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Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 3/15
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Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 3/15

No surprise that this song shot like a rocket through the new RBN 2.0 pipeline to officially be the first RBN 2.0 release!

  • Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Be Dee) (160 MSP) Full | Trial

Directly below is a playthrough of the first RBN 2.0 song in Rock Band 3!

44 Responses to “Xbox 360 RBN DLC for 3/15”

  • FoXR says:

    damn, I wish that harmonix would release only this song as a goodbye for rbn wii

  • Dinoman says:

    so no other songs until next week for RBN2? don’t get me wrong i love Blue… but i’ve played it to death already

    • eyescovered says:

      There’s tons of stuff on the way if you check out the creators site. There’s only a few things in review (from what I saw) including Mafia Track Suit and Rishloo. So we should be seeing those soon!

      • eyescovered says:

        Additionally, the first batch of songs submitted for playtest are coming up on the 2 week mark. So, depending on feedback to the author, we should see a lot more going to review.

    • RockBandAide says:

      For the Xbox 360, songs are “released into the wild” once they have passed play testing and peer review. They can and do come out any day of the week. It just so happens that this song came out on a Tuesday. There may be more songs still coming this week.

      The PS3 RBN and regular DLC only come out on Tuesdays.

  • drpepperfan says:

    I’m ashamed to admit it. But I’ve already bought it hours ago. I’m so so sorry World.

    PS No Keyboards? Laaaame.

    • killer_roach says:

      What are you talking about? You can see the keys stuff even from the screenshot of the video (it’s on the left-hand side).

    • RockBandAide says:

      Yeah, they keyboard chart is clear as day on the left side of the screen in the video above.

      • Adam says:

        I don’t have an Xbox 360, so I can’t confirm this myself, but apparently the information screen when you go to buy it lists “no part” for keys, even though they’re very clearly there when playing. It sounds like it’s just a bad preview screen, and it may even be fixed now.

  • Marcel says:

    hatesong #1! xD

  • HeXcoda says:

    Purchas’d. I’ve been waiting for this one. RBN’s a great outlet to bring more alternative stuff through, including genres we don’t normally see.

  • Matthew says:

    NEVER would’ve predicted this on RBN, but love it anyway! \o/

  • T says:

    I just nerdgasm’d.

  • Alexander says:

    When I choose this song in RB3 shop, I cannot see any keys part in it. Only guitar, bass, drums and vocal.

  • Schlagwerk says:

    Great way to kick off RBN 2.0!

  • Jason2087 says:

    So PS3 has to wait about another month and a half to get another RBN song since they are stopping 1.0 songs

  • Kirksplosion says:

    Oh snap! So do want on PS3!

  • Samurai Judge says:

    This is….. AWESOME
    sorry but i love this song

  • FoxForever says:

    I think I came. That song is so awesome, it’s one of those childhood defining songs.

  • Kiseong says:

    I thought the lyrics for this song was like “If I was green I would die” instead of the catchy tune? still love it anyway!

    • Ozone says:

      That is exactly why I asked them to give me the lyrics fully written out before I began working on the song. I said, “You realize about 99% of the lyrics posted online for this song are wrong, right? Can you please just give me the right ones so I don’t add to the confusion.”

      • FoxForever says:

        Awesome. Good thinking. I probably would have typed it as “die” rather than “dai”.

      • Nathan Major says:

        I just wanted to drop in and say Kudos to you for charting this so well, especially it being the first keys/pro keys song on RBN. I usually jump into all my keys song pro/expert (10 years of concert performing will do that to ya), and I felt this had a good balance of “difficult but learnable.”
        Point being: great song, very catchy, very fun on keys. I look forward to more releases of this caliber.

  • mazegeek999 says:


  • Skydog says:

    Love this song so much. can’t wait to guitarvx this on Ps3!

  • Hayden says:

    Interestingly, the left sidebar on Xbox.com says: “This add-on works with: Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3”. A baselessly optimistic part of me wonders if this is intentional, and I wonder if it could be connected to a couple of people above claiming that keys support isn’t listed in the song details when purchasing.

  • Whizzer says:

    I have to wonder why so many people like this song. It’s exactly the type of music I avoid by listening to rock and not to contemporary radio and party music.

    But it’s not on disc, so I’m fine with it. I’ll wait for my prog to come through RBN 2.0. Something Harmonix still hasn’t managed for months on end now.

    • Ospero says:

      1999 is “contemporary”? Not that I don’t feel your pain, I also am astonished that it has been twelve years since this came out. And how much prog exactly do you want? If RBN2 is anything like the first RBN, prog will be among the most over-represented genres, not that I mind.

    • Hayden says:

      I will enjoy playing this song because I liked it in 1999 when it was at the top of the charts in Australia. I was sixteen then, and so my interest now is largely nostalgic. I would also buy “We Like to Party” by Vengaboys for this same reason.

    • FoxForever says:

      I don’t see much wrong with it really. A contributing factor is probably because I was 9 in 1999 and I had never heard of anything like this song before at the time.

  • maimbill says:

    i remember debating the lyrics for this back in mid school. buying now!

  • Croq says:

    Many of you guys are making me feel very very old… 🙂

  • Bsaft says:

    I still don’t get why they’re charting stupid synth shit for the guitar part. They really need to stop charting that part of the song if there is no guitar in it.