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RBN DLC for 1/13
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RBN DLC for 1/13

  • Daath – N.A.T.G.O.D. (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Deception of a Ghost – In Case You Forgot (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Dirge Within – Forever the Martyr (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Hellfire Society – Angel (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Kataklysm – Numb & Intoxicated (2x Bass Pedal) (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Memphis May Fire – Action/Adventure (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • OK Go – White Knuckles – The Big Robot Remix (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Sintonía Retro – La Fórmula (160 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Sun Domingo – Something Face (80 MSP) Full | Trial
  • Terra Terra Terra – Transmission Lost (80 MSP) Full | Trial

20 Responses to “RBN DLC for 1/13”

  • Andre says:

    Metal Band Network. MBN.

    I’m a heavy metal guy myself, I listen to a lot of death metal. But boy, RBN releases always contain a ton of metal. I’d like to understand why this is so.

    • S1ckH4nds says:

      Metal labels have been seriously embracing the Rock Band Network, with labels like Bullet Tooth, Century Media Records, CI Records, E1 Entertainment, Nuclear Blast Records, Rise Records, and Victory Records all providing licenses for decent portions of their catalogues. That could have a little something to do with it. 🙂

      • Andre says:

        Nuclear Blast? Where’s my swedish metal? Where’s Blind Guardian? Symphony X?

        And Children of Bodom isn’t NB anymore, I guess. Would love to see their older stuff, like Hatebreeder, for download!

      • RockBandAide says:

        Please read S1ckH4nds comments above before continuing, because it perfectly explains why there is a good amount of metal in the RBN.

        I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it. You can’t get mad at artists/labels of a particular genre for taking full advantage of the tools that are available to everyone. If you want artists from other genres to put their music on the RBN, reach out to the band and to their record labels!

        • Andre says:

          Hey buddy, first of all I love your site. Second, I really am not mad. I am, though, worried about RBN and if it’s been the tool that Harmonix expected it to be. Is all that metal generating sales? Will the labels get disappointed someday if all that metal doesn’t sell well? Are the players, in general, seeing the RBN as a good tool for finding new and good music?

          Don’t get me wrong, I think RBN is a terrific and goundbreaking idea. But I also think that it’s useless to keep offering stuff that the players don’t want. It would be great to have some kind of easier feature to allow the players to request songs, directly to the labels even. As it is, right now… well, I’m really curious if all that metal sells well.

          If it does, and the players are finding tons of terrific songs in the RBN, then all’s cool. But I don’t know, my gut feeling tells me that maybe the picture is not so pretty. I’d love to be wrong though.

          • Croq says:

            I’ll just say that since they keep releasing “those” tracks on RBN, then they must be making some money doing it. Like someone else stated, the RBN charters are not a charity, they are in this to make money.

            FWIW, I have actually reached out to a couple of bands I’d like to see in RB and suggested they check out RBN as a way to get their music into RB. So far, I’ve gotten several “thank you for your email” replies and that’s pretty much it.

            For now, I’ll just keep cherry-picking from RBN for songs that I like out of there…

    • RickC says:

      You’d like to understand why this is so? Simple. It sells. The authoring groups are not charities made up of stubborn metalheads promoting their favorite bands. It is a business. If RBN authors are releasing a lot of metal it is because it is more popular than any other genre.

      • Andre says:

        Is it, though? As I always say, I’d really love to see some sales statistics. As much as I love metal (and have bought Emperor, Black Dahlia Murder and Testament tracks), I think most of those bands in RBN sound the same old, same old.

        Not saying the rest of RBN is better, I’m growing sick and tired of indie rock bands that sound exactly the same. Maybe metal could be selling well due to lack of competition. But when I see so many unknown bands using this media, and so few big acts ever releasing tracks, I wonder if the market is seeing the RBN as a serious, profitable outlet.

        Example, RX Bandits is a pretty good and known band. They have only released one track so far, and it was arguably one of the worst out of their new album. Then suddenly no new tracks. Why? I certainly didn’t buy that crap but I love the band. Would surely buy their other stuff. I’d really like to see if their song sold well.

        • rob@fairwood says:

          It is. Without spelling out our numbers, it is. Everyone we’ve worked with so far is either virtually or entirely unknown, and all of our best sellers are our metal bands. In fact, I’m pretty confident that sticking to our guns on Daas Bosh’s genre boosted their sales significantly.

          Am I happy about that? Personally, no. I’d rather listen to Mafia Track Suit than Morgawr, but it’s no contest which will sell better. But as a team without major metal label connections (okay, we have Ricochet Management, but that’s it) I feel we have the opportunity and thus the obligation to try and buck the trend, so we’re looking for every interesting, bizarre, not metal thing we can.

          But until there’s a substantial shift in buying habits, it doesn’t make sense for us not to do metal. You can’t really blame the companies for the market; whenever there’s pure competition, the people decide what sells.

          • RickC32 says:

            While I am going to buy anything and everything from Morgawr because they are so ridiculously awesome, I did just buy the BSM song (a Fairwood chart), which is straightforward rock. It is cool to have a song with 2 guitar solos that I can play on Expert! I can barely play Morgawr’s “Herlathing” solo on Hard, let alone Expert!

            And people should check out all the Rose Of Jericho songs! They are not metal, have about 6 or 7 songs on RBN, and are an absolutely fantastic band. Not Fairwood charts, though. Sorry, Rob. 🙂

  • Croq says:

    “OK Go – White Knuckles – The Big Robot Remix”

    Seriously? Isn’t one version of this song enough?

    • S1ckH4nds says:

      In case you missed it, the band themselves were running a remix contest that garnered dozens of entries, and part of the grand prize was that the winning remix would be authored and released via Rock Band Network.

      • TheAuthority says:

        There were well over 300 entries if I remember it right!

      • Croq says:

        Yeah, I remember that. When that was announced, I was surprised that the original song then got posted to RBN. I’ll give it a listen, but pretty happy with the original.

        • RockBandAide says:

          Then why complain about a cool contest from a cool band who is synonymous for creativity?

          • Croq says:

            The point I was (apparently ineffectively) trying to make was that when the contest was announced, I assumed (again incorrectly), that the intention there would be to do the remix thing and release that track.

            Once the real track came out, I thought (wrong again) that they had changed their mind and decided to just put out the original version.

            Personally, and this is probably wrong too, I think they should have released the original version as regular DLC. Release the remix through RBN.

            But there’s probably some reason that both needed to be in RBN.

            I’ll shut up now and not dig myself any deeper.

  • Deca says:

    Ughh I don’t even need to say it, it’s been said and I’m sure someone else will say it yet.

    And OK Go is the only thing there to balance it out? I remember thinking RBN was pretty much the coolest idea, all excited because we were going to see this wide range of music we otherwise wouldn’t get in RB :I

    • RickC says:

      Sintonia Retro, Sun Domingo, and Terra Terra Terra do not sound like metal to me.

      • TakeshiSkunk says:

        I will check them out then! At a glance they all looked like they were probably metal, but now that you mention it Sun Domingo especially stands out.

  • Old Fart says:

    Lots of anger in those first six samples! The last 3 don’t sound so bad, though – plus two of ’em are $1 each.