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Small Rock Band DLC Sale This Week
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Small Rock Band DLC Sale This Week

This week only, XBox Live Gold members will see a 50% discount on some St. Patrick’s Day theme-related DLC. Well, not actually St. Patrick’s Day related itself, unless you count DLC with the words “luck” and “green” in them. Anyway, here’s what you can grab on sale this week!

Social Distortion – Bad Luck 160 MSP 80 MSP

Green Day Pack 01 (“21 Guns,” “East Jesus Nowhere,” and “Know Your Enemy”)  440 MSP 220 MSP


17 Responses to “Small Rock Band DLC Sale This Week”

  • Travis says:

    Sucks that it’s not the whole Social Distortion pack. I already have the Green Day stuff since I got the Plus edition of GDRB and I don’t like to buy singles if they’re part of a pack.

    How much is the pack and how much would it be to buy them all separately with this one song discount?

    • Goldskarr says:

      Do the math here…
      Singles not on sale – $2.
      Buying all the singles in a pack of 3 – $6.
      Buying a pack – $5.50.
      Buying all the singles in a pack of three with one song half off – $5.

    • Naboria says:

      Buying the any whole pack IMO is not convenient anymore.

      Even if I like ALL songs in a pack I rather pay extra but having the flexibility to delete, copy or move any single song.

      Now when I go to a RB party I just carry a 8g flash drive w/ xbox profile, saved game, some new RB3 DLC, and the old favorites.

  • The timing of the Social Distortion discount is … weird. According to TMZ, Casey Royer (Social D’s former drummer) was arrested after overdosing in front of his 12 year old son. Yikes.

    Obviously I hope he gets better and finds the help he needs. An interesting connection to this week’s Rock Band deal.

  • Pancho says:

    *Buy Green Day songs after earning paycheck*
    *one month later*
    HMX: “Green Day 1 pack now 50% off!

    … Eh, it could have been worse. They could have just pulled those songs out of like they did with that Snoop Dog song.

  • zigs00 says:

    It makes me laugh that for St Patrick’s Day they discount a song with Luck in the title, and a band whose name references marijuana rather than celtic punk bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly whose music is far more apt for St Paddy’s Day!

  • maimbill says:

    they need to drop prices more often, especially on tracks that are years old. who’s still buying dlc for rock from rock band 1 era? drop the price on that stuff permanently, not for a day.

    • Samurai Judge says:

      tha would be rad
      then we would have more songs in our library

    • MagicMurderBag7 says:

      I’m all for them discounting the old songs but it won’t happen

      The DLC from GH2 is still the same price it was when it came out and that game is almost 4 years old (for the Xbox)

    • Croq says:

      It’s tough to drop DLC prices permanently. Everyone gets a piece of the $2 price tag, Harmonix, Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, and the applicable record label. And who knows, there may be others taking a piece…

      Very doubtful any of those guys would be willing to take a hit on the money coming in just because it’s been available for a while.

      It took iTunes a long time to get into the multi-tiered pricing, and I think that was done more to get *more* money from the most popular titles than to actually save people a lot of money.

    • FoxForever says:

      Some people still are. My friend and I decided to splurge and bought a few cars songs. Anyway I was waiting out to get this green day pack. Luckily I waited until now, I was almost ready to buy it last week.

  • Kolma says:

    Just downloaded GD pack 1 along with Blue on RBN 2.0
    all thats left on my list of must haves is Airbrushed, and that isn’t out yet

  • RedIon1992 says:

    Surprised they didn’t discount the Thin Lizzy pack, seeing as they’re an Irish band… or for that matter the Dropkick Murphys’ song.

    They couldn’t discount the Flogging Molly tracks, since they’re on RBN, and have a limit of one price change every three months.

  • kyle says:

    REBEL GIR… Know You Enemy!

  • metallichris71 says:

    If you really want to honor the Irish, you could make the announcement that U2:Rock Band will be out in a few months, with at least 50 songs on disc and recreations of all their live shows. That would be just superb, thank you.