Rock Band Network 2.0 Arriving on February 15th

In a blog post by Matthew “Overnord” Nordhaus over on the Creators site, a number of dates have been tentatively scheduled for the rollout of Rock Band Network 2.0. The date that probably has the most impact with the readers of the site here is February 15th, when new material with RBN 2.0 features can be submitted.

This means that RBN 1.0 will be turned off the day before, on February 14th (AKA The Valentine’s Day Massacre). All songs in the RBN pipeline must be pushed through prior to that date, and if for some reason you haven’t upgraded to Rock Band 3 yet, you will no longer be seeing new RBN content after that date.

As for the other dates impacting the RBN Creators community, the new version of Magma (RBN audition and submission program) should be out on January 18th. January 24th will see the arrival of Rock Band 3′s Audition Mode. RBN 1.0 submissions must be in by January 28th.

All dates are tentative and subject to change, but it is nice to see some sort of official timeline being rolled out.

[Official announcement - Creators]

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43 Responses to “Rock Band Network 2.0 Arriving on February 15th”

  • Game!Ov3r says:

    who cares… *bitter Wii Rock Bander* :)

    AQuickAlias Reply:


    Plainclothes Man Reply:

    RIP RBN Wii :(

  • QB8Young says:

    Will PS3 users finally get RBN audio previews? I’d love to be able to audition songs but I’ll settle for previews.

    Wes J Reply:

    40 Gig PS3 here and I’ve had audio previews since the beginning … Even in RB2.

    Skydog Reply:

    That’s not possible.

    BravoGangUS Reply:

    Proof of Audio Previews for RBN Songs in RB2 AND RB3 for PS3


    BravoGangUS Reply:

    I’ve ALWAYS had audio previews for RBN songs on PS3 O.o

    Goldskarr Reply:

    I call shenanigans. I get audio previews via an option after selecting the song on regular dlc. The option isn’t there in RBN.

    Skydog Reply:


    BravoGangUS Reply:

    I don’t understand. I always had that option. Even in RB2.

    Kirksplosion Reply:

    I’ve got the 60 GB model, and I definitely don’t get previews on RBN songs…

    MattyT Reply:

    According to this thread (, some people have the preview (I’ve always had the preview in RB3; haven’t checked RB2), but more people still seem to be without it. For the record, I’m on a 120GB Slim model.

    Skydog Reply:

    Not that previews are major for me (as I usually listen to the preview on RB’s site.)

  • MaximusDM says:

    I’m curious as to what happens to PS3 here. Will Sony allow 5 tracks from RBN 1.0 and 5 tracks from RBN 2.0?

    Or will some tracks be forever exclusive to Xbox 360?

    T Reply:

    I would guess 5 songs from RBN means 5 songs from RBN, combined 1.0/2.0.

  • Dorkmaster Flek says:

    Yeehaw, new features! I love “The Valentine’s Day Massacre”. That is awesome.

  • MilkAndCookies says:



    DragoonXD Reply:

    New Orleans is Sinking hasn’t been in testing since April (I think). Don’t think it’s getting pushed anywhere.

    RockBandAide Reply:

    There have been a number of songs that were put in to the RBN pipeline that never made it through due to a number of reasons. There were some well known songs in there at one point, in fact.

    Choz Reply:

    Would love to learn more bout that on a slow news day. :)

    Plainclothes Man Reply:

    @RBA, yes those songs being “Atomic” by Blondie and “Bohemian Like You” by The Dandy Warhols. I really hoped those songs would have gotten reissued. Never did :(

    Mcmax3000 Reply:

    I thought the Blondie song came out but I could be wrong since I wasn’t really waiting for it.

    DragoonXD Reply:

    You can still buy both of those songs (for $3) if you’d like. Go to and find the songs and then buy ‘em. I have both and the charts are great quality, if there was any doubts about that.

    Croq Reply:

    I have wanted both of these songs, but can’t see my way to paying $3.00/240 MSP for a song. I’d also like to get “Blow at High Dough” by The Tragically Hip but it’s $3.00/240 MSP as well.

  • Croq says:

    Awesome news, looking forward to RBN 2 features.

  • TakeshiSkunk says:

    Interested to see what the initial load of songs will be, I’d been checking this site daily for a while just waiting for this particular announcement :P

    asiansteev Reply:

    haha, smooth… that wasn’t the link i meant to paste.
    cough* track 2

  • Plutarch says:

    It will be really cool to have keys in these songs…more Sonata Arctica!

  • MattyT says:

    I think it’d practically be criminal if “The Touch” by Stan Bush doesn’t see a RBN 2.0 release.

    RockBandAide Reply:

    The Touch is already released. They would have to re-release it (and you would have to subsequently re-buy it) if it had RBN 2.0 features added to it.

    Croq Reply:

    I’m happy with the existing release of The Touch. Not paying another $2.00 just to add keys (though it would be cool)… I hope that they do re-release it though for those that want it.

  • RickC32 says:

    Two words: Dream Theater. Somebody at one of the authoring groups make it happen. Rock Band 3 might as well have been created just for Dream Theater.

    Skydog Reply:

    Mhmm I agree. :)
    And more Queen <3

  • Mark says:

    Tentatively looking forward to seeing how this will be integrated into the PS3′s RB platform

  • Chucklestyle says:

    Sad news for the Wii players… :(

    RBN2 = Keys = Can I have some HORSE the Band finally please?