid reason for not buying the entire pack should be the standard “is buying this pack worth X number of dollars to me vs. cherry picking approach” decision that we all make in any given week.

        • Jet Wolf says:

          I completely agree that “screw you guys, I’m going home” is childish and absurd. No argument from me there. I also agree that “different” doesn’t have to mean “bad”. However I don’t agree that not liking the model isn’t a valid reason to not buy it. (My lord there were a lot of negatives in that sentence.)

          I can only speak for myself, but here’s my thought process:

          – I don’t like having fewer purchasing options.
          – The bundle contents and its price point isn’t enticing enough for me to overcome my dislike of having choices removed.
          – HMX has specifically stated that they’ll be watching sales and feedback very closely on this new bundling structure.

          It’s very possible that this is a one-time deal and dictated by the artist. But it’s also very possible that if this pricing model does well (by whatever criteria HMX sets) then it may evolve into the new standard.

          That’s more where I’m at. I’m not angry at either HMX or Ozzy. If this was the only way to get the music in the game then I’m 100% behind it. As I said, I’m all about choices, and I’d rather have the option to not buy this pack than not have the songs in the game at all.

          But I don’t care for the offer, I don’t find the package and price to be enough to overcome my dislike, and I don’t want to encourage it becoming the norm. Six months from now, if this is the only pack of its kind in the game, then I can easily see myself buying it. But right now every sale can be seen as tacit approval of the model, and that I do not give.

  • Croq says:

    That’s your prerogative, to not buy them. I think you could have left out the vulgarity.

  • xX666Xx says:

    So, I’d get 8 songs and 2 free Pro upgrades for 1350 WP (ยฃ9.45). Not a bad price at all.

  • Russ says:

    i’m kinda bummed that suicide solution wasn’t in the pack

  • ChiefSlayer says:

    I really dont like this setup. I dont like all ozzy songs and in this pack i only like a couple and think others suck. Now i was really looking forward to buying a couple of them that i really like, but I really think I might be FORCED to pass on these songs even though i wanna buy them ( that should never happen for any reason…) because I do not wana buy the whole pack. The old way was perfect, why mess with a good thing?

    • Russ says:

      there’s only one bad song in that pack and its steal away the night, the rest of the pack is awesome, much better than the first ozzy pack

  • No Hide, No Pack Purchases says:

    For me, unless a pack contains ALL songs I’m interested in, I’m not going to buy a pack. And it’s not a $$ thing, it’s the lack of a hide option in RB3. It doesn’t matter if I save or lose money with a pack, I just don’t want my library cluttered up with more stuff I can’t temporarily or permanently hide. For anyone with hundreds of DLC, this is a huge problem, and one I thought Harmonix would have addressed in a patch by now.

    • Plutarch says:

      A song review filter or any other filter where you could target individual songs to filter out would help a lot of these bundling issues go down easier, whether it’s a pack like this or exports or whatever.

      I don’t know why HMX won’t add this, seems like it’d be an easily patched improvement.

    • Hayden says:

      This is exactly the way I feel too. I don’t care about the money whatsoever, but I do care about having songs I dislike/hate in my library.

  • Matt says:

    I thought they said we’d be happy with the pricing of the pack.

    • RockBandAide says:

      Who’s “we?” The collective “we” is never happy. Some people are happy, some people are miffed. If you’re a pro guitar player who likes Ozzy, than this is a good thing. If you’re kinda meh on Ozzy and only wanted one or both of the exclusive songs, than it’s a downer.

  • RBGHfam says:

    DEAL! ๐Ÿ˜€ 7 of the 8 songs are incredible anyway! No cherry picking necessary imo.

    • NV_Mathemagician says:

      That’s my thought. Exclusivity is a non issue for me. This is an extremely solid pack.

  • tkafam says:

    Why oh why won’t they do “shot in the dark” ARGH!!!!

  • eron says:

    I’m very disappointed to the ‘exclusive track’ thing, I’m also only interested in Bark at th Moon.
    Maybe I would have purchased Mr. Crowley too… but I’m just tired of finding this kind of faults in everything I like which is related to Ozzy. F**k you Ozzy, and/or f**k you HMX, whoever is responsible for this.

    Should BatM become available separately in the future, I’d yet have to consider purchasing it. If Rock Band is moving away from players and becoming a GuitarHero-like money maker, I’m off.

  • AzureAngel17 says:

    Somehow I missed that there has been previous Ozzy Osbourne DLC. Both packs are now on my “when I can afford it” list!

  • Fluffy says:

    Great Songs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Polka Nuns says:

    There’s a huge unmentioned bonus here for Pro players:
    NON-Pro players can get the 2 Pro charts FREE, so we can ALL play together!
    Everyone wins.

  • Crashb648 says:

    After listening to the songs, I was going to purchase Mama, Iโ€™m Coming Home. Then i read its only in the pack :/ Gutted.

  • Cthon says:

    Mama I’m Coming Home is the only crappy song, and I don’t appreciate being forced to buy that junk to get Bark at the Moon.

  • Epsilon says:

    The only thing I’m pissed about is that the PSN is up and I still can’t download this pack yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess I can understand why some people feel disappointed and misled; HMX probably set themselves up for this to some extent by claiming that “people would be pleased.” In retrospect, they probably wish they hadn’t said anything more than “Sorry about the pack exclusivity, but it couldn’t be avoided for licensing reasons” and then thrown in the “free” Pro Guitar upgrades as a nice little surprise. That probably would have fostered more good will toward the whole situation as opposed to vaguely hinting at some kind of discount ahead of time, at which point people’s imaginations run wild and the reality was highly unlikely to meet their expectations.

    For me, the long and short of it is this: if losing the ability to universally cherry pick is the price we pay to get access to more popular songs and artists, then it’s absolutely worth it. The genre simply isn’t what it used to be, and I’m more than willing to pay for packs (and often find myself surprised by how much I like stuff I’ve never heard) if that’s what it’s going to take to get the high-profile bands to keep licensing themselves to a sadly declining game (in terms of profitability.)

    If everyone threw a hissy fit and refused to buy the pack, then it seems unlikely that we’d see any major bands licensed again.

    • RockBandAide says:

      They’re not allowed to publicly comment on some specifics of licensing arrangements, this being one of them. But yes, I do think the words “people would be pleased” may have been misleading to some, because some people are pleased, but others not so much.

  • RockBandAide says:


    • Tom says:

      Thank you so much for the code. I’ve tried getting one of these free codes for a long time now and this is the first time I have ever won. I am so excited!