Rock Band Network 2.0 Arriving on February 15th

In a blog post by Matthew “Overnord” Nordhaus over on the Creators site, a number of dates have been tentatively scheduled for the rollout of Rock Band Network 2.0. The date that probably has the most impact with the readers of the site here is February 15th, when new material with RBN 2.0 features can be submitted.

This means that RBN 1.0 will be turned off the day before, on February 14th (AKA The Valentine’s Day Massacre). All songs in the RBN pipeline must be pushed through prior to that date, and if for some reason you haven’t upgraded to Rock Band 3 yet, you will no longer be seeing new RBN content after that date.

As for the other dates impacting the RBN Creators community, the new version of Magma (RBN audition and submission program) should be out on January 18th. January 24th will see the arrival of Rock Band 3’s Audition Mode. RBN 1.0 submissions must be in by January 28th.

All dates are tentative and subject to change, but it is nice to see some sort of official timeline being rolled out.

[Official announcement – Creators]

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