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DLC Playthrough – 3/1 (Nine Inch Nails)
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DLC Playthrough – 3/1 (Nine Inch Nails)

This week sees the arrival of a Nine Inch Nails four pack of tracks from the 2010 “Pretty Hate Machine” remastered album into the Rock Band DLC library. Below are playthrough videos of the DLC from the always awesome thenewnoelisoncruz. Definitely check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Links to purchase DLC songs online at Xbox.com are included below for each track. The “Pretty Hate” 4-pack is available for 560 MSP ($6.99). All tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99). Pro Guitar/Bass charts are listed below where applicable, and can be purchased for an additional $.99.

Directly below is a playlist of all the DLC videos, followed by individual videos of each DLC track after the jump.

Head Like a Hole (Pro)

The Only Time


Terrible Lie

28 Responses to “DLC Playthrough – 3/1 (Nine Inch Nails)”

  • Jtork says:

    Will there be videos of the new pro charts as well? I’m lazy and don’t feel like looking them up when I get out of classes later.

  • maimbill says:

    head like a hole may only be 5 min but it’ll feel like an eternity on pro drums.

    • The Void says:

      Ya that looks incredibly annoying on drums.

    • Conriocht13 says:

      That song looks alot harder on everything that I was expecting. I mean, we all knew drums would be insane just by listening to the song, but I wasn’t expecting Guitar, Bass, or Keys to be so crazy. But it’s a great song, so I don’t mind.

      • Ospero says:

        Guitar (five-button, that is) isn’t really that bad. I believe the RB3 engine is nicer to you about recognizing alt-strum sequences like that than RB2 was, and there are hardly any truly complicated patterns in there.

        It is a bit annoying, obviously, because of the huge stretches of unbroken black, but hey – it’s NIN, what did you expect?

        • Conriocht13 says:

          Well, compared to the guitar track for the song on GH:WoR, I was expecting something much simpler. And I’d never really heard the keys part, so wasn’t sure what to expect.

  • It's-A-Me says:

    “The “Pretty Hate” 4-pack is available for 560 MSP ($9.99).”

    Excuse me, but is that correct? A 4-pack for $10 doesn’t sound right when the individual songs are $2 each.

  • It's-A-Me says:

    …And Justice for All on Hard Pro Guitar will be more difficult than entire GH:Metallica game on expert.

  • Struble says:

    Awww, man. I was hoping to play the main riff of Head Like a Hole on the keyboard.

  • Kolma says:

    was looking forward to head like a hole… but that Pro drum track looks like rape. i hate playing that style on drums… so annoying and tiring, and my yellow cymbal HATES to detect it for some reason :/ it just drops combos for no reason.

    (no it doesn’t double hit no matter how hard i try(none of my pads or cymbals do), i had a busted one before and instantly contacted madcatz to replace it)

    • Schlagwerk says:

      I’ve found that alternating hitting the left and right side of the yellow cymbal for disco drums works without dropping my combo. It’s possible that I also have a bad cymbal. On the other hand, eighth-note one-hand hi-hats never cause me any problems.

  • RickC says:

    I love NIN. But these songs are cool to listen to but do not at all look like compelling gameplay experiences. My standard rant whenever I see yet another batch of DLC that is really only interesting on 1 or 2 instruments:

    Where the f**k is the Dream Theater pack? I cannot think of another band that so perfectly fits the RB3 format. Virtuoso performances on guitar/bass/drums/keys and clean, clear, melodic vocals. Plus, “Panic Attack” and “Constant Motion” are two of their fastest, most difficult songs. You could easily put together a pack of songs with plenty of stuff for all instruments to do yet is not as crazy as the two songs we have already seen.


      • RickC says:

        I have been using that for months. I am sure HMX are well aware that Dream Theater is the perfect artist to show off all RB3 has to offer. Clearly, they just do not have the name recognition that HMX seems to demand in DLC these days. Maybe HMX will burn through these huge artists soon, maybe this is all leftover from when they spent big bucks to line up artists for the RB3 launch. Maybe HMX will be forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel again and chart bands who only go Gold, not Platinum. One can dream.

        • Skydog says:

          Maybe they have a pack ready and are just waiting to get some easy stuff out for people that may be newer to the RB format?
          Can’t put constant metal packs out…

  • Saeglopur says:

    I don’t know. There are so many great NIN songs and they take those 4. Meh.

