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Affiance Shows Off Their RBN Track in the Music Video
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Affiance Shows Off Their RBN Track in the Music Video

There have been some interesting ways in which artists, authors, and record labels have promoted their tracks in Rock Band in the past, but I think this is the one that probably makes the most sense. Cleveland metalcore band Affiance recently released a their music video for their song “Call to the Warrior,” where they take their RBN single for a spin in the game.

While I certainly don’t expect many bands to devote this type of exposure for Rock Band and their songs in game, but it’s a refreshing change from the sea of average music videos that are on YouTube nowadays. And it appears to be working, as the video has already garnered nearly 9,000 views since its debut on Friday.

Call to the Warrior” by Affiance was originally released on the Rock Band Network this January. Check out the video in it’s entirety below, and then pick up the song to see if you can beat their score!

28 Responses to “Affiance Shows Off Their RBN Track in the Music Video”

  • Goldskarr says:

    I wonder if that one guy realizes he’s using a GH1 guitar. <_<

  • WeS says:


  • nathan says:

    you know what’s cool about this? I make these kind of videos ALL the time using rock band instruments, so while this is cool to see this done professionally it’s not all that new or refreshing hahah

    • Croq says:

      Yeah, but the main difference here is that the guys in this video are the *real* band, not just some random dudes with a video camera and video capture card in their computers.

  • nathan says:

    if anybody is interested here is a link to one of my newest music videos it will look pretty similar to this

  • joescorpion says:

    I also do stuff like this for my Youtube videos. I have a film called Fatality which is a parody/ spinal tapish sort of film that pokes fun at rock band/gh. I did one for push push lady lightning by bang camaro


  • Alicio says:

    they were playing only 3 instruments ingame. oh lord.

  • pancho says:

    I lol’d.

  • TojoReeves says:

    Wait… were they pretending to pretend playing guitar? I noticed most of the time fret buttons weren’t even touched.

  • eyescovered says:


    anyone notice the guitar hero sticker on the guitar?

  • sanyo says:

    I don’t like metalcore at all (and kind of hate how 80% of the “metal” RBN releases are some kind of “-core”), but I’m glad I watched the video. Very funny.

    • KEWB says:

      I’m not really a fan of metalcore either. I don’t dislike it, but there’s tons of stuff I would rather listen too. As far as metalcore songs go though, this is actually really good IMO.

      • Whizzer says:

        I have to agree. Very little screaming and growling. The music itself was pretty good too.

        Still, I wish the metal department of RBN had a little more variation. But then again, RBN2.0 has barely even launched. There’s some excellent prog metal in the pipeline.

        • Andre says:

          Man, I was so surprised to have gotten Emperor’s “Curse You All Men”… Black Dahlia Murder should start using RBN. Also, Children of Bodom.

  • Glass Moe says:

    Great video. Didn’t Harmonix have a Pepsi sponsored contest to do something like this a while back? I’ll probably pick the song up after RBN purchases are re-enabled.

    • Whizzer says:

      Didn’t know they were disabled. As far as I know, barely any new songs are being added to the store right now, but that should be a thing of the past in a matter of weeks, hopefully.

      RBN 1.0 songs are and will remain available in the store right now.

  • Joe Cam says:

    That’s a pretty awesome idea. That just convinced me to grab their song, too. Good thing I could buy that song through Xbox.com so I wouldn’t have to track it down in the in-game store, right?
    Oh, the conveniences of days past…..

  • rocker4life634 says:

    that was fucking funny. if only every band would do that

  • RBGHfam says:

    I usually don’t like metalcore/screamo whatever you call this, but I have to say this song is pretty damn awesome. Very little screaming and pretty incredible vocally!

  • Whizzer says:

    Quite enjoyable, I must say. One can tell this took a lot of time to do and it pays off. This song sneaked by me and my Youtube subscriptions (which are the base for most RBN songs I buy), but I might just buy it, since I happen to like it.

    I would definitely like to see more of this!

  • Andre says:

    I won’t be buying the song because I absolutely despise metalcore.

    But I gotta tell I was even tempted to buy it for a minute. So I guess this will work for other people.

    Very amusing video, the part where he breaks the lamp is priceless.

  • Josh says:

    The guy was singing in the free stamp!
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was in there too!

  • RickC says:

    I had to buy this song after seeing the band’s official video for it. Ya gotta support a band that is not just in Rock Band, but is totally cool with it and willing to own the fact that they are in a video game. It is actually a cool song and fun chart.

    I used to hate, hate, hate metalcore. I thought it was a stain on “real” metal. But I am getting to like some of it. I guess familiarity breeds acceptance, not contempt!