    Hope we will see Downward Spiral album one day. 😛

    • RockBandAide says:

      The songs were chosen from the recently remastered “Pretty Hate Machine” album. http://www.rockband.com/blog/pretty-hate-dlc

      In fact, the pack is called the “Pretty Hate” pack.

      In my opinion, those are some great songs chosen. In fact, in my “dream NIN” pack, two of them were present in this pack! http://www.formspring.me/Rockbandaide/q/162229858477316451

      • RickC says:

        I love NIN. I think these are great songs. But not all great songs make great Rock Band songs. A lot of RB drummers will not want to play programmed beats. A lot of RB guitarists will not want to play music that is so lacking in guitar. I play bass mostly, and that looks OK, but solo bass is not that great. It is more fun to play as a band and it will be hard to find other people to play most of these songs. I don’t see how anyone would consider these good charts for full band.

        I realize Trent is trying to push his new remastered version of “Pretty Hate Machine” and HMX probably feel like they need to indulge him if they have any chance of getting him on board for future DLC. But it is disappointing that so much NIN would have made better full band songs…

  • Brian says:

    Rock on! Thanks for these vids. My only complaint is I wish this was the full album that was released. But I’ll take all 4.

  • Skydog says:

    Head like A Hole- Decent Guitar, Awesome Bass, Drums are awesome but just annoying in parts, vocals awesome. 4.5/5

    Terrible Lie- Awful Guitar (repetitive), DID NOT PLAY BASS (yet), Drums were good but got repetitive, vocals decent. 4/5 (since i didn’t review bass.)

    The Only Time- No Guitar, Bass is boring, DID NOT PLAY DRUMS/Vocals (yet)
    Purely based on the bass part i’m giving this a 3/5. (since i haven’t played the others yet… not a fan of this song anyhow)

    Sanctified- Decent Guitar, Bass is decent (repetitive), Drums are awesome (Drum solo is an added plus.. just it gets repetitive doing the hihat after awhile), vocals are decent.

    overall i’ll give this week a 3.5/5.. nothing too special and like others have said it’s not that great on certain instruments unless your full banding.

  • Schlagwerk says:

    This week’s DLC is best played with voxtar IMO.

  • Jason2087 says:

    A lot of people who bashed my comment about “Closer” not being included referenced it being too boring. Yet one of these songs has no guitar part, and some of these songs weren’t too fun, so that argument doesn’t really fly anymore. HMX doesn’t really use the “fun factor” anymore when choosing songs, more so just how good the song is.

    • RockBandAide says:

      “…Some of these songs weren’t too fun…” is your opinion. You should have seen the amount of people who RT’ed the @RockBandDLC tweet announcing NIN DLC who definitely thought it WAS fun.

  • HeadLIkeaHole says:

    Head like a hole looks like the easiest ‘devil tiered’ pro keys song ever. Is that on hard or something?

  • Ospero says:

    So, it’s that time of the week again, isn’t it? Impressions for five-button guitar (where applicable).

    -Geez, that was tedious. I actually enjoyed the songs a LOT more than I expected to based on the NIN tracks already in the game (the Pretty Hate pack songs were more accessible than NIN 01/02), but the guitar was (expectedly) forgettable.

    -Ladies and gentleman, we need look no further. We have finally found it – the easiest expert guitar track ever. I am of course referring to Terrible Lie. If your idea of a fun guitar track is GR-GY once every fifteen seconds or so, go for it. Otherwise, avoid this like the plague. This is to guitar what So What’cha Want was for bass.

    -Head Like a Hole/Sanctified: I said something about the first already. Long stretches of black followed by bursts of fast strumming. At least it doesn’t throw any awkward switches at you. Sanctified has a very similar structure, but I enjoyed it more due to that really hypnotic bassline.

    -The Only Time: Well, some company in that last difficulty category for Song of the Century, Dawn Patrol and Imagine. I played it on bass, but since I so rarely get to play that instrument, I can’t really judge it. It was about what you’d expect from a tier-0 bassline – slow, simple and not all that interesting.

    Verdict: This pack is not for the guitarists out there, but then not everything has to be. It’s by far the weakest RB3 DLC week for guitarists so far, but I guess everyone’s fingers needed to recuperate a bit after Paradise By the Dashboard Light. 😉 2/5